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 Death in the Mountains - IC

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PostSubject: Re: Death in the Mountains - IC   Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:35 am

[Skaven - The Chase]

Round 7
Slythe (ini 11, 1 wound)
Daemaer (ini 10, Atheryic Armour +5AP, -1 crit, fear (2))
Skaven 1 (Ini 7, 8 wounds, calmed 5 rounds, -10 all actions due to fear engaged with Daemaer)
Skaven 2 (Ini 7, calmed 2 rounds, 3m from Serestre)
Skaven 3 (Ini 7, dead, engaged with Slythe)
Skaven 4 (Ini 7, dead, engaged with Slythe)
Skaven 5 (Ini 7, calmed 4 rounds, 9m behind Slythe Slythe)
Skaven 6 (Ini 7, in combat with Slythe)
Grey Seer (Ini 7, Atheryic Armour +4AP)
Serestre (Ini 6, Atheryic Armour +4AP)

Daemaer staggers a little, but steadies himself and gathers the winds again, before casting a dart of raw magic into the head of the rat that had previously taunted him.
Confident the rat was dealt with he starts to move towards Slythe.

The rats bearing down on Slythe calmed down, becoming near peaceful. Slythe didn't understand what was going on, but he knew he should strike while the iron is hot as the warm bloods said.
He turned and charged the grey seer, knowing that cutting the head off was the best way to kill a Serpent.
Unfortunately, slythe expected a dodge and attacked where the seer would be, except that he was just as frozen as the others.

While the calmed Skaven mill about the one guarding the Seer throws itself at the Saurian aiming a wicked slash to Slythes arm... [reaction]

The big Saurian brought clarity to the seer as the Celestite Sword narrowly missed removing its head. The battle was not going to plan for the beleaguered Rats. Glancing behind him the Seers mutters a few quick words and vanishes...

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PostSubject: Re: Death in the Mountains - IC   Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:33 pm

Cautiously, Valgard tapped the ground in front of him with his axe, checking for traps like a blind man. Two in one hall seemed a bit excessive, but paranoia had saved him numerous times. Satisfied that they had seen the worst of it already, he stepped forward into the room. "I think we found it. Gimme lantern a light." He says, holding the open lantern out while he peers into the room.

"Don' ferget why we're 'ere. Loot i' ta tha end but we gotta find a way ta seal this tunnel off when we're done." He says, looking up and down the waterway as he talks, waiting on his brother to light his lantern.
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PostSubject: Re: Death in the Mountains - IC   Yesterday at 2:34 pm

“Aye,” responded Reggie. He was the thinker of the two and was glad Valgaard had his mind in the game. He felt maybe some of him was rubbing off.

Probably not though.

He held out the torch to his brother and begins taking a sincere look around. Like Val said, loot was important but blocking the tunnels was even more so.

“We need to tread lightly on what we consider up for the taking. This isn’t our house after all, and the folks here seem to be decent enough. Though...”

He looked back at the door. “Who knows when this place was last in the people’s memory. I’d say this might be a well kept secret of one or a few individuals at most.”

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PostSubject: Re: Death in the Mountains - IC   

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Death in the Mountains - IC
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