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 Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran

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PostSubject: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:29 pm

Lucius during the First Tyrannic War, Battle for Macragge

Name: Lucius Kaiden Vorenus
Chapter: Novamarines
Rank: 4
Specialty: Tactical Marine/Tyrannic War Veteran
Chapter Demeanor: Void Wanderers
Personal Demeanor: Gregarious
Past Event: Brothers of Ultramar (Fought in the Battle of Macragge)
Deeds: Defensive Genius, Keeper of the Ways, & Price of Victory
Distinctions: Aura of Leadership

- Expand the Libris: Novamarines are a fleet based chapter prized for learning and spreading knowledge to all of the marines around them. The Libris is an extensive tome for Novamarines seconded to the Deathwatch detailing thousands of encounters with xenos species and how to best them. It is Lucius desire to be one of the few Novamarines seconded to the Long Watch to add to this important tome.
++Acquired the story of, and tactics employed, surrounding Venerable Brother Ambrose's death.

- Cripple the Devourer: After meeting Kregor Thann, Lucius is convinced that he and the Red Scorpion have similar goals and interested. He knows that if they worked together - Lucius in the field and Thann in the lab - that together they can collect enough Tyranid Bioform samples to create a toxin that even the biological system of the Great Devourer couldn't safeguard itself from. Never again can there be another battle of Macragge and Lucius will make sure that it is so.
+++Beasts Felled and samples acquired (Beast of Thule; Harridan; Tyrgon)

WS 48* +
BS 52*
S (14) 60 (80 when in Power Armor)
T (10/12 Arms) 52* +
AG 47*
PER 40
WP 47*
INT 43*
FEL 60***
*Denotes Purchased Upgrade
+ Chapter Bonus

Armor: Mark VII “Aquila” Armor; Head: 8, Body: 10, Arms: 8, Legs: 8; +10 Autosenses.
Armor Additions: Cingulum (Marks of Leadership +3 to cohesion-based tests; Chapter Trapping); Jump Pack (Flyer 12)
Power Armor History: The Emperor’s Finest (+5 vs. Fear, Pinning, and Command Tests)
Pain Suppressants: 6/6
Honors: Iron Skull
- Beast of Thule shoulder carapace
- Beast of Thule head

Wounds: 14/23
Fate Points: 3/3
Movement: 5m/10m/15m/30m (10m/20m/30m/60m; jump pack)
Crit Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Solo Mode: 2/2
Insanity: 7/100
Corruption: 0/100
Battle Trauma: n/a
Primarch's Curse: Revile the Xenos

Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per) +10 (+20 heightened/autosenses)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel) +10 (+15 PAH, Talented)
Commerce (Int)
Common Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes
- Adeptus Mechanicus
- Deathwatch
- Imperium
- Imperial Navy
- Jericho Reach
- Tech
- War

Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag) +10
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Xenos (+20 Talented/TWV)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (Fel)
Linguistics (Int)
- Chapter Runes
- Draco Squad Cant
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic

Logic (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Operate (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles
- Personal

Parry (WS) +10
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes (+20 talents/deeds)
Scrutiny (Per)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Per)
Tech-Use (Int)
Tactics (Int)
- Defensive Tactics
- Orbital Drop Procedures

- Ambidextrous
- Astartes Weapon Training
- Bulging Biceps
- Deathwatch Training
- Double Team
- Forging the Bond
- Hatred (Tyranids)
- Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
- Killing Strike
- Mighty Shot
- Nerves of Steel
- Quick Draw
- Rapid Reload
- Resistances (Heat & Psychic Powers)
- Sig. Wargear (Hesh Pattern Bolter)
- Sprint
- Talented (Command; FL Xenos)
- True Grit
- Tyrannic War Strategums (Bulwark, Grenadier, & Slaughter the Swarm)
- Unarmed Master
- Unarmed Warrior

- Unnatural Strength (x2)
- Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Special Abilities:
- Aura of Leadership (When squad leader, 1/2 action restore cohesion equal to rank once/game session; NPCs view him as defacto leader)
- Bolter Mastery (Solo Mode; +10 BS & +2 Dmg w/Bolt Weaponry)
- Tales of the Void (Solo Mode; Can treat any C/F/S lore test as known a number of times = rank/game session; if already known gain +10)
- The Scars of Experience (First Founding, pg. 69: Share TWV talents with team as a full round action/1 Cohesion)

Novamarine Squad Mode Abilities: (Honor the Chapter, pg. 80)
- Tactical Reassessment
- Weak Spot

Bionic Arms (best craftsmanship; +2 Toughness, +10 to fine manipulation tests, +10 strength)

Hesh Pattern Bolter, Master Craftsmanship (basic; 1d10+16* X; Pen 4; 50m; S/3/-; 28 mag; Full reload; Accurate, Never Jams, Tearing, +10 BS)
- Mass Reactive rounds x7 magazines (196/196; standard)
- Hellfire Rounds x2 mags (53/56)
- Metalstorm Rounds x1 mag (28/28; dmg & pen -2, gain blast (2))
- Preysense sight (+20 Awareness tests in darkness)
- Motion predictor (+10 BS/semi auto tests)
- Red Dot Sight (+10 BS/single fire)
*Mighty Shot/Bolter Mastery applied
Astartes Bolt Pistol  (pistol; 30m; 1d10+14 X, Pen 4; S/2/-; 14 mag; Full reload; Tearing)
- Mass Reactive Rounds x2 mags (28/28)
Modified Astartes Chainsword (Melee; 1d10+17 R; Pen 3; Tearing)
Combat Knife (Melee; 1d10+14 R; Pen 2)
Frag Grenades (x7, 42m; 2d10+2 X, Pen 0; Blast (4))
Krak Grenades (x5, 42m; 3d10+4 X, Pen 6; updated 5/17/18)

Autosense Goggles (No penalties for Darkness, +20 Awareness at night (same as Hesh/doesn't stack), +20 BS to allied artillery or aerospace fire)
Draco Back Banner
Combat Webbing (torso and thighs)
Cingulum (Marks of Leadership +3 to cohesion-based tests; Chapter Trapping)
Jump Pack
Repair Cement (3/3)
Notes: -

**Give to Caedmon:

Renown: 38 (Respected)
XP: 475/25,750
XP Expenditure: Tyrannic War Veteran (Advanced Specialty; 1,000xp)
- Ag (simple, 500xp)
- BS (simple, 500xp)
- Fel (simple, 200xp)
- Fel (inter., 500xp)
- Fel (train., 1,000xp)
- Int (simple, 500xp)
- T (simple, 500xp)
- WP (simple, 200xp)
- WS (simple, 500xp)
Rank 1:
- Double Team (200xp)
- Rapid Reload (200xp)
- Resistance [Heat] (300xp)
Rank 2:
- Mighty Shot (500xp)
Rank 3:
- Command +10 (200xp)
- Acrobatics (TWV; 500xp)
- Aura of Leadership (Distinction; 750xp)
- Awareness +10 (TWV; 300xp)
- Common Lore [Imperial Navy & Tech] (Chapter; 100xp)
- Common Lore [Adeptus Mechanicus & Jericho Reach] (Chapter; 100xp)
- Defensive Genius (200xp)
- Dodge +10 (TWV; 600xp)
- Forging the Bond (RoB; 500xp)
- Keeper of the Ways (300xp)
- Parry +10 (TWV; 600xp)
- Price of Victory (Free, -1 FP)
- Tyrannic War Strategum [Bulwark] (TWV; 1,000xp)
- Tyrannic War Strategum [Grenadier] (TWV; 1,000xp)
- Tyrannic War Strategum [Slaughter the Swarm] (TWV; 1,000xp)

Current Loadout:
- Bolter (held): Fire Selector w/1 Hellfire, 1 Metal Storm, and 1 Mass-Reactive mag loaded.
- Chest Web Gear (6): Mass-reactive rounds x4 spare magazines (2 mag pouches); 1 Hellfire (1/2 mag pouch); 1 frag and 1 krak grenade (1 grenade pouch).
- Jump-Pack (3): autosense goggles (drop bag - 1 carry point)
- Belt (6): 4 frag grenades and 6 krak grenades (5 carry points); combat blade on lower back (1 carry point).
- Thighs (2 each): Bolt pistol and x2 spare mags (1 hellfire in the weapon, 2 mass-reactive in holster; 1 carry point) on left thigh hanging from drop-holster; Chainsword on right thigh (1 carry point).
- Greaves (1 each): Repair cement (x3; right).

Height: 7' 8"
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Blonde, almost brown, worn in a tight mohawk that goes the length of his skull.
Complexion: Tan; Caucasian features.
Quirks: Bionic Arms and Legs; Four scars running from the top of his head to his chin, overlapping both eyes - a gift from a Genestealer; Ritual tattoos as is custom of his home planet Honourum cover his body.

Lucius stands at an average height and weight for an Astartes. Unarmored, he is a massive block of strength and speed enhanced by black adamantium arms and legs. Built for warfare at the most basic genetic level, his tireless seemingly unending training keep his body and mind honed for war and guaranteed combat-effective.

Like most Novamarines, Lucius' body is covered in the ritual tattoos of any human from the Novamarine's home planet Honourum to commemorate specific honors and victories he has earned for himself, the Chapter and the Emperor. Certain spots have been intentionally left blank in expectation of some great honor he will no doubt earn in the future. His head is shaved on both sides, save for a shock of dirty blonde hair that runs right down the middle. His "Mohawk" serves as a visual dividing point for the tattoos that line both sides of his skull and face. He would be regarded as handsome, save for the four identical scars (two on each side) that run from his forehead down his cheeks to his jaw - a souvenir left behind by a Genestealer during the Battle of Macragge. Oddly symmetrical, the scars actually look fitting on his face and he never makes any attempt to hide them. His features are hard and sharp: the features of a proud warrior; yet, he seems to always be smiling. Whether he is speaking to Imperial Guard commanders about the defense of a city or smashing petty quarrels between "rival" Astartes, Lucius radiates a calming yet commanding presence to both Marines and normal humans alike. His philosophy is that to lead, one must first earn the trust and respect of those he is leading. He views all Imperial institutions and citizens as deserving of Novamarine aid and protection and will not flinch to offer it to anyone in need, be it Imperial Guardsmen, Sisters of Battle or fellow Astartes. A Novamarine to the core, he follows the edicts laid down by the Primarch Guilliman [to the letter**] as he believes intended.

While the Codex Astartes is the most venerated object to the Novamarines to the point of being worshipped, they (including Lucius) do not revere the Emperor nor the Primarchs as any type of divine beings. They are greatly respected and seen as the rightful leaders of a human-dominated galaxy, but in no way are they considered Gods. For the Novamarines were around when the Emperor led the Great Crusade, and to this day they follow his orders to not be worshipped as a God,  for that would be contrary to the Imperial Truth. As such, Lucius has no need for the Imperial Cult.

When not in battle, Lucius doing one of three things: maintaining his weapons and armor, studying the holy Codex and honing his mind, or in the training cages honing his body and skills.


Lucius does not remember much of his life before the Astartes. It is not because it was hypnoindoctrinated out of him, rather because there is nothing worth remembering. It was violent, brutal and short. He was only 13 when the giant warriors took him, but already a man. Honourum did that; the weak died and the strong thrived. At 18 Lucius had passed through all of his rigorous training at the top of his class of initiaties. He excelled through the 10th Scout Company, moving through the ranks of Assault, Support and finally landing a position as squad leader. It was his ability to adjust to battlefield conditions, the result of countless hours of Codex study, with a tactical fluidity that earned him much respect when the Tyranids invaded Macragge.

Macragge was the ultimate test of his life of study and warfare. Macragge pushed him and the rest of his Company to their strategic and tactical limits. Macragge was where he lost his arms and his legs to a foul bioform warrior he had never seen before, only to slay the creature and those with it. Macragge was what made Lucius perfect for the Deathwatch.

--Post Mortis Thule: The highly classified incidents during which Kill Team Draco journeyed through the bellyof the infamous Mortis Thule hardened the Novamarines sergeant. Physically and mentally he became stronger. Surging through torrents of magma to aid and retrieve Hydrako triggered a heat resistance in his already impressive physique. His skills with a bolter, already far above average for Astartes, became even more finely tuned. He mentally locked away every experience and every interaction. His knowledges of the Jericho Reach, the Imperial Navy, and even the Adeptus Mechanicus became more focused thanks to his brothers Makradon and Dario and even the base humans Kam and Kellick. His ability to lead and command were put through their most grueling test of his career, but the Kill Team came through better because of it.

He allowed his pride at the team's successes only be tempered by the constant reminder that Caedmon and Kor'sahn were, Guilliman willing, still aboard that wretched space hulk. His goal now is to convince the ranking members of the Deathwatch to grant him permission to return to the Thule and bring out his brothers and any survivors of the Emperor's Gaze that remain. If he must go at it alone, he is more than willing. Every morning before his meditations on the Codex and every evening before he finally lays to rest he places his hand upon the tome Caedmon gave him, ready to make good on his promise and return it to the Storm Wardens.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:38 pm

Updated Goals with things done to achieve them.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Sat May 19, 2018 10:11 am

So, strength bonus... for like the fifth time. Just so I have it in one place, because I think it might be wrong on my sheet.

S 60 x2 (unnatural) = 12
Bionic Arms +10 strength = +1 Bonus --> SB 13
Power Armor +20 strength = +2 Bonus --> SB 15

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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Sat May 19, 2018 11:29 am

Perhaps I'm missing something, in which case apologies. However, how did you get a base strength of 60 as I can't see any advances for it?
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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Sat May 19, 2018 11:33 am

That’s a great question. I’d need to look at the original rolls again. Now that you mention it, the 60 must be the strength score with bionic arms already worked in; my initial logic being since he will always have the arms, he may as well have the strength score represent that.

I’ll need to take a closer look. Even if that’s the case, the bonus should still be one higher than listed. Right?

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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   Sat May 19, 2018 11:41 am

Yeah. If your strength is 60 with bionic arms you apply your unnatural strength to that.


Then add your power armour. So I think your bonus should be +14.

I guess what you might have done before was add your bionic Str bonus after applying Unnatural Strength. But now I'm not 100% what the rule is as per RAW. The above is how I'm assuming it works.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran   

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Lucius Vorenus - Tactical Novamarine/Tyrranic War Veteran
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