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 Khol Yates, Raptors Tactical(Scout) Marine

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PostSubject: Khol Yates, Raptors Tactical(Scout) Marine   Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:06 am

Name: Khol Yates
Chapter: Raptors
Rank: 3
Chapter Demeanor: A History of Pragmatism
Personal Demeanor: Taciturn --------> Ambitious/Calculating/Stoic
Specialty: Tactical
Past Event: Sulsalid Veteran

WS 43*
BS 53*
S 40 (10)
T 41 ( 8 )
AG 53+*
INT 44
PER 52+*
WP 41
FEL 38
* denotes characteristic advancement
+ denotes chapter bonus

MC DW Scout Armour
Base Movement w/o Jump Pack: 5m/10m/15m/30m
Base Movement w/ Jump Pack: 10m/20m/30m/60m
Wounds: 3/24
Crit Damage Locations
Fate Points: 3/3
Insanity: -
Corruption: 2
Battle Trauma: -
Primarch's Curse: Grim Determination lvl 0

Updated Skills
Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics +20(S)
Awareness +30(+10 from Lyman's Ear & Occulobe implants)(Per)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes
- Deathwatch
- Imperium
- Jericho Reach
- War
Dodge (Ag)
Demolitions (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Xenos
Intimidate (Fel)
Logic (Int)
- Recon & Stealth +20
Linguistics (Int)
- Deathwatch Ciphers +20
- Chapter Runes
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic
Medicae (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Operate (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles
- Pilot (Personal)
Parry (WS){PC's with any WS upgrades or a WS above 50 should count Parry as known}[/b]
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes
Scrutiny (Per)
Stealth +40[+10 from armour, +10 from Talented](Ag)
Survival +10(Int)

Astartes Weapon Specialization(bolt, pistol)
Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Counter Attack
Death From Above
Deathwatch Training
Hatred (Tau)
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Mighty Shot
Quick Draw
Rapid Reaction
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Heat)
Rival (Calibos)
Signature Wargear (Jump Pack)
Sound Constitution (x4)
Talented (Silent Move)
True Grit
Unarmed Master

Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Specialty Ability: Bolter Mastery
Solo Abilities: Marksman's Honour, Feat of Strength, Burst of Speed, Renewed Vigor
Attack Pattern: Clean Kill
Defensive Stance: Swift Withdrawal

Astartes Bolt Pistol x1 w/ Motion Predictor(+10 when shooting in semi/full auto) + Trappings x1(pistol ; 2d10+11 X, Pen 4(9); 60m; S/2/-; 14 mag; Half reload; Tearing), Bolt Mags x6
Astartes Bolter w/ Fire Selector (basic ; 2d10+11 X, Pen 4(9); 200m; S/3/-; 28 mag; Half reload; Tearing), Bolter Mags x3
Frag Grenades x2 (Thrown; 2d10+2 X, Pen 0; 30m; S/-/-; Blast (4))
Krak Grenades x2 (Thrown; 3d10+4 X, Pen 6; 30m; S/-/-)
Combat Knife
Free Special Ammo x1; At the beginning of every mission & up to 25req
Mastercrafted Deathwatch Scout Armour
SW Jump Pack 12/12; [size=75]uses come into effect when using non-powered armour[/size]
Trappings: Audible Trigger; firing at a completely concealed target is only -10 instead of -30, Focal Targeter; base Pen of weapon plus firers Per Bonus.
Repair Cement x1

Stored gear
All the collected atoms that make the sum of me
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Khol Yates, Raptors Tactical(Scout) Marine
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