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 Dramatis Personae

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PostSubject: Dramatis Personae   Dramatis Personae EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 5:12 pm

Ancient bastion claimed as Deathwatch base of operations since before the age of shadow. It is a massive mass of hull and guns whose size approaches even a space hulk. For its size it is relatively unmanned. Many hallways remain silent and only guarded by automated defenses. It does have a sizable human population near the tower of brass, the Inquisitorial enclave, but they hardly leave the area. Its auxiliary staff includes adepts from the mechanicus, the administratum, and chapter serfs given over to the deathwatch, along with men situated to menial labor in areas such as docks and gunnery stations. Besides that there are many initiates of the deathwatch scattered about the station. It boasts many training areas including "The Hunting Ground" built largely by now deceased watch captain Prascus. It includes reclusiams, including the Shrine of Saint Aret deep in its labyrinthine interior.
Dramatis Personae F880z57

For more detailed information on Erioch, read Chapter VI in rites of battle.

Defiant Blade
The current mode of transport for Kill Team Draco is a sword-class frigate known as the Defiant Blade. Its a small ship repurposed for deathwatch activity with several modifications. Its current steward is Dario B'lain, under the command of Andar Scarion.
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20130407155207

One of the three quarantined worlds in the canis salient. Rheelas has languished for many years, without the influx of supplies and raw goods, the world cannot sustain its population and is dying. The planet is oceanic, landmasses come and go in a matter of months and make permanent settlements very costly indeed. The only constant landmass is at the north pole on a piece of volcanic rock that refuses to sink. The seat of planetary government is here and the palace is known as the Granite Spire. The hives exist on the seas, subject to the tides of the oceans. The hives are staging points for large underwater mining vehicles, known as Tiamats, to mine raw materials for the volcanic crust underwater.

Dramatis Personae

Masters of the Deathwatch

Master of the Chapter, Watch Commander Esteban de Dominova
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20130302001923
Master of the Reclusiam, Ramier
Dramatis Personae Pbucket
Master of Lore, Chief Librarian, Paulostis
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20140425065729
Master of the Forge, Harl Greyweaver
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20110328162634
Master of the Apothecarion, Kregor Thann
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20120411225248
Watch Captain Andar Scarion
Astral Claws watch captain. He is a perfectionist who handles weakness and failure poorly, due to this fact he views non-astartes with scorn and pity. He is the current Watch Captain for Kill Team Draco, until a more suitable use for the squad is found.
Dramatis Personae 500px-Watch_Captain_Andar_Scarion_Astral_Claws

Dario B`Lain
An imperial fist tac marine serving as steward of the Defiant Blade, a sword class frigate seconded to the deathwatch. He is rather friendly and easy going for a space marine with a peculiar accent. With the Imperial Fists being a fleet based chapter he could be from anywhere.. He is also under the command of Andar Scarion.

Commodore Thalian Vycorious
Dramatis Personae Pbucket
Commander of the 5th expeditionary battlefleet in the Jericho reach and captain of the battecruiser Belial, Vycorious has used her connections in the Calixis sector and her own skill to swiftly rise through the ranks of the Navy. She keenly feels the loss of the men she sends to die, and does not causually throw away lives for glory like some commanders might do. A powerful figure in the reach, her only down fall is her disdain for her superiors, including her direct supervisor Lord Commander Ebongrave. She finds his paranoia and treatment of subordinates extremely distasteful, even inhumane.

Captain Akhutai
Captain Akhutai is the commander of the White Scars 5th Brotherhood. An honorable man, he is also very temperamental and can be hard to work with. His forces in the reach are severly depleted and he is currently heading to the Iron Collar for resupply.
Dramatis Personae Be56e0739d3b9c2c8e43c950c7adb3bf

Company Champion for the 5th Brotherhood. He is the quintessential warrior of the White Scars, in many cases being the diplomatic face of the brotherhood to assist others with tolerating the Captain. He lost his right forearm on Rheelas and is in need of a bionic when last seen. In memory of Rheelas he applied honor scars resembling Lucius' genestealer scar. He is next in line for command.

Brother Vandal
The 5th brotherhood's banner bearer.

Captain Tibias
Captain of the Salamanders 3rd company. He is a new captain and unsure of himself. The 3rd company has a low number of veterans and is sorely untested, coupled with Tibias timidity as a leader the shadows a rough start for the 3rd company. He is a charismatic diplomat who has the potential to quell strife with words. His views on humanity side with those of most Salamanders, this has caused conflicts of interest between the Salamanders and other chapters.
Dramatis Personae 1st_co-_veteran

Captain Felross

Felross is captain of the Iron Hands Raukaan clan. He is ruthless and uncaring towards the plight of any other than his own. The way he wages way is methodical, by the book, and completely unforgiving. This has caused his chapter to be viewed as a double edged sword as their presence could bring death as well as deliverance. Extensive bionics are installed all over his body, rivalling that of any other chapters techmarines.
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20120505195541

Brother Antion
Interred within the confines of a siege dreadnaught, Antion has served Raukaan clan for centuries. He is somewhat more level headed and human than his kin, which is ironic as he will no longer feel anything as a human would. Courageous and unstoppable, he refuses to back down. He has become as an advisor as well as a symbol of total devotion to the omnisiah.
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PostSubject: Re: Dramatis Personae   Dramatis Personae EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 5:12 pm

Crew of the Ardent Crusader

Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20110630080137

Captain Jarok DeSaul - KIA
Fifty-ninth in his line to serve as captain aboard the Ardent Crusader, this stoic man lives, breathes, and dies for the deathwatch. His life without such purpose is meaningless. As such he has driven the crew to be much like him over the course of his lifetime. He died in service of the Ordos Xenos on the Bridge when he was disemboweled by Chaos Furies as he struggled to shoot them down. It can be said he died refusing to let his ship be over run, a noble death for a captain.

Enginseer Prime Adept Usium Mellano - Unknown
The Enginseer is one of the only crew members to not be serving a life sentence aboard the ship. He is without much emotion, and devotes his time securing the ancient pact that binds the Cult Mechanicus and the Deathwatch to the Imperium by keeping the ancient machinery in working order. He was discovered heavily irradiated in the plasma engine of the crusader trying to fix a leak in the coolant lines. After a brief discussion with Makradon he made a never ending buzz and got very still.......

Master Helmsman Kavant Ire - KIA
Crippled and burned in a horrible accident twenty years ago, Ire only moves with the aid of an autochair which most of the time is slaved to his station. He has served the Ardent Crusader for over acentury and is at least ninth of his line to hold the title. He was mortally woundedin his chair on the Bridge when a Chaos Fury sliced him in a gory mess. Still refusing to die, his body finally gave out when the bridge of the Crusader lost its atmosphere.

Master of Ordnance Garran Skiniker - KIA
Veteran of countless deathwatch operations, Skiniker is the first of his line to hold the title. He gained it in the same accident that shattered Master Helmsman Ire's body, when he removed the previous incumbents body from his station and took the role himself for the rest of the battle. He was ripped apart on the bridge of the ardent crusader when holes in the Gellar field allowed a horde of Furies to materialize.

Astropath Khilankha - Unknown
A small and skeletal female, the astropath avoid contact with the astartes. She claims their fate hangs heavily on them; that they are cursed and they curse those near them.

Navigator Luran Stark - KIA
An old man for a Navigator, his third eye has kept him an important member of the Ardent Crusader. The end is nigh for Luran, the time when his mutations fully manifest and he will no longer be of use to anyone. Though this fact is not common knowledge for most inhabitants of the imperium, or the crusader. After the warp breach he was found a mutated mess in the navigators post. Upon a flesh ingestion it was revealed to Hydrako that his real name was Luran Typhon, an interesting twist that may require further follow up. His suffering was ended by Hydrako.
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PostSubject: Re: Dramatis Personae   Dramatis Personae EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 5:13 pm

Kill team Eshnunna

Kill team Eshnunna operated in the middle stages of the crusade. It was unique in having all its members survive until it was disbanded a few years ago. It is the Kill team with the highest record in the last 300 years, since before the Achilus crusade began. An mark that may kill teams try to make, the members have been elevated to legendary status and their deeds will be told in the generations to come. The truth is that many of these missions were completely thrown off course, sometimes even by the kill team members themselves.

Brother Ramier of the Black Templars

See the entry in Masters of the Chapter

Brother Calibos of the Guardians of the Covenant
Dramatis Personae 103ad7740f50a7430f5b8839c180da3a

Calibos joined Eshnunna at its inception. The devastator marine's arrival was a surprise as the guardians of the covenant's theater of operations was in the segmentum pacificus, a long way from the Jericho reach. He was apt in combat, mostly using his heavy bolter to put down the enemies of the emperor. Sometimes his obsession with ancient wargear causes conflict with other brothers, one time resorting to blows with another deathwatch member, and he was consistently hoarding ammo as well as maintaining his wargear. He was defiantly the most mysterious member of Eshnunna. His service is littered with instances of going off mission for which he provides no explanation, only silence. Even with these discrepancies his record speaks for itself. He currently operates with Kill team Assura.

Brother Seth of the Flesh Tearers
Dramatis Personae Latest?cb=20141217052805

Brother Seth of Creatica is certainly the most straight forward member of Eshnunna. His only goal was to kill every enemy of the Emperor with any weapon he could grab. Out of all the members of Eshnunna Seth has killed the most, keeping a tally of all of them. Of the thousands of kills he could explain in detail nearly every one, relishing the joy of taking life and bathing in the blood. The most explosive member of Eshnunna, his temperament had sometimes complicated the mission. Shortly after the disbanding of Eshnunna Seth disappeared without any explanation. Its whispered in the dark corridors of Erioch that he went mad with blood lust and had to be secured in a location somewhere deep in the watch fortress.

Brother Xander of the Iron Hands
Dramatis Personae W40k_ia_ih_1

Brother Xander hails from the Iron Hands clan Raukaan. His most notable feature was the tendency to see lives as numbers on paper, numbers that could be manipulated. His casual disdain of human life has led him into several arguments with Salamanders over his several years of service. He filled a void that Eshnunna desperately needed, an astartes who could open doors, literally. Like most Iron Hands, he replaced every biological organ and appendage with a shiny augment. He had replaced his humanity with cold, calculating, ruthlessness. After his tenure was up he returned to his chapter, which currently operates in the Jericho Reach.

Brother Sicar'm of the Storm Wardens
Dramatis Personae Untitled_zps6093c199

Brother Sicar'm was, without a doubt, the most level headed and loyal member of the kill team. He was always concerned for the ones who drove the imperium forward, his brothers included. He was the glue hat kept the kill team running at maximum efficiency. His exemplary record is tarnished by the few times the warp got the better of him. It became apparent after a while that a demon had it out for him as he appeared three times in his vigil. He still serves the deathwatch with another vigil but keeps his focus on the acheros salient. Its indicated that he searches for something that will destroy the demon who tracks his steps.
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PostSubject: Re: Dramatis Personae   Dramatis Personae EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 5:13 pm

Life Aboard the Mortis Thule

Navigator Tarakon Ortellius

This navigator was found aboard the Sword of Mac'lir, deep inside the guts of the Mortis Thule, locked in a stasis pod. Its unknown how long he has been a castaway on the tides of the warp. As many Navigators (And eventually all) he is rife with mutation, not limited to his third eye. His flesh is light grey, his legs and arms no longer have the strength to carry him, and his skin flows off his features like melted wax.
His constitution was ill equipped to survive the rigors of the Mortis Thule, however, and died in the bowels of the hulk when spewing hot magma fell upon his head.

Survivors of 'The Emperor's Gaze'

Diplomatic Envoy Arno Stak

The highest ranked diplomat, and the only surviving one, of the Empero's Gaze. He had become the De-Facto leader of the survivors following the sudden deaths of all the command staff. Stak clings to the belief that they were undergoing a trial by fire for their faith, either that or punishment for their sins; but either way, they would wash up upon the shores of paradise. With his diplomatic skills, he was able to keep the peace between the differing views of the survivors, Until Cassiel put a bolt into his head.

Chief Kellick

Kellick was a taskmaster of the work crews before the ship met its demise. He is a large man whose body is covered in knotted scar tissue. He leads those with the view that angels of the emperor would one day deliver them from the hell that is the mortis thule. Commanding those who follow with fervor and zeal, he stands up for them with whips and his twin naval pistols. He has thrown in his lot with draco, and those who follow him as well.

Medicae Dhunn

Dhunn was in the batch of new recruit set for the Empero's Gaze's new mission of diplomacy. He was head of medical services before the ship was lost to the warp. Now, he keeps quiet and mostly to his own counsel, warming up to very few, most recently including Serephan. But even to those he rarely speaks too, he is cold and distant.

Sergeant at Arms, Noto Corinthi

Noto Corinthi is the highest ranked member of the armsmen corps, both before and after the ship was cast off the map of the imperium. She is of the belief that the emperor would wash up the ship on the shores of paradise. She keeps to the faith and makes sure to keep the peace, and her own views, with force if necessary.

Lay Technician Ridu Kam

Kam was a low level adept of the machine-cult of mars. With the death of his superiors, he has become the head of anything mechanical on the emperor's gaze. In reality, he can only tend to them as best he knows how. Some aspects of why things work while some things have not have completely escaped his grasp. With the coming of Draco, he cast his lot for getting out alive. He stays as near to Makradon as he is able, glad that the burden of being "the best" has been relived from him. While he is good with many mechanical applications, everyday life and relationships escape his comprehension. To many, he seems like an idiot with a gift.

The Mortis Thule

An accursed spacehulk of particular interest to the deathwatch operating in the Jericho reach. It's monstrous size is only eclipsed by the age and mystery of its origins. First seen by the 427th expidituonary fleet, the ship is among the oldest of space hulks ever encountered by man. This makes it a particularly prized source of ancient relics from the dark age of technology. Reports of something called the "cyclopean armory" is of particular interest to the upper echelons of the cult mechanicus. Kill team Draco has logged several vessels, some were identified after they had extracted from the hulk. The most important was the Sword of Mac'lir, a Storm Warden ship that predates the Nemesis incident. Should this information make it back to any of the companies operating in the Jericho reach, it is possible they would abandon their positions to pursue it. Also identified was the Emperor's Gaze, a diplomatic envoy ship lost to the hulk after its rechristening. Kill team draco reports that the ship still holds at least 500 members of the original crew, struggling to survive under a deteriorating warp shield generator. It is hoped that Caedmon has taken the group that accompanied Kill Team draco back to the Emperor's Gaze until suitible extraction can happen. Kor'sahn is also listed as MIA on the hulk.

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Kill Team Assura

Name: Leon Astelan; Specialty: Assault Marine
Chapter: Dark Angels;

Height: 6'10"/2.08m
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: Black/shaved
Complexion: Black
Quirks: Prior to battle, Leon paints his head, face, and body with white war paint as was customary to his homeworld.
- At 6'10", Leon isn't the tallest or largest Astartes among the Dark Angels. His body shares the same post-human gigantism that all of his brothers have, but his face remains very human nonetheless. His ice blue eyes carry a deep empathy and intelligence behind them, contrasting greatly with his dark black skin. He keeps his head shaved down to the scalp and his skin is relatively scar free.

His power armor is an older variant. The Mark V, aptly named "Heresy" armor is painted a deep, Dark Angel green. The legs are of a slightly newer Mark VI variety, granting better range of movement and agility. Perhaps most horrifying, or honor-worthy, is the fact that the inside of the armor is stained in multiple places with the life fluids of its previous wearers. Leon considers this a great honor and has made no attempts to clean the suit. The machine spirit doesn't mind. In fact, he believes it is this blood that pushes the ancient armor to excel in combat and he believes also that the spirits of those previous occupants continue to watch over him and the hallowed suit.

Yet such a piece of equipment, while drawing praise from his fellow Astartes, draws criticism and suspicion from the Inquisition. That is fine for Leon too views the Inquisition with equal suspicion and has spent many days learning as much as he can about the shadowy organization. He dons a simple set of gray robes over his armor, the same robes he wears when he is deep in research.

Contrary to how most Assault Astartes are perceived, and in fact how many actually are, Leon is light hearted and good natured. He can take and give jokes and often can be found pulling practical jokes on his squad mates if they ever give him an opening. When he isn't honing his martial skills or in prayer, he likes to spend his time in the librarium studying up on the Imperium, the Adeptus Astartes, and tactics, as well as history and more technical professions. He is proud of his origins and even more proud to have been chosen out of all of his clan to dwell among the stars with the Emperor's Dark Angels.

Leon Astelan was born "Gazini Thulu" on the feral world of Kimmeria in the Ultima Segmentum. Kimmeria had long been one of many Dark Angel recruitment worlds. It was most notably known for being the birth planet of Supreme Grand Master Azrael. The fierce jungles of the planet's southern pole were home to some of the most deadly flora and fauna in three systems. As such, its inhabitants had to be exceedingly tough, strong, and intelligent from a young age lest the planet consume them.

Leon was one such child. He excelled in battle, having killed his first war-cat with a spear by the age of nine. He also was strategic, using his brain first and foremost and not easily giving into anger. By adolesence he had risen to prominence as one of his tribe's finest warriors, often being sent as champion to resolve tribal conflicts. Many such conflicts were immediately resolved as soon as the large youth walked onto the testing field with his spear in hand. For those who would face off against him knew their chances of survival were slim at best. It was at the beginning of what would become a great civil war among the tribes that the Emperor's Angels came from the sky and chose him.


The Siege of Fenris in the closing years of M.41 had been the hardest, and most revealing, test of Leon's life. Decades prior he had shared a warzone with the Sons of Russ. It was due to his prowess in melee and reputation among his peers that during the first meeting of forces he had been chosen to represent his company in the ritual duel. Once again the Lion met Wolf. And once again Leon had been first to step into the ring to ensure the honor of his tribe.

The fight was over in a matter of moments. While the Space Wolf boasted and taunted, Leon had watched and waited. When the boisterous berserker gave him his opening, he took it. The lion was upon the wolf in the blink of an eye. He moved like a shadow, under his opponent's bulky arms and into his center of gravity. Up and then down, he smashed the wolf upon the deck before delivering blow after blow. And just like that, it was over.

And just like that, his infamy and rivalry with the Space Wolves grew.

Needless to say that when he found himself stranded behind a massive chaos incursion, completely cut off from his squad and company elements, with the very same Space Wolf he had bested years before, the situation was awkward. For two weeks they made their way through an ever-shifting battlefield, learning to depend on one another for survival. They became guerillas, taking out objectives and targets of opportunity vital for the Imperial war effort as they moved to link up with their companies. As the ammo and ordnance ran dry, they relied on speed and close combat weapons. Leon with his chainsword and combat blade, and the Space Wolf - Eirik  - with his power spear. While neither would admit it, they worked well together. They became a cohesive unit and they left a trail of devastation and dead enemy hordes in their wake.

Their luck caught up with them two days before the eventual Imperial breakthrough. While on a recon of a large industrial plant, Eirik was caught in an ambush specifically set for the two Astartes. The enemy had used foul warp magic to mask their scents, leading the Space Wolf into a trap of epic proportions. Two full platoons of chaos infantry, supported by three sorcerers, and heavy weaponry unleashed a tidal wave of attacks on the outgunned Space Wolf. Leon heard the commotion from his position a kilometer away and rushed to aid his companion. Surprising to him was the amount of care who had for the Space Wolf who, not long before, had been a despised rival.

Eirik took enough damage in the initial salvos to have killed a mortal twenty times over, but the Son of Russ fought on. His spear cut swathes through enemy troops as he charged their lines head on. By the time Leon arrived, one of the three sorcerers lay in pieces among dozens of infantry. But it was evident that Eirik's wounds were catching up to him.

Leon joined the fray, taking out a second sorcerer and two squads worth of infantry before they knew he was upon them. His well-oiled chainsword swam in their blood, separating heads from shoulders as easily as pulling apart tissue paper. Eirik renewed his attack and before long all the infantry who opposed them lay broken and scattered. The final sorcerer had been biding his time. A great power growing and welling inside of him to the bursting point. By the time Leon and Eirik moved to engage him, he had swollen to twice his original size. The Marines charged, but not before the heretic unleashed a horrible regurgitation of pure warp energy. Leon dove out of the way, but in his weakened state Eirik couldn't react quickly enough. The terrible energies smashed into him, buckling his armor and crushing reinforced bone.

In a remarkable display of tenacity, he threw his spear to Leon as he fell to the earth, gasping for breath but knowing the end was near. Leon hefted the weapon behind his head and threw it with all his might. It took the sorcerer under the chin, the energy sheathed blade pushing up into his brain stem and ending him instantly.

Eirik would pass soon after. His final utterances recognized the Dark Angel as a brother, even if his Chapter did not. He only requested that Leon take the spear and continue to build its legacy. Leon stayed with Eirik until he went to the Emperor's side. He spent the next two days carrying the fallen Astartes through enemy contested territory to friendly lines.

Dramatis Personae Hither_came_thy_warrior_color_by_pagolas
Gazini Thulu who would becomes Leon Astelon of the Dark Angels at age 14

Dramatis Personae Zulusupersoldoer_by_ferdinandkreozot
Leon at 16 (two years into his indoctrination into the Scout Company)

Brother Calibos
See 'Kill Team Eshunna


Space Wolf Scout

Flavius Septimus

Bio: Flavius had experiences very different from most Chapters, working directly with the Rogue Trader House Ecale. He’s a talented pilot and maintains excellent relations with the Imperial Navy.  It’s not uncommon for Marines Errant to spend more time away from their chapter than with it.  With the Rogue Traders he had been everywhere and when his chapter needed to second someone to the deathwatch, he was in the right place at the right time.  Flavius is not standoffish or aloof, and he tends to treat everyone with respect regardless of their rank.  In the close confines of a trading vessel there is only one rank that matters – captain.  By spending time with so many other people, especially non-Astartes, Falvius has found that everyone has something they can teach.  He’s become an expert at making idle conversation reveal more than others might intend.  Of course, that knowledge gets locked away – he knows things that he probably should not.  VETERAN BROTHER DONAL HAGETH from his home chapter is the overseer of Erioch’s Hunting Grounds.  Flavius maintains excellent relations and uses his knowledge of beasts and medical training to bring as many specimens as he can back alive to keep the grounds well-stocked.  

Appearance:   Flavius prefers not to wear his helmet, and his face has felt the sun on countless worlds.  He is of fair complexion with sand colored hair.  He has thin lips and a narrow nose which give him a somewhat regal appearance.  Underneath his armor he is powerfully muscled, more broad shouldered than the average Astartes.  


Rostrum Acutum
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6B6yZ ... p=drivesdk

Chapter: Smoking Fists
Demeanor: Hot-blooded
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PostSubject: Re: Dramatis Personae   Dramatis Personae EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 5:16 pm

Inhabitants of Erioch


Tech Priest Oroboros of the Salamanders
For a techmaine, Oroboros is very relateable to those not initiated into the machine cult. He has a natural way with artificing, due to the way it is practiced on Nocturne deep in the halls of Prometheus. He suffers the wrath of Greyweaver to serve as his mist trusted brother who typically resides on Erioch instead of on a kill team. When he is in the field, his thunderhammer's quality is a terror among the enemies of the Imperium. For unknown reasons, he prefers to avoid anything warp related.
Dramatis Personae Techmarine_by_rotaken-d9kh6dg

Tech Priest Mac Zi Ven of the Storm Wardens
Mac Zi Ven is a Storm Wardens devotee of the Cult Mechanicus who has shown the touch of a true master in the arts of technomancy. His humble beginnings among the warrior tribes of Sacris led him to view technology as truly touched with divinity. In the ranks of the Storm Wardens it soon became clear that Mac Zi was gifted and he was quickly raised to the rank of Techmarine. Some of his Battle-Brothers mutter that Mac Zi showed more respect to the red priests of Mars than to his own Chapter, but Mac Zi’s contributions of finely-crafted weapons and armour win him many friends.
Mac Zi volunteered for the Deathwatch to satisfy his growing hunger for knowledge. Now in the foundries and catacombs of Watch Fortress Erioch he has access to a vast repository of data about both human and xeno devices. He secretly views xeno-tech as only another tool to be used in the Imperiums service once it is properly understood. These beliefs have put him at odds with Erioch's Forge Master, the Iron Priest Harl Greyweaver who Mac Zi despises for the Space Wolf's disrespect of the Machine God and narrow-mindedness regarding the Deathwatch's use of xeno-tech.

Tech Priest Aristarchus of the Carcharodons
Somewhere deep in the forges of Erioch lays one whose flames are subdued, whose cold steel halls remind those inquisitive enough to enter of a shoal where no fish swim. The shoal is void of sound, deathly quiet. Here the apex predator is Aristarchus of the Carcharodons. What his specialty is, little can say. His role in the armories is not oft seen, but he is sometimes spotted on the periphery of others, watching......waiting.

Watch Captain Brand of the Storm Wardens
Brand Mac Lir hailed originally from the Storm Wardens Chapter where he won fame in the Cleansing of Vigil. His experiences fighting the foul Slaugth kindled a desire in him to join the Deathwatch. His keen fervour and veteran tactical skills saw quick promotion for Brand—by his third deployment, he lead a Kill-team, and was elected Watch Captain of Watch Fortress Erioch on his ninth Vigil. Brand can be a cautious leader at times because he’s always wary of the tricks and traps of the enemy, but once battle is joined he is as ferocious and direct as any Space Marine. Brand’s Sacris Claymore Morwenna, a chapter relic, has reaped a tremendous toll of alien blood and ichor in deadly hand-to-hand combat.

Watch Captain Mathias of the Sons of Medusa
For two centuries, Watch Captain Mathias has served the Deathwatch. From the battlefields of the Orpheus Salient to the dusty halls of long-lost Watch Stations, Mathias has devoted his service to the tenets of the Deathwatch and their guardianship of the Jericho Reach.
Mathias came to the Deathwatch from the Sons of Medusa Space Marines for what was to be a decade long assignment. Early during his tenure with the Watch, Mathias was assigned to guard Inquisitor Ramaeus during a tense encounter with a group of Eldar said to have valuable information about the Dark Pattern. The recently-seconded Battle-Brother found himself fascinated by the enigmatic Inquisitor and her mysterious prophecies and after this encounter he devoted a great deal of time to studying all he could learn about them. Mathias was intrigued by the relationship the Eldar seemed to have with the Dark Pattern and he quickly became convinced that these beings knew a great deal more than the Imperium knew about these worlds.
Dramatis Personae MathiasDW

Keeper Caligula of the Angels Encarmine
Little is known about this watch station keeper from the Angels Encarmine. He was encountered by Brother Khol while protecting the beastirium. It was apparent that he and Calibos did not get along so well.

Ezu Graihle
Only one thing brought Inquisitor Ezu Ghraile to the Jericho Reach -- Tyranids. Ghraile sees the Tyranids as the biggest single threat facing the Imperium today and it's matter she will expound on at great length given any opportunity. Ghraile has based herself at Watch Fortress Erioch for the express purpose of lobbying for more action on the Orpheus Salient and her clashes with the resident Inquisitor of the Chamber have been loud and public. Ghraile has a sympathetic ear from members of the Deathwatch as they fully appreciate the exponential threat a hive fleet can become with access to enough biomass. however, it's been a harder job convincing officers of the Crusade and her fellow Inquisitors of the need to divert all reinforcements coming through the Warp Gate to the Orpheus Salient. Ghraile clings to hopes that the Omega Vault will open to reveal some weapon to stop the Tyranids -- not just within the Jericho Reach, but across the entire galaxy.
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Velayne Ramaeus
Inquisitors are, by their very nature, subtle, inscrutable, and enigmatic. Most wear this mystery around themselves like a cloak, almost ostentatious in their guile. The same could be said about Velayne Ramaeus, though such sentiments would hardly do the mysterious Inquisitor justice. Little of certainty is known about the woman, though her credentials are of the highest order and as a result, her authority among the Deathwatch is all but limitless. None remember the details of her arrival in the Jericho Reach, though most assume that the Inquisitor rode in on the first waves of the Achilus Crusade, as few can recall her presence before that time. If asked directly about her service with the Deathwatch, the stewards of Watch Fortress Erioch react with puzzlement. Back through the centuries, scattered among the recollections of the older members of the Deathwatch, are memories of a woman bearing her description, though no official record exists as evidence. It is almost as though she had always been there, but went unnoticed until the last several decades. Beyond her Inquistorial Rosette and her authentication seal, no concrete record exists of her before the discovery of the Jericho Reach Warp Gate leading to the edge of the Calixis Sector. Despite this lack, the Erioch Chamber of Vigilance has reconciled her credentials and required no other confirmation of her devotion.
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