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 Archimedes - Alpha Legion Insurrectionist

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PostSubject: Archimedes - Alpha Legion Insurrectionist   Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:21 pm

Name: Archimedes
Race: Chaos Space Marine
Archtype: Alpha Legion
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Deceit
Motivation: Legacy
Alignment: Unaligned
Special Abilities: Deceitful, Insurrectionist

WS: 41
BS: 45
S: 40 ( 8 )
T: 40 ( 8 )
Ag: 43
Int: 41
Per: 55
WP: 41
Fel: 47
Inf: 49
Movement: Half: 4, Full: 8, Charge: 12, Run: 26
Wounds: 18/18
Corruption Points: 15
Gifts of Chaos: Blood Substitution

Awareness +10
Common Lore (War)
Deceive +30
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, Xenos)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Scrutiny +10
Stealth +10

Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Combat Formation
Enemy (Inquisition)
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Hip Shooting
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior

Deceitful Tactics
Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Legion Bolter: 1d10+9 X; Pen: 4; 100m; S/3/-; Clip: 24; Rld: Full; Tearing (23/24)
Legion Bolt Pistol: 1d10+9 X; Pen: 4; 30m; S/2/-; Clip: 8; Rld: Full; Tearing
Legion Combat Knife: 1d10+8 R; Pen: 2
4x Legion Frag Grenade: 2d10+8 X; Pen: 8; 21m; S/-/-; Clip: 1; Rld: -

Legion Power Armor
– All: 8
– Auto Senses
– Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer
– Sustainable Power Source
– Combat Webbing
– Horns

Cameleoline Cloak
Demolition Kit
7x Magazines for Bolter
3x Magazines for Bolt Pistol

– Guerrilla Fighter
– The Imperium has always been the target. One needs a team though to venture out into hostile locations.
– Vault Hunter
– Find the Vault of Ry'Kleth. Deny it to others for use.
– Web Of Lies
– Your mission in the Screaming Vortex is to remain a secret. Spread disinformation and lies to others concerning the Vault of Ry'Kleth.

Background: Archimedes is a tried and true veteran. Before it was the enemies of man know it is the Imperium itself that is the enemy. The Vault of Ry'Kleth has reached the ears of the Alpha Legion and they've dispatched Archimedes to locate it and to deny it others by whatever means necessary. Along the way Archimedes is to spread disinformation about the vault and as always strike at targets of opportunity in the Imperium when it presents itself.

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Posts : 359
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PostSubject: Re: Archimedes - Alpha Legion Insurrectionist   Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:22 pm

500 awarded:
Scrutiny + 10 (Tzeench) - 350
Perception +5 (Simple) (Unaligned) - 100

I think Archimdedes should be better at seeing the lies of others.
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Archimedes - Alpha Legion Insurrectionist
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