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 House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics

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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
PostSubject: House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics    House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  EmptyThu Feb 08, 2018 11:13 pm

House Rules

This is a living list and may be subject to changes.

- Rapid Reload (Talent amendment): Rapid Reload now only applies to weapons in which the PC has training in. If you do not have training in a weapons system and attempt to reload it, regardless of if you have the Rapid Reload talent, the reload time remains as listed in the weapon profile.
++ ANY talent that modified combat, such as Rapid Reload, will now only benefit players as long as they have the proper weapon's training to go with it. For example, Deadeye and Sharpshooter will only negate the penalties of called shots when using weapon's systems that the PC is proficiently trained with.

- Suppressing Fire (Rules amendment): PCs in cover gain a +30 bonus to their WP test to resist pinning. Once pinned, in contrast to the RAW, PCs and NPCs have the option to flee the source of their suppression in addition to looking for cover and taking half moves, should they choose. If they opt to do this, they run at their fastest speed away from the source of the suppression and cannot do anything else that turn - even looking back. The enemy receives a free round of actions against them taking -20 to BS against them as well as +20 to WS against them. Pinned characters must then regroup at the last "safe" place.

- Hatred (Talent amendment): Hatred now applies a +10 bonus to hit to both WS tests AND BS tests against the hated enemy.

- Weapons Training (for Vehicles): When operating a vehicle-based weapon, players with half of the training necessary (for instance having Las training but not Heavy training when operating the Multilaser) will suffer a -10 penalty to fire rather than the -20 penalty that is required when having no training at all. This way, characters familiar with the kick of a bolt, but not the balance and weight of a heavy bolter can still operate the weapon somewhat effectively.

- Jaded (Talent clarification): All Fear tests are one bracket easier. Ex: Fear (1) is now Fear (0) and does not need testing. Fear (2) is now treated as Fear (1) and only forces a -10 test, etc.

- Vehicle Hatches (Common Sense House Rule): Players will need to spend a half action to shut and lock hatches/doors on all vehicles they are riding in. If they do so, they will not be able to simply jump out of the vehicle should it catch fire or take catastrophic damage; however, if they do not, enemies will be able to open the doors and breach the vehicle with ease. This will be up to the players - if no one voices their intent to do this, it will always be assumed that the vehicle is unlocked.

- Ork Dispersion Grenades: In addition to their normal rules (anti-plant grenades), OD grenades now also remove any Unnatural Toughness bonuses from Orks and Ork kind. In addition to this, Orks exposed to the gasses must pass a -10 Toughness test or gain a level of fatigue.

- Attacking Vehicle Motive Systems: Attacking a vehicle's tires/wheels (provided the vehicle has tires to target) will require a called shot. This may be subject to change depending on the type of tire a vehicle has. Destroying a tire will cause the operator of a vehicle to suffer -10 to operate tests/tire as well as reduce the movement of the vehicle by 25%/tire destroyed (assuming the vehicle has four tires total). Furthermore, if in motion when the tire is destroyed, the operator will have to make an immediate -10 operate test or go out of control on the following round.

- Snap-firing (Spray and Pray): A character who is sheltering behind enough cover that it could conceal their entire body may opt to Snap Fire when making shooting attacks. The character essentially only holds their weapon out of cover and fires in a general direction. Doing so results in a -20 BS penalty to hit anything in the area. Subsequently, all shots at the shooter suffer a -20 BS penalty until the start of the shooter's next turn (essentially a called shot on their exposed hand). This attack cannot be used in conjunction with an Aim action.

- Dodging/Parrying (Rules Amendment): DoS will only come into play when dodging full auto fire/Swift and Lightning attacks or using parry vs a WS standard attack.

- Called Shot (Head) (Rules Amendment): Successful called shots to the head will extend the Righteous Fury range to 9 or 10 (assuming this is where the target's brain is located).

- Sneak Attacking (new rule): When a successful opposed silent move test places a PC/NPC in melee range of an enemy, damage will be resolved as follows: the attacker will gain a free called shot and a free RF on a successful attack roll. Troop-level enemies will die outright, but elite/master level enemies will suffer damage as normal.  This rule can also be used against PCs. Furthermore, some troop-level enemies with unnatural toughness will not die outright at GM discretion.

- Prone (movement/stance amendment): Aside from the standard prone conditions (-20 WS, -20 Evasion; +20 WS vs prone opponent), when lying prone, PCs and NPCs will gain +10 BS when firing due to the more supportive nature of the firing position and heavy weapons will be counted as braced. Furthermore, ranged attacks vs. a prone target will be at -10 BS due to their smaller profile; Falling prone is a free action. Standing up again is a half action.

- Cover (rule clarification): When attacking an opponent in cover, any damage value that surpasses the armor of the cover will be transferred to the target. Furthermore, the armor value of the cover will be reduced by 1/2 the damage that was able to get through. For example, there is an enemy behind a rockrete wall (8 AP). You fire and do 10 damage with 4 penetration, so 6 total damage gets through the wall to the enemy behind. Furthermore, the wall is reduced from 8 AP to 5 AP (since half of 6 is 3).

- Influence (new rule): This mechanic will work much in the same way as it does in Dark Heresy 2. As the team does more heroic deeds and accomplishes more missions, more people within the Empire will have heard of the unit and the prestige that comes with being a part of it; they will not necessarily know your PC personally. This will have in-game ramifications with who notices you, what pull you have, and the types of gear you can requisition. It will also be the determining characteristic to determine whether or not you can acquire certain gear.

- Vehicles and Initiative (rule amendment): The skill of a driver has an important implication for how quickly a vehicle responds in combat, with more skilled drivers having an important edge over less skilled drivers. A character with Drive or Pilot +10 adds +1 to their Initiative roll when controlling a vehicle, whilst characters with Drive or Pilot +20 adds +2 to their Initiative roll when controlling a vehicle.

- XP Milestone System: Every 5,000xp earned represents a "milestone." For context, in the old rules (Deathwatch/Only War) Ranks 2 and 3 represent the first milestone (4,00xp earned). Ranks 4 and 5 represent the second milestone (8,000xp earned), and so on. In other words, your squad mode improvements come into play at a certain amount of XP earned rather than being based on rank which no longer applies. Anytime a rule references rank as a determining factor for something, please consult the following chart:

・5,000 - 9,999 XP = Rank 1
・10,000 - 14,999 XP = Ranks 2 and 3 [1st XP milestone]
・15,000 - 19,999 XP = Ranks 4 and 5 [2nd XP milestone]
・20,000 - 24,999 XP = Ranks 6 and 7 [3rd XP milestone]
・25,000 - 30,000 XP = Rank 8 [4th XP milestone]

*** These rules will be playtested and subject to removal if they are deemed unecessary/overpowered.

- Reloads: A character can spend a Full Action reloading one ranged weapon. Reloads will no longer be tracked as an amount of ammunition spent; in other words, they are not expended through firing a weapon normally. Instead, they will be an abstraction that represent a complication or a benefit to the player. Each player will receive x3 reloads which represent all of the ammunition needed for their adventure. Reloads can be spent or lost in the following ways:
-- Complications: If a player rolls a Complication (any BS roll of 90-100), one of the character’s Reloads may be removed as a result. If the character has no Reloads remaining, then such a Complication renders a weapon unusable until more ammo can be located - standard Jamming rules apply. Ex: If a character rolls a 96, they must clear the jam as per RAW, and then spend a full action reloading - losing a reload in the process.
-- Use: A character can choose to expend one  Reload as part of an attack to gain an increased effect. Reloads spent can add bonus dice to the attack roll, allow a second attack in the same round, or add additional effects depending on the weapon. Reloads must be expended before the attack roll is made. Possible Benefits: add 1d10 to damage die, increase RF range by 1, Double penetration, granting an additional attack, add a weapon special quality at random to the attack.
***Troop-level enemies will never benefit from reloads, but Elite and Master level enemies can.

---+++Updated Play Mechanics+++---

Reaper Team Rankings:

- Gear will be acquired using the PCs Influence stat score modified by availability and craftsmanship of the item per Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. RAW (pg. 141 CRB). CHANGES: Ubiquitous will no longer be "automatically" acquired. Instead it will confer a +60 bonus to your requisition test.

- In addition to the DH2 acquisitions rules, the following "amount" modifiers from Black Crusade (pg. 306) will be added to reflect the small-squad tactical feel of being in a Reaper squad.

Single (1 item): +10
Fire Team (2-4 items): +0
Squad La'rua (5-10 items): -10
Platoon Ka'ui (11-100 items): -30**
**Ka'ui will rarely, if ever, be used

Furthermore, nothing non-tau is ever guaranteed as available; this all depends on your location and its resources. Depending on the circumstances, even tau gear may be unavailable.

Updated DH2/OW/BC Combat System:

Updated Skills

- We will be using the updated DH2/OW/BC Skill list and descriptions

[New Skill ---> What it replaces/Encompasses now]

Acrobatics   --> Acrobatics, Contortionist
Athletics     --> Climb, Swim
Awareness  --> Awareness, Lip Reading, Search
Charm        --> Charm, Performer
Commerce  --> Commerce, Barter, Evaluate (something's worth)
Demolitions --> New Skill (Aptitudes: Tech & Fieldcraft)
Logic          --> Logic, Gambling
Linguistics  --> Ciphers, Literacy, Secret Tongue, Speak Language
Medicae     --> Chem Use, Medicae
Operate     --> Drive, Pilot
Parry         --> Not previously a skill; PCs with any WS upgrades or a WS above 50 should count Parry as known.
Stealth      --> Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing
Survival     --> Survival, Tracking, Wrangling
Tactics     --> New Skill (Aptitudes: General & Knowledge)
Tech-Use   --> Tech Use
Toughness --> Carouse

[This list can be found on pg. 310 of the Only War CRB. There are also trait changes, weapon quality changes and conversion rules on the next few pages after that. We will be using these as well.]

As well as using the updated skills, we will also be using their updated level names.
- Unknown: attempts to use basic skills that are unknown to your PC can be attempted at -20
- Known: skill tests at +0
- Trained: skill tests at +10
- Experienced: skill tests at +20
- Veteran: skill tests at +30

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Iron and Metal
Iron and Metal

Posts : 2165
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Age : 32
Location : Where the sun settles in its final location

House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
PostSubject: Re: House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics    House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  EmptyWed Jun 06, 2018 10:55 am

New & Updated


- Blessings of the Ethereals (Tier 2; Willpower & Toughness. Pre-req: WP 40): At some point in life, this PC was blessed by an Ethereal for some worthy feat. In times of great peril, he is able to draw upon this memory to find reserves of strength and determination to soldier on when others would falter and fail. Whenever the Explorer is suffering from Critical Damage, he is immune to the effects of Fear and Pinning, but disengaging from combat or backing down from a fight without a direct order from a superior requires a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test.

- Bonding Ritual (Tier 3; Willpower & General. Pre-req: Tau, WP 35): The ancient Fire caste ritual of Ta’lissera is often performed amongst close-knit groups of Tau Warriors, further solidifying their bond to one another and ensuring they will do absolutely anything to protect the group. Many warriors who undergo this rite carry a symbolic Bonding Knife as a sign of their pact. As long as the Explorer is in a group containing another individual with this Talent, he feels empowered to fight on no matter the cost. The first time the Explorer suffers Critical Damage each encounter, if there is another character with this Talent within 20 meters, this Explorer automatically passes any Tests he is required to make by the Critical Effect and ignores any non-permanent effects that the Critical Effect would have (such as gaining Levels of Fatigue or being
knocked Prone, but not losing a limb or being slain outright).

- Dedication to the (New) Cause (Tier 1; Willpower & Agility) - Most new auxiliaries tend to be overzealous in their eagerness to prove their dedication to the Tau'va. Often, they take to heart the idea of self-sacrifice to prove their worth. Whenever a teammate within 10m of the PC would take a hit that would kill them, the PC may choose to take the hit instead, rolling damage as normal.

- Disciple of Mont'Ka (Tier 3; Agility & Finesse. Pre-req: Tau, Ag 40/Stealth +10): The Tau war doctrine of Mont’ka, otherwise known as the Killing Blow, revolves around swiftly dealing a perfectly timed overwhelming blow to quickly eliminate a target. Whenever the Explorer strikes an Unaware target, he inflicts additional Damage equal to his Degrees of Success on the Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill Test.

- Disciple of Kauyon (Tier 3; Fellowship & Defense. Pre-req: Tau, Bonding Ritual): The Tau war doctrine of Kauyon, otherwise known as the Patient Hunter, revolves around using one unit as bait to draw the enemy into a perfect trap. A Tau Explorer with this Talent is skilled at acting as the bait in this tactic, and can perform the Perfect Lure Action.
--- Perfect Lure (Type: Full Action; Subtype: Movement, Fellowship): The Explorer makes a Challenging (+0) Fellowship Test. If he succeeds, one enemy within 30 metres gains a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests to strike the Explorer and suffers a –30 penalty Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill Tests for attacks made against the Explorer’s allies. For every Degree of Success he scores on the Test, he can affect one additional foe within range this way.

- Envoy of the Greater Good (Tier 2; Fellowship & Social. Pre-req: Tau, Fel 45 & Charm +10): From long practice, the Tau Empire has established first contact practices that have served them well in establishing positive and productive relationships with new groups and species they encounter. The Explorer permanently loses the Speak Not Unto The Alien Trait. Additionally, whenever this Tau Explorer meets an organisation or race that has not previously encountered Tau, he may spend a Fate Point and make a Routine (+20) Charm Test. If he succeeds, he gains a +10 bonus on all Interaction Skill Tests with this group for the remainder of the encounter. Furthermore, through this conversation, he is able to extract some important piece of information about the culture, group, or species with which he is speaking that might be helpful in subsequent dealings with the group (subject to the GM’s discretion).

- Exemplar of the Selfless Cause (Tier 2; Fellowship & Social. Pre-req: Tau, Bonding Ritual, Command +10): This Tau has learned to truly lead by example, and his very action inspires his followers to achieve things they themselves did not know possible. The Explorer gains the Follow My Lead Action, as per the Exemplar of Unity Classified Competency (see page 7). If he already possesses this ability, the bonus it provides increases to +20 (rather than +10).

- Fire Caste Weapons Training (Tier 1; Finesse & General): This PC is proficient in the use of all Tau weaponry, and can wield these weapons without suffering the penalty for untrained weapon use.

- Fire Support (Tier 3; Ballistic Skill & Finesse. Pre-reqs: Ballistic Skill 40, Fellowship 35): Tactical foresight, to the Tau, is often the key to victory, including ensuring the proper assets are in play to make victory certain. Once per encounter, provided he is in a location where such assets are available and he is equipped with a markerlight, the Explorer may illuminate a target by making a Challenging (+0) Ballistic Skill Test as a Full Action. If he succeeds, 1d5 Rounds later, minus 1 Round for each additional Degree of Success he scored on the Test (to a minimum of 1 round), a Seeker missile strikes the target dealing 3d10+5 Explosive damage with a Penetration of 10. This is not limited to Seeker missiles, but other missile/heavy support systems capable of linking with a markerlight.

- Furious Fusillade (Tier 2; Ballistic Skill & Offense. Pre-reqs: Ballistic Skill 40, Crack Shot): Tau war doctrine encourages unrelenting hails of precision ranged fire to bring down their target. Whenever this character succeeds on the Ballistic Skill Test for a Semi-Auto Attack Action or Full Auto Attack Action while benefitting from an Aim Action, he automatically scores an additional Degree of Success on the Test. Essentially, this is Bolter Drill (Deathwatch) for Tau.

- Greater Than the Sum (Tier 3; Fellowship & Knowledge. Pre-reqs: Tau, Fellowship 45, New Allies): The Tau doctrine of the Greater Good prescribes that each individual submits their best qualities to the whole. This often means that Tau are exposed to the finest qualities other individuals possess, and sometimes learn from their example. Once per session, the Explorer may spend a Fate Point and
either gain the benefits of a Talent an ally possesses or grant the benefits of a Talent he possesses to an ally. The character temporarily receiving the effects of the Talent need not meet its Prerequisites to benefit from it. This effect persists until the end of the encounter.

- Master of Technology (Tier 2; Tech & Intelligence. Pre-reqs: Tau, Scholastic Lore Tau Empire, Common Lore War): This PC has intricate knowledge of the machinery and equipment the Tau Empire produces. They may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed on any Tech-Use Test with a number of Degrees of Success equal to their Intelligence Bonus.

- New Allies (Tier 1; Fellowship & Social. Pre-reqs: Tau, Fellowship 30): This Fire Warrior has grown accustomed to working with xenos allies, whether these be Kroot mercenaries, Vespid warriors, Eldar wanderers, or human Gue’va. This PC's For the Greater Good!, Supporting Fire, and Classified Competency Traits, and any Talents they possess that reference Tau characters can include any
trusted ally (such as other team members or trusted NPCs), instead of only allied Tau characters.

- Strength Through Unity (Tier 2; Weapon Skill & Fellowship. Pre-reqs: Tau, Fellowship 40, Bonding Ritual): Although normally weak in close combat, many Tau Warriors find additional strength when fighting alongside their allies. When engaged in melee combat, for each ally with the Bonded Talent engaged with the same target, the Explorer gains an additional +5 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests and
inflicts an additional 1 Damage with melee attacks.

- Superior Supply Chain*** (Tier 1; Social & General. Pre-reqs: Tau): The Explorer gains a +20 bonus to Acquisition Tests to acquire Tau weapons, wargear, and other equipment. ***Subject to approval based on whether or not the current setting allows it (AKA: GM Discretion).

- Supporting Fire (Tier 1; Ballistic Skill & Defense. Pre-reqs: Tau): Tau prefer ranged combat over barbaric melee, and seek to cut down their foes before they reach close combat. Any time an enemy makes a Charge Action to become engaged in melee with an allied Tau character within 20 metres, this Explorer may spend his Reaction to make a Standard Ranged Attack at a –20 penalty against the enemy. This attack resolves before the target completes its Charge Action.

- Tactical Flexibility (Tier 2; Intelligence & Knowledge. Pre-req: Sprint/SL [Tau Emp]): Unlike many other races that the Tau Empire has encountered, the Tau find no fault in retreating from a hopeless situation in favour of saving strength for a better occasion. Once per encounter, as a Half Action, the PC may make a Challenging (+0) Scholastic Lore (Tau Empire) Test. If he succeeds, he and each other Tau ally within 20 metres may immediately make a Disengage Action as a Free Action.

- Technological Insight (Tier 2; Intelligence & Tech. Pre-reqs: Tau, Scholastic Lore Tau Empire, Tech Use +10): Innovation and study of strange new technologies is second nature to the Tau, and in the galaxy there are many technological mysteries indeed. This character seeks to turn the weapons of the enemy to the Greater Good at every opportunity. When wielding a weapon for which he lacks the Ranged Weapon Training, Melee Weapon Training, or Exotic Weapon Training Talent, this character may make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test as a Full Round Action. If he succeeds, he can operate the weapon without penalty (as if he had the appropriate Talent) for the duration of the encounter (<-- GM amendment to the original rules)

- Technology Triumphant (Tier 3; Intelligence & Tech. Pre-reqs: Tau, Scholastic Lore Tau Empire +10, Tech Use +20): The Tau take much of their military strength from their everadapting technology, and use improvements and innovations to gain an edge on the battlefield. Once per game session, this character may work to enhance a single piece of technology by making a Hard (–20) Tech-Use Test. If he succeeds, he permanently improves the Craftsmanship of the item from Poor to Common, Common to Good, or Good to Best. The amount of time this upgrade process takes varies by item, based on the GM’s discretion (as obviously, modifying a plasma pistol is a smaller undertaking than completely re-engineering a plasma drive).

- Through Unity, Devastation (Tier 3; Ballistic Skill & Fellowship. Pre-reqs: Tau, BS 45, Furious Fusillade, Command +20): A wise Tau commander knows the value of directing all available fire on a single high-value target and can discern how to strategically rip apart even massive foes with concentrated volleys. An Explorer with this Talent may spend a Fate Point and make a Challenging (+0) Ballistic Skill Test as a Full Action. If he succeeds, he chooses a single target within range; that target is Marked for one round, plus one additional Round for every Degree of Success he scored on the Test. As long as the target is Marked, allied Tau characters who hit it with ranged attacks may roll twice for Damage, taking the higher result.

- Tau Marine Training (new talent; Tier 1, Agility & General): Tau Marines train extensively for ship based combats and are skilled in boarding actions and the variety of environments and perils such engagements can bring. They think nothing of fighting in micro or zero gravity environments as well as the hard vacuum of space or the scorching cold of the void. They also understand how their weapons work in such environments. When fighting in space environments (those with low or nonexistent gravity and with varying degrees of atmosphere and pressure), the PC halves all Test penalties resulting from environmental effects.

- Advanced Tau Marine Training (new talent; Tier 2, Agility & General. Pre-req: Tau Marine Training): The Tau Marine has perfected his zero-gravity fighting skills and ignores all penalties to tests caused by space environments. In addition to this, the Tau Marine not only is no longer impeded by space environments and variable gravity but has learnt to use it to his advantage and never suffers a reduction to his movement from such environments.

- Tau Marksmanship (updated talent; Tier 2, Ballistic Skill & Finesse) Tau players will have access to Rifle Marksman and Pistol Marksman. Both have the same effect, and all Tau (Except Breachers) start with at least one of the two (your choice), at chargen.

- Reaper Medicae Training (new talent; Tier 2, Intelligence & Knowledge): The Tau Empire consists of numerous auxiliary species who have joined the fight for the Greater Good. Some of these aliens are even good enough to be inducted into the ranks of the elite Reaper units. Due to their various physiology, advanced medicae techniques must be learned in order to treat them should they be injured in combat. A character with this talent no longer suffers the -20 medicae penalty for medicae tests on species other than its own kind.


- Common Lore Tau Empire (Int) (Advanced, Investigation; Aptitudes: Intelligence & Knowledge): This Skill includes knowledge of life in the Tau Empire, as relates to both the Tau species and the numerous other races that exist as vassals, allies, and auxiliaries within their domain.

- Scholastic Lore Tau Empire (Int) (Advanced, Investigation; Aptitudes: Intelligence & Knowledge: the complexities of Tau society often baffle even the most skilled xenographers. This Skill represents a knowledge of the structures, regulations, and hierarchies of Tau society on a scholastic level.

- Speak Language Tau (Int) (Advanced; Aptitudes: Intelligence & General): The language of the Tau shares little with most human tongues, and can be difficult to master. Many Kroot learn it during their services as auxiliaries, just as they often learn Low Gothic when serving as mercenaries in the Koronus Expanse and other parts of the galaxy. It is a poetic and artistic language, given to many shifting nuances in tone fluctuation as well as a host of honorifics and polite versus common speaking styles, depending on whom one is speaking to.

- Tactics (Int) (New Skill; Aptitudes: General & Knowledge): Skill Groups: Air Combat, Armored Tactics, Assault Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine, Guerrilla Warfare, Orbital Insertion Procedures, Recon and Stealth, Void Combat; Drone Warfare, Kauyon, Mont'ka (very flexible; talk with me about ideas for tactics).

    Tactics is the practical application of military knowledge in the field of battle. It differs from the various Lore Skills in that it relates directly to "on the ground" combat maneuvers and actions rather than a broad theoretical or strategic view of warfare. It also differs from the Command Skill in that Command allows the direction of troops but does not grant any special knowledge in how best to use them. A character can use Tactics at any time when he wants to determine the best military course of action in a combat. This could be anything from the best position to suppress an entrenched enemy before an assault to picking a good landing zone when coming in under fire. Failing a Tactics (Assault) Test, for example, might mean facing a concentration of a defending force or hitting a stronger line of fortifications. A more detailed look at Tactics can be found on pg. 105 of the Deathwatch CRB.

Tau Specific Gear Amendments

Pulse Accelerator (gear amendment): In addition to increased range, to account for the increased velocity of the pulse particles, all attacks within close range will add 1/2 PC's BS bonus (rounded down) to penetration. Ex: a PC with a BS of 51 would add +2 pen to an attack with a pulse accelerator at close range.

Shield Generators (rule amendment): Tau shield generator technology will be treated along the same lines as Void shields for Titans (in the Rites of Battle Deathwatch book). Shield generators will be assigned a Shield Point value which will act as a buffer for the PC benefitting from the shield generator. Shield Points will soak an amount of damage equal to their value (with penetration and special weapon qualities not being accounted for); damage in excess of the Shield Point value will then be transferred to the target (and penetration/special weapon qualities will function as normal). If a shield generator takes an amount of damage equal to or in excess of double its Shield Point value in a single round, it will overload. A Full Action Difficult (-10) Tech Use test is required to reboot an overloaded shield generator.

    ・Shield Drone: 12 SP・Riptide Shield Generator: 25 SP

Fire Warrior Combat Armor (gear amendment): Combat armor will now offer 7 AP to the wearer's off-hand arm to reflect the reinforced shoulder pauldron fielded by all Tau Fire Warriors. In addition to the increase in AP, any time a PC wearing Tau Combat Armor is the subject of a non-called shot head shot, roll 1d10. On a 7-10, the shot hits the 7 AP shoulder pauldron instead.

Heavy Rail Rifle (updated weapon stats): Heavy; 300m; S/-/-; 3d10+10 I, Pen: 15; Magazine: 10; Reload: 2 Full; Felling (4), Proven (3), Reliable, Vengeful (Cool.
- The Heavy Rail Rifle can also be loaded with Submunition Rounds: 2d10+5 X, pen 5; Blast (6) -OR- Kai'ju Hunter Rounds: 4d10+10 I, Pen: 15; Magazine: 1, Reload: 2 Full; Felling (5), Lance, Tearing, Vengeful (7).

Rail Rifle (weapon amendment): Add Reliable and Vengeful (9) weapon special quality.

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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
PostSubject: House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics    House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  EmptyWed Jun 06, 2018 2:21 pm

All talents from the Tau PC Guide have been translated and posted here.

EDIT: Attempting to Edit the talents causes a huge formatting error. So, I will be adding newest talent transfers here for the time being.


- Pulse Barrage (Tier 3; Ballistic Skill & Offense):
Through years of practice drills and battlefield experience, the character has become a master of the pulse rifle. The PC can use pulse weapons of all types to unleash devastating volleys of disciplined fire that can cut down their enemies like the sweep of a scythe. When firing any class of pulse weapon on full or semi-auto, the PC may score one additional Degree of Success (provided the test is successful) if they do not take a Move Action on their turn.

- Greed is Good (Tier 3; Willpower & Knowledge; Pre-req: Mercenary Talent):
The mercenary fights all the harder to gain his reward, and lets nothing stand in his way. The character may re-roll any failed Willpower Test to avoid Fear and Pinning.

- Hypernymune Organ (Tier 3; Agility & Defense; Pre-req: Kroot):
The Kroot’s nymune organs are hyperactive, storing greater amounts of energy. The Kroot’s metabolism is sped up, improving his raw muscle speed, reflexes, and reaction time. The Kroot gains one additional Reaction per round. When taking the Full Move action, the Kroot may move an extra number of meters equal to their Agility Bonus. When taking the Run action, he may double his movement for one Round. He gains one level of Fatigue if he uses this Talent in two consecutive Turns unless he passes a Toughness Test.

- Kroot Leap (Tier 3; Agility & Offense; Pre-req: Kroot, Strength 45, Agility 45):
Kroot are adept at using their long legs to jump, hop, and leap long distances. The Kroot has learned to use this advantage whilst rushing an enemy in close combat. When taking the Charge action, the Kroot can ignore obstacles between him and his target by making a Running Vertical Jump (see page 247 of the DH2 Rulebook). This Talent may only be used if there is room for the Kroot to land next to his target and if there is enough overhead space for the Kroot to leap over the obstacles. For example, a wall that goes from floor to ceiling may not be leapt over, nor would something taller than the Kroot’s vertical jump distance. If the Kroot successfully strikes his target whilst using this Talent, the Kroot may make a Knock-Down Action (see page 222 of the DH2 Rulebook) against the target as a Free Action.

- Mercenary (Tier 1; Willpower & Knowledge):
Kroot* mercenaries may make a roll against their Influence Characteristic instead of his Willpower when attempting to resist Fear and Pinning. All Kroot start with this Talent. Furthermore, any successful commerce tests made before the mission - specifically in relation to the mission - will grant an additional +10 (up to maximum +20) to any Fear/Pinning tests undertaken.
*This talent applies to any mercenaries who would take it and is not necessarily Kroot-specific.


+++ACQUIRING FOLLOWERS: Followers do not simply “appear”; they must be acquired during role playing or gained in some other appropriate fashion. Acquiring a Follower may even become (should become) an adventure in itself! Taking a Follower is an Elite Advance (not affected by aptitudes) that can be taken with the approval of the GM. Followers do not spontaneously appear out of nowhere and a player will need to come up with a reason why they have acquired the Follower, usually worked out with the aid of the GM. This could be as simple as finding a beast and wrangling it in the wild or even making it (in the case of drones, for example), or as complex as making a lasting pact with a person or Organisation and gaining access to their resources. The GM may also offer a character a Follower as part of an adventure, should an NPC become tied to the group and wish to enter their service (in this case the PC still needs to take an Elite Advance). However it occurs, Followers should be added to a character during downtime between adventures or game sessions; after all, bonds of loyalty take time to strengthen.+++

- Kroot Hound (Lesser Follower; 500xp. Enemies of the Imperium pg. 101)
As their name suggests, Kroot Hounds are canine-like creatures belonging to the same genus as the Kroot themselves, seemingly bred to an evolutionary halt. Vicious beasts about the size of a large mastiff, Kroot Hounds can be found alongside their masters in peace and in war. Though thin and wiry, their seemingly frail appearance is deceptive, as the corded muscles that ripple beneath their tough hides make them incredibly swift and powerful, and their sharp, strong beaks are quite capable of rending flesh from bone. With a series of sensory ganglia running along their spines, as well as keen senses of smell and hearing, Kroot Hounds are able to detect their prey through even the most dense terrain, darkest night, and most extreme weather conditions. As such, they are most frequently used as sentries and trackers.
Stat Block:
WS 44, BS --, S 41, T 34, AG 40, INT 18, PER 45, WP 30, FEL 06
Movement: 8m/16m/24m/48m; Wounds: 16; Armor: None
Skills: Athletics +20, Awareness +20, Stealth +20.
Talents: Frenzy, Heightened Senses (hearing, smell), Sprint.
Traits: Bestial (without its handler, a single Kroot Mercenary), Deadly Natural Weapons (Beak), Eater of the Dead, Hyperactive Nymune Organ, Kroot Leap, Natural Weapon (Beak), Quadruped.
Weapons: Ripping Beak (melee; 1d10+8 R, pen 0; Tearing).

- Krootox (Greater Follower; 1,500xp. Enemies of the Imperium pg. 102)
A brutish, monstrous member of the Kroot genus, the Krootox is a prime example of an evolutionary dead-end. After consuming the flesh of some particularly strong and barbarous creature, these unfortunate Kindreds devolved into bestial, unthinking brutes, incapable of rational, independent thought. Muscular, ape-like beasts, the Krootox would likely have been hunted to extinction did the other Kroot not find them useful as beasts of burden and war.
Stat Block:
WS 40, BS --, S 60, T 55, AG 30, INT 10, PER 25, WP 25, FEL 08
Movement: 8m/16m/24m/48m; Wounds: 65; Armor: Resilient Hide (2 All)
Skills: Athletics +10, Stealth +10.
Talents: Furious Assault, Leap Up, Resistance (Fear).
Traits: Auto-stabilized, Bestial (without its rider or handler, a single Kroot Mercenary or Shaper), Brutal Charge, Deadly Natural Weapons, Natural Weapons (Beak, Fists), Quadruped, Size (5), Sturdy, Unnatural Strength (3), Unnatural Toughness (2), Warbeast†, Weapons Platform††.
Weapons: Beak (Melee; 1d10+18 R; Pen 2), fists (Melee; 2d10+18 I; Pen 0; Unwieldy).
†Warbeast: When an attack hits a Krootox with a rider, use the percentile dice result from the attack and reverse the digits (e.g. a result of 32 becomes a 23). On a result of 01–70, the attack hits the Krootox; if it is a 71 or higher, it hits the rider.
††Weapons Platform: The following weapon can mounted on a Krootox’s back, to be fired by the rider: Kroot gun (Heavy; 150m; S/2/–; 2d10+14 I; Pen 6; Reloads: 1).

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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
PostSubject: Re: House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics    House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  EmptyFri Jul 13, 2018 10:00 am

Updated the House Rules to include the new rules for Reloading/Ammunition, and amended the Jaded talent.
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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
PostSubject: Re: House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics    House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  EmptySun Jul 15, 2018 12:28 pm

All Kroot talents except those with the "Shamanistic Powers" pre-requisites have been added.

Two Kroot-specific Followers have been added as well.
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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics  Empty
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House Rules & Updated Play Mechanics
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