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 Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri

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PostSubject: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri   Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri EmptySun Feb 04, 2018 11:29 am

Name: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri
Career Path: Shas'ui
Classified Competance: Exemplar of Unity (Gain the Follow my Lead ability; +5 Fel)
Demeanor: Optimist/Hard Ass
Homeworld: Sa'cea (Gain Resistance Heat talent)
Aptitudes: General, Ballistic Skill, Defence, Fellowship, Perception, Social, Strength, & Toughness.

WS 28
BS 50**
S 30
T 33
Ag 55**
Int 55**
Per 42*
Wp 36*
Fel 41
Inf 45
*denotes purchased advances

FPs: 1/2 (burned FP to survive fall 10/07/2018)
Wounds: 9/11
Critical Damage: -
Fatigue: 0
Insanity: 16/100
Corruption: 0/100
Movement: 5m/10m/15m/30m
Max Weight: Carrying - 27kg; Lifting - 54kg; Pushing - 108 kg.

Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel) +10
Common Lore (Int)
- Tau Empire
- War

Dodge (Ag)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
Intimidate (S)
Linguistics (Int)
- Ciphers
- Kroot
- Low Gothic
- Tau

Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Operate (Ag)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Tau Empire
- Tau War Doctrine

Scrutiny (Per)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Per)
Tech Use (Int)
Tactics (Int)
- Kauyon

Bonding Ritual
Fire Caste Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Smell)
Marksman (Rifles)
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Heat)
Supporting Fire
Unshakable Faith

- Darksight (Blacksun Filter; immune to photon/flash grenades and other devices that cause the same effect)
- For the Greater Good! (Once/encounter gain +10 to any test while following an order from another Tau character; if the order places PC in substantial danger to benefit the group as a whole the benefit becomes +30 at GM's discretion)
- Non-Imperial (-10 Common, Forbidden and Scholastic Lore relating to the Imperium of Man)
- Exemplar of Unity (Classified Competance; gain the Follow my Lead ability: Half Action; Until the beginning of his next Turn, each allied Tau character within 10 metres who undertakes the same Half Action this Explorer performs after his Follow My Lead Action gains a +10 bonus to any Tests associated with that Action).
- Speak Not Unto the Alien (-20 Fel w/humans - allies excluded)

- Turkey Leg (Looks absolutely delicious!)
Positional Relay (The positional relay acts as a long-range vox, allowing Explorers equipped with them to communicate by voice at a distance of up to 10km. Due to the complex nature and security of the relay, any attempt to subvert the signal or use a vox thief to listen in suffers a –30 penalty)
Pulse Accelerator (Increase range of weapon by 50%; adds 1/2 BS bonus (rounded down) to penetration at close range)

Pulse Carbine w/Pulse Accelerator, Good Craftsmanship (basic; 90m; S/-/3; 2d10+2 E, pen 4; Mag: 24, Rld: half; Gyro-Stabilized)
- Underslung Photon-Flash Grenade Launcher (80m; S/-/-; Mag: 1; Rld: 1/2)
Pulse Pistol, Good Craftsmanship (pistol; 40m; S/2/-; 2d10+2 E, pen 4; Mag: 16, Rld: half; Gyro-Stabilized, Never Jams)
Reloads (2/3)
Tau Photon Grenades x3 (6m; blast (12))
Bonding Knife (melee; 1d5 R, pen 0; Balanced, Oath-Sworn)
Fusion Torch (Basic; 3m; S/–/–; 2d10+8 E; Pen 12; Mag: 6; Rld: 2 Full; Scatter, Melta; Variable range settings)

Tau Combat Armor (6 All, 7 AP Off-Hand Arm/40% chance headshots will hit pauldron instead)
- Blacksun Filter
- Microbead/Translator Unit

Betawear Cybernetic Left Arm (+2 Toughness; +10 Agility for fine manipulation, +10 Str left arm tests; 1 slot used)

XP: 350/6,750
XP Expenditure:
Characteristic Advances:
Ag (simple) -500
Ag (trained) -750
BS (simple) -250
BS (trained) - 500
Int (simple) -500
Per (simple) - 250
Wp (simple) - 500
Awareness - 200
Bonding Ritual - 500
Charm - 100
Command - 100
Common Lore (war) - 200
Linguistics (Kroot) - 200
Linguistics (Low Goth) - 200
Medicae - 300
Navigate - 300
Scholastic Lore (Tau Empire) - 300
Stealth - 300
Athletics - 200
Command (+10) - 200
Scrutiny - 200
Squad mode - 200

Non Aptitude:

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Skin: Ciel Blue
Eyes: Dull Yellow
Armor: Heavily scarred Se'Cea pattern Tau Carapace

Personality: Easily Likable and easy to follow. He doesn't believe in delegating any task he would not do himself.

Background: A veteran of the frontier worlds, Shas' Ui Se'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri or "Kanna" as he prefers, spent his youth on the battlefield. Working hard to extend the greater good to the less enlightened races. During his service he served in many missions quelling small border disputes between the Imperium of man and the Tau empire. One such mission stuck with him forever, a black spot on his record. His squad had been deployed by devilfish to pacify a village in rebellion that had killed their envoys of peace. Upon insertion they were met with hostility as the leader was a religious zealot, during the conflict he exhibited strange abilities such as conjuring lightning from glowing eyes and sucking the will out of his own men with but a glance. Before the "witch" could be put down something very unnerving happened. This man transformed into a squealing mass of flesh and gristle. Changed as he was he was still a deadly threat. Kanna and the rest of the squad were forced to take cover to redeploy, from the safety of the forest they watched the man-beast kill and consume his own men. Without the devilfish there was no chance of contacting reinforcements. They lured the unwieldy changed man into the woods where they attempted to use the trees to perform hit and run attacks where he couldnt move so easily. The ploy worked, but as the cost of the entire squad. He saw many good fire warriors from many of the empire fall in battle, and laments the loss to the greater good. Returning from the battle Kanna could not help survivors guilt. With the announcement of the third sphere expansion Kanna saw a chance to regain what he lost......

Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri 6a8f424577d069838b1a9292bbdf6399

Shas' Ui Se'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri and his squad crept through the thick forest. The sky was dark, the sun had not yet brought light to the early morning of the planet 64457. "64457" was a designation as the annexed planet had yet to be given a proper name. Its current inhabitants were Gue'Vesa, humans who had cast off the shackles of their oppressive imperium and joined the Greater good philosophy that the Tau empire had to offer. Shas' Ui Se'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri enjoyed seeing the Greater Good spread to other cultures, it was a harmonious and peaceful way of life. Unfortunately 64457 had a few villages not so eager to overcome their xenophobic ways and staged a failed revolt. This village was one of those in open rebellion and had to be purified. "Target is up ahead. Stay sharp and let the Kauyon guide your steps. For the Greater Good" he announces into the short range comms. They stayed low as the came to the edge of the treeline. The Village was just 50 meters up ahead, quiet. The humans had a lengthy sleep cycle and should still be asleep at this particular time, still it was good to take no chances. He looks through the blacksun filter and sees 2 sentries on the wall. "Tak'to, Shi'gri, 2 enemies on south wall need to be eliminated silently" he signals his drone sniper team who had taken position on the high ground." The was hardly a sound as the two men fell under the snipe drone fire. "Move in" he tells the squad and they begin to clear the open field.

They begin to converge on the village form the southeast and southwest, leaving the cover of the forest. The dawn would be here soon, but before that the rebel village would be clear of hostiles. If they were lucky some would surrender and with reconditioning be brought back into the greater good. Halfway across the field he heard something. He held up a fist for 'stop' and cautiously considers the village. No movement, nothing unusu- wait, there! There was an enemy hidden between two wooden planks with a longlas. He fires again and hits a member of the other unit. "Tak'to, there is an enemy sniper hidden on the southeast end of the wall, Take him down quick" he send over the comms.
There was no answer....
He looks back to the hill, he wouldn't be able to see the sniper drone team through the thick foliage but he should have responded. Without warning a cry is heard across the field, "They are in the open! Kill them!! For the emperor!" and all hell broke loose. Several men had been hidden behind the wall and out of sight, now they stood behind their cover and opened up. They were armed with lasrifles and autoguns, typical human weaponry and near useless against tau plasteel armor. It was the amount of guns that was a problem, they were outnumbered at least 3 to one as far as he could tell. "Fall back!" he orders and they begin to fall back to the cover of the forest with the dirt kicked up by enemy rounds at their feet.
He switched the comms to wide band for the Shas'ui's running this op from HQ. "Command, surprise attack has failed, How may we serve the Greater good?" There was a buzz of static beofre and answer was given. "If Kauyon has failed then-"....static, more accurately interference. He glaces up to the skies to see cloud, converging much faster then they should, something was amiss....
With a cry of "Kill them all!" from behind the skies open up with untamed fury. Lightning like he had never seen before rains down upon his men, between them and the relative safety of the jungle.

There was no choice now, escape was cut off. The only option was to stand ground. "Return fire, take them down" He turns and takes a knee with his pulse carbine taking aim. He stops as he sees something very strange. The men on the wall had stopped firing and were faceted on a single figure who stood above the rest. His hand was extended and his eyes were glowing with the same tint as the white lightning, even arcing from his eyes to his fingertips. It filled him with the feeling of fear, terrified like that of a child. He looks to the group heading from the southeast, where the glowing eyed man was focused, to see massive amounts of lightning rain from haven striking the men and roasting them alive. He uttered a wordless plea to stand their ground but whatever the glowing man was doing was sapping everyone's will, not just his own. His men collapsed, frozen with unnatural fear in the midst of a lightning rain.

He blinked his eyes and squeezes the trigger. Shot after shot after shot he unleashes at the lightning-man. Maybe half of them were close, it didn't matter as anything that hit him was simply shrugged off. "Return fire! Return Fire!" he again orders. He looks to the sides and finds the few surviving squad members fleeing or frozen in terror, he was the only one left alive fighting. Lightning blooms fourth with a gurgled scream that split the skies, "Don't (gurgle) run away." Impossibly the booming voice came from the lightning man, even the loudest cry would not have sounded so close.

The pulse carbine makes a fizzing sound as the plasma capsule ran dry. Slamming the empty weapon to the ground in frustration he turns and runs after the rest of the cowards. Lightning arced all around and a squeal that could not be uttered from terrestrial mouth but did not strike him down. Making it to the treeline he kept running until his pulmonary sacs could not keep up and he stopped behind a tree. Dawn should have broken by now but the skies remained black. The trickle of rain was starting to be heard, that was good, it would hide his escape. Something wasn't right, he looks around, the forest was.....red? He looks at his hands. Red.

It was raining blood. This simple mission had become a living nightmare.

He hears a scream in the trees. Unthinkingly, he walks towards it, stumbling all the way. He sees and hears all at the same time. The last of his squad mates had been hurled through the forest knocking several trees down as his broken body crumples to the ground. Kanna looks up at the source, it was a horrifying massive blob of flesh, one of its many appendages had tossed his ally through the forest with impossible brutality. A large gaggle of eyes swirls in the things torso and spots Kanna easily. He runs and it follows.

Though slow at first the beast picks up speed, knocking full grown trees aside as it moves. Kanna runs with all his might. Overhead he hears the roar of an engine as his comms unit bursts into life "Any survivors repo(static) in. Sky Ray bombardment imminent."

He activates his own in response, "This is Shas'ui Kann El'Shi'Gri. Im the only survivor and am being prsued by some human monster. Need evac."

"We are aware of the (static)uation. Move to coordinates 5.3247 by 12.929"

He veers off his current path and the monster follows suit. his smaller size gave him a slight advantage in navigating the forest, he didn't have to take the time to smash the trees out of his way. What the monster lacked in size it made up for in speed and reach.

Kanna runs as the trees fall all around him, errant strikes of the beast. He finally emerges into a small clearing and finds a devilfish with its read angled towards him, just half a meter of the ground ready to go. Immediately fire warriors inside the transport fire full force past Kanna at the clambering mess that followed him. He dives into the devilfish at full speed, "Dust off now!" he yells inside the cabin.

No sooner had he started shouting had the devilfish began its ascent climbing high. The beast reaches out, oblivious to the plasma fire that stuck him in-numerous times.  The pilot must have been very skilled, weaving in and out of the errant strikes of the gigantic limbs that reached out. "Its getting bigger" he yells back into the cabin. The Squad inside look out the open door when they finally exceed its grasp. It was now taller than the trees and its arms were thicker than the trunks at its base. They watch, unable to tear their eyes away from the strange scene.

From the east screams a full barrage of missiles. Striking the creature with full force. The explosion buffets the holding transport as it circles the scene.

When the smoke finally clears, there is naught but a blast zone full of ashes and char. Kanna breathes a sigh of relief and collapses on the deck with exhaustion.


Pison Eu:
The stingwing warrior has done a few missions alongside Kanna'El'Shi'Gri and their tactics compliment each other very well. The vespid warrior's name cannot actually be pronounced by a Tau'va tongue so he came to be called by Pison Eu by the warriors of the Empire. His tactics are straight forward for a vespid and rely on his wings to create unique angles of attack from which he can fire his neutron blaster. While he does the fire warriors set up a better cross fire zone and decimate the defenders with coordinated fire. In the rare case he is engaged in close combat his strong limbs are covered in short quills that inflict pain as well as call in potential mates. They first met on a planet known as Ravo'kos where the Fio were being raided by Dark Eldar slave raiding groups. The unique warfare that could be utilized by the stingwings were perfect for encircling the Dark Eldar quickly so that the Fire Warriors could gun them down. Until the webway portal could be found and destroyed Kanna and Pison Eu protected an agricultural site. The webway gate was never found but the slave raids dropped off anyway; it was suspected the military presence made taking slaves from there too costly and a garrison was left to protect the farmers.

this Kroot mercenary has fought alongside Kanna over the years in larger operations where the cost could be quantified. Brutal and savage by tau standards, he appreciates the Greater Good's goals but understand they are a dead end for his people and their genetic hunger. He has hired out to many races and has much experience across the Galaxy. His relationship with Kanna is not always a smooth one and sometimes they disagree on methods and end results. They first met on the killing fields of Pentaeuch where the kroot excelled at moving through the jungle with speed and efficiency. The fact that they killed those who wished to surrender drew them into conflict with many of the fire warrior squads they supported, Kanna's included.  Due to their brutal methods the battle was won with minimal loss to the fire warrior squads; still the underlying bitterness remains between these two.

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PostSubject: Re: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri   Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri EmptySun Feb 04, 2018 11:30 am

1300 eh?
Speak language (Kroot) for history with NPC - 100
Bonding ritual - 500

Rank 2:
Command+10 - 200
Bs (2nd increase) - 250
Scrutiny - 100


42 on the influence

For tactics I will take Kayoun

Anything else boss?


Agi +5 (second) for 500

Leaves me with 150


For those 6 stat points:
3 into Int
2 into str
1 into agi


500 xP:
Athletics (subbed for swim) - 100
Deadeye - 200
Ciphers - 100
Speak Language (Kroot) -100
That chart says 950, so If i have 450 more:
Int (Trained) - 250
Command + 10 - 200


Will take brace for charge squad mode pg 86 TJR, I think that could come in really handy.
Operate (Skimmer) - 200

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PostSubject: Re: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri   Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri EmptySun Feb 04, 2018 12:49 pm

Syl, can we collate all of those XP expenditures into one post, if only to keep everything tight and not look like a big sack of buttholes?
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Iron and Metal
Iron and Metal

Posts : 2624
Join date : 2017-10-15
Age : 33
Location : Where the sun settles in its final location

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PostSubject: Re: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri   Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri EmptyTue Jan 01, 2019 6:35 pm

Christmas Gift:

Apply XP now and you will find your item sometime during gameplay. Merry Christmas.
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PostSubject: Re: Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri   Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri Empty

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Shas'Ui Sa'cea Kanna'El'Shi Gri
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