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 Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)

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PostSubject: Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)   Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:13 am

Name: Olivia Hippolyta
Career Path: Seneshal
Rank: 3
Home World: Lycos
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: Chosen by destiny (Xenophile)
Trials and Trivials: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Prestige
Demeanor: Phlegmatic (Her noble birth and training allows her to act great sociability for business or other interactions. Around the crew though she will be more reserved)

WS 31
BS 51 **
S (3)4
T (4)1 *
Ag 44
Int 49 **
Per 43 *
Wp 36 *
Fel 46 ** +

*denotes purchased advances
+damage from that Plasma Furnace

Wounds: 11/11
Critical Damage: 0
FP: 3/3
Insanity: 4/100 (http://orokos.com/roll/207595)
Corruption: 0/100
Movement: 4m/8m/12m/24m

Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per) +10
Barter (Fel)
Charm (Fel)
Commerce (Fel) +20
Common Lore (Int)
- Underworld
Deceive (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Archeotech
- Pirates
- Xenos
Literacy(Int) +10
Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Operate (Int)
Parry (WS)
Scholastic Lore
Security (Ag)
Silent Move (Ag)
Speak Language (Int)
- Low Gothic
- High Gothic
- Traders Cant
- Eldar
- Underdeck

Talents and Traits:
Etiquette- +10 on interaction tests with high authority or in formal situations
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Basic Pistol Training (Universal)
Peer- +10 to all interactions tests with
- Quick draw- ready as a free action
Talented- (Inquiry) +10 to all tests
Resistance- (Fear) +10 to all tests
Seeker of lore- may spend fate point to succeed at any Ciphers, Lore or Logic test. Also adds one degree of success to any successful Commerse, inquiry or evaluate test.
Vendetta-  The Verona family and Sebastian in particular
Xenophile- +10 to fellowship with Aliens
- -5 Willpower to Alien Psychers and artificats

- Auto Quill- With trade rembrancer- has +10 to all skill tests
- Data slate- can transmit and store information
- Microbead- can communicate up to 1km-
- Multikey- +30 to a security test to open a lock
- Two sets of robes- (1 formal dress for big occasions and 1 less formal robes for more normal interactions)
.- Chrono- Timepiece in the form of a pocket watch. Can be set directly to the ships internal clock and allows for time to be set for 5 other zones
-Cameoline Cloak- adds +20 to concealment tests. If stationary counts as 1 range bracket further

- Inferno pistol- Common Craftmanship- Range-10m, RoF- S/-/- Damage-2d10 +8E Penetration-13 Clip-3 Reload- Full Weight 2.5kg
-Boltgun- Common Craftmanship- Range- 90m, RoF- S/2/4 Damage- 1d10+5 X Penetration 4 Clip 24 Reload- Full Special- Tearing Weight- 7kg

- Power Armour- Good Craftmanship- Ap 8 All over Weight 65kg (Gives +20 to strength and counts as being 1 size bigger) Has 1d5 of charge time
- Xeno mesh- Arms/Body/Legs AP3
-Synskin- Arms/Body/Legs AP2- +10 to concealment tests/Silent move tests Invisible to Infrared and Dark Sight (Will still count if worn beneath Xenomesh but not Power armour- does not stack armour)

XP: 300/10,000
XP Expenditure:
Characteristic Advances:
- Ballistic Skill (simple 250xp)
- Ballistic Skill (intermediate 500xp)
- Fellowship (simple, 100xp)
- Fellowship (intermediate 250xp)
- Intelligence (simple 100xp)
- Intelligence (intermediate 250xp)
- Perception (simple 100xp)
- Willpower (Simple 500xp)

Rank 1:
- Awareness (100xp)
- Charm (100xp)
- Dodge (100xp)
- Security (100xp)
- Silent move (100xp)
- Sound constitution x2 (200xp)

Rank 2
- Commerse +10 (200xp)
- Forbidden Lore- Xenos (200xp)
- Scrutiny (200xp)
- Shadowing (200xp)

Rank 3
- Awareness +10 (200xp)
- Commerse +20 (200xp)
- Forbidden Lore- Pirates (200xp)
- Search (200xp)
- Secret Language- Underdeck (200xp)
- Speak Language- Eldar (200xp)
- Quick Draw (200xp)

Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 65 Kg.
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark burnished Orange- Commonly tied in semi formal fashion- into a knot at the back of her head from which curls spiral down but do not reach shoulders. Face kept entirely free.
Eyes: Green
Face: Upon meeting Olivia one’s attention is immediately drawn to two deep scars which run from the side of her lips up each cheek until underneath the eye before cutting into her eyebrows in the exact centre. The left scar stops here but the right one continues up her forehead and disappears into her hairline.
The scars are ugly and thick on her cheeks and when she talks, her mouth seems unnaturally large. At rest the corners seem to be pulled up leaving her with a permanent mocking grin.
This imperfect symmetry sends a further jarring note.

She walks with a grace and confidence that highlights her noble birth and many years of training in the best society. However it is also clear by her face and the well used nature of her weapons that she is also an experienced sailor. She is fit and is normally found wearing a long dark green duster which hangs as far as her knees, dark green trousers and calf length boots. She generally wears her Xeno mesh and synskin beneath her fitted white shirt, leaving her Power Armour for serious engagements

She was born as the third daughter and sixth child overall of the powerful Noble house Syracuse on the Lycos planet. She was trained in etiquette and noble customs and laws with the intention of marrying her off to an old rival house (Verona) to try and ease their bitter rivalry. However when she was 9, the transport ship she was on was captured by Eldar pirates. Extreme chance prevailed at this moment as the capture was witnessed by a Rogue Trader vessel. Giving chase, they eventually managed to pin the fast moving xenos vessel against the edge of an asteroid field and made a boarding action. Olivia was the only survivor from the transport and was found with a terrified mute scream on her lips and her blood everywhere. It was this exposure to xenos which changed her life forever.

Thanks to the scars on her face, back and belly- she was considered damaged goods and refused with great insult by the rival Verona family. Her own family, now having little use for her allowed her to train at a famous mercantile house. Here she spent many years, learning the merchant’s trade. However she considered this meerly an important means to an end. She had been desperate initially to learn more information about the pirates and then the Eldar themselves after her attack. The doctors had allowed this to a small extent as it was felt that she was trying to gain control over her attack by learning more information. However this hunger inside her wasn’t sated by simply learning about this alien species- she wanted to learn about them all- and to experience their ways and culture. She had decided early on that her future was to be among the stars exploring rather than back in their own system, sitting an ancient tables and concerning herself with family honour.

On her second voyage out her vessel became becalmed in the warp. They later discovered that their warp engines had been tampered with, but no sign was left of the perpetrator. Olivia suspected House Verona. Since she had lost her usefulness- both houses had renewed their old and bitter vendetta with a vengeance.
What felt like years were spent in the warp as twisted sirens seemed to call through their ship, and metal beams bent and bubbled and dreams ran riot across the deck. Eventually they managed to repair the warp drives and limp home with a quarter of the crew still alive and even less functional. Olivia had managed to keep her sanity, but some of the images still haunted her dreams.

She chose to seek out Erik Von Handz as she wanted to get as far from her home system as possible to explore and she had heard rumours of the ships easy attitude toward Xeno`s. Word had reached her that her eldest sister had died mysteriously and word had spread that her family wanted her return. Damaged or not she was still the stand in for the heir, and her family needed a female to sit on the Scion`s chair. Changing her name she had abruptly left the service of the ship she was on and applied to join the Von Handz ship. She is ignoring her family, on one side due to her desire to explore, but also because of anger and spite over how she was treated. She has no intentions of ever returning.

She had been trained in both her noble and merchantile life to keep her thoughts to herself and is a subtle and thoughtful person, though she can pretend charm and sparkling wit when needed. She sees this side of her character as simply another weapon or tool. She is used to her appearance causing shock and uses it for sympathy or intimidation when necessary. She quickly became used to the scars and never feels sorry for herself for having them. If not for the scars, she would probably be a Verona bride by now.

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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)   Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:14 am

Key People for Olivia

Malvolio Syracuse: Malvolio is Olivia's uncle and currently Head Steward (part of the title is honorific- he does no actual stewarding but has the position of greatest power in the Syracuse family). He has access to a good deal of wealth and arms and an array of contacts- especially among the other noble houses across the galaxy.
A peculiarity among the Syracuse family is that they must always have a female family member sitting on the scions chair even though the Head Steward is where the real power lies. Since the death of Olivia's older sister one year earlier he has been using increasingly desperate means to try and seek her out and convince her, by force if necessary to return and take her place with the family. Olivia has attempted to avoid her family by changing her name, (her birth name is Viola Syracuse), destroying all the information she could find about herself and joining the Pedro.
Malvolio considers it a great disgrace on the family every day in which Viola does not take her rightful place and will not give up until he is dead or is convinced that she is.

Sebastian Verona: Sebastian is the current Duke of Illyria- the prince in waiting of the Noble Verona house. There has been a blood feud for many hundreds of years prior between the two families. In an effort to bring this to an end, it was arranged that Olivia (Viola) would marry Sebastian. Following her torture and disfigurement by the Dark Eldar he spurned marrying a beauty so shattered and the feud reignited resulting in the death of Sebastian twin brother Cesario.
Sebastian- coming from a noble house and in a position of power within it has a similar large available wealth, and military power if slightly less than Malvolio. However the spread of the Verona power is greater if more thin and they have amassed a large number of assassins and saboteurs to try and destroy the Syracuse where they can.
Since Olivia left her family Sebastian has found himself increasingly fascinated by the idea of her, especially as he considered her broken and useless. Her abrupt disappearance has also resulted in him increasing his efforts to find her. It is unknown if he intends to simply capture or kill her. Olivia suspects him for the sabotage that left her ship trapped in the warp before she changed her name.

Khelriza Lae'ozoh "The scream with no voice"- A Dark Eldar Corsair. Captain aboard "The Ecstasy"
The captain who captured and personally tortured Olivia. He and his ship survived the attack from the Rogue Trader vessel that rescued her. She is only the third slave that he has lost. The loss of the other two resulted in genocides.
Where abouts. Unknown.
Motivation. Unknown.
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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)   Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:16 am

I need to do some edits to this- especially on the skills- I think it was messily done in the first place so I'll try and get it properly today and then try and spend the XP
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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)   Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:10 pm

One question- as a Lv3 advance you can- Speak Language Eldar. Could I do this for Tau? I left some experience spare just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)   

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Olivia Hippolyta (Seneshal)
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