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 Herschel Brahe

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PostSubject: Herschel Brahe   Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:54 pm

Name: Herschel Brahe

Race: Human
Archtype: Q'Sal Magister Immaterial
Pride: Logic
Disgrace: Deceit
Motivation: Perfection
Alignment: Tzeentch
Special Abilities: Chaos Psyker, Magus Supremus, The Quick and The Dead

Gift of the Gods: Warp Eater (p. 298 of core).

WS: 24
BS: 29
S: 30
T: 30
Ag: 32
Int: 50
Per: 25
WP: 52
Fel: 41
Inf: 46

Movement: Half: 3, Full: 6, Charge: 9, Run: 18

Wounds: 13/13

Corruption Points: 20

Gifts of Tzeentch: Ecstatic Duplication

Infamy Points: 2/4


Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Tech, Q'Sal)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates, Psykers, Warp)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Logic (+10)
Navigate (Warp)
Trade (Astrographer)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Occult)


Child of the Warp
Psy Rating (x4)
Strong Minded
Weapon Training (Primary, Exotic – Q'Sal, Las, SP)



Psychic Powers

Mind Over Matter (Core p. 225)
Telekinetic Shield (Core p. 226)
Warp Vortex (ToF p. 46)
Psyphon (Core p. 220)


Mesh Combat Cloak
– Arms, Body, Legs: 4


Q'Sal Crystal Caster (Good Craftsmanship): 1d10+4 E; 15m; S/-/-; Pen: 5; Clip: -; Razor Sharp,
Crippling (6), Reliable

Force Staff: 1d10+3; Pen: 3; Balanced, Force


Grimoire Containing Lore

Velkir Star Chart. Adds +10 to Navigation rolls. 3 uses.


A Ship to Call Home
– A navigator isn't worth much without a ship to navigate.

Vault Hunter
– Find the Vault of Ry'Kleth.

Experience of the Journey
– When one leaves Q'Sal they forsake their political ambitions. You think otherwise as
your journey will help you to reach the upper-echelons.

Herschel Brahe, an Astral Seer of Velkir, worked his way and maintained a very suitable
position in Velkir politics. He found himself lacking though to progress. It wasn't until he decided to
leave Q'Sal and leave on one of their golden ships, serving as a navigator, that he found his answer. The
vortex would try him and give him the experience he wants. He decided to leave his worldly brothers
behind and serve with totally foreign individuals. He currently hunts for a ship and a captain to serve
for. The myths of the Vault of Ry'Kleth have given him another goal to pursue.

Edit (By Solodice): Changed Navigate (Stellar) to Navigate (Warp). The Screaming Vortex is a weird mix of real and warp space so Navigate (Warp). So it makes more sense for a navigator working in the Screaming Vortex to know how to traverse the warp.

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Herschel Brahe
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