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 Herschel Brahe

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PostSubject: Herschel Brahe   Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:54 pm

Name: Herschel Brahe

Race: Human
Archtype: Q'Sal Magister Immaterial
Pride: Logic
Disgrace: Deceit
Motivation: Perfection
Alignment: Tzeentch
Special Abilities: Chaos Psyker,

Magus Supremus: The Magister Immaterials of Q’Sal are renowned for their control over the fickle powers of
the warp. Rolls on the Psychic Phenomena table do not affect the Magister Immaterial, although those around
him may still be affected, unless the roll causes Perils of the Warp. The Magister Immaterial may also spend an
Infamy point to either reroll the result on the Psychic Phenomena Table, accepting the new result as final, or
decide who (allies, NPCs, and/or enemies) are affected by the result. The Magister Immaterial must be able to see an individual to affect them in this manner.

The Quick and The Dead: Add a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.

Gift of the Gods: Warp Eater (p. 298 of core).

WS: 29x
BS: 34x
S: 30
T: 30
Ag: 37x
Int: 50
Per: 30x
WP: 62xx
Fel: 46x
Inf: 56

Movement: Half: 3, Full: 6, Charge: 9, Run: 18

Wounds: 13/13

Corruption Points: 26

Gifts of Tzeentch: Ecstatic Duplication

Infamy Points: 5/5


Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Tech, The Ragged Helix, Q'Sal)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates, Psykers, Warp +10)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Logic (+10)
Navigate (Warp)
Trade (Astrographer)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Occult)


Child of the Warp: As a result of prolonged exposure to the warp and excessive use of psychic powers the character has become saturated with warp energy. This grants greater connection to the warp and increases the character’s Psy Rating by +1 when he chooses to Push (see Chapter VI: Powers of the Warp). The downside, however, is that the warp is always partially manifest in his presence and he generates constant psychic phenomena. At the start of each game session the character should roll 1d10 on Table 4-4: Child of the Warp to determine the nature of these persistent effects which follow him for the duration of the session. Alternatively, with the GM’s consent the player may select one phenomena from the following list that always effects him, eliminating the need to roll each session. Note that the character still suffers from Psychic Phenomena and Perils of the Warp as normal.
Foresight: Logic and analysis do for the character what animal entrails and the bones claim to do for the superstitious masses. By careful consideration of all the possible consequences, and examination of all evidence and information, the character can identify the best path for success. By spending ten minutes studying or analysing a problem, the character gains a +10 bonus to his next Intelligence Test or a Skill Test based on Intelligence.
Jaded: normal, mundane horrors do not cause fear
Psy Rating (x4)
Strong Minded: May reroll failed Willpower Tests to resist any Psychic Powers that affect his mind. Psychic Powers that have a physical effect, such as Doombolt, are unaffected by this Talent.
Weapon Training (Primary, Exotic – Q'Sal, Las, SP)



Psychic Powers

Mind Over Matter (Core p. 225)
Telekinetic Shield (Core p. 226)
Warp Vortex (ToF p. 46)
Psyphon (Core p. 220)
Doombolt (core p. 213)
Warptime (core p. 214)
Mantle of Lies (core p. 219)
Host of Fiends (core p. 214)


Mesh Combat Cloak
– Arms, Body, Legs: 4



Warp Staff: 1d10 I, pen 0, Balanced. Psyker wielding warp staff only suffers from psychic phenomena when they push. When using psych powers at the unfettered level, every time the psyker would cause psychic phenomenon, he adds his psy rating to the damage of the next psychic power he uses. If the next psychic power would not deal damage, this bonus is lost until the next psychic phenomenon would be caused. p. 39 of Tome of Fate.

Q'Sal Crystal Caster (Good Craftsmanship): 1d10+4 E; 15m; S/-/-; Pen: 5; Clip: -; Razor Sharp,
Crippling (6), Reliable

[Stashed aboard ship]

Force Staff: 1d10+3; Pen: 3; Balanced, Force


Grimoire Containing Lore

Velkir Star Chart. Adds +10 to Navigation rolls. 3 uses.


Swell the Herd
– Help Tzeentch earn more followers on the mortal plane, whether by starting a cult or convincing others to follow Herschel's path as a devotee of Tzeentch.

Vault Hunter
– Find the Vault of Ry'Kleth.

Experience of the Journey
– When one leaves Q'Sal they forsake their political ambitions. You think otherwise as
your journey will help you to reach the upper-echelons.

Herschel Brahe, an Astral Seer of Velkir, worked his way and maintained a very suitable
position in Velkir politics. He found himself lacking though to progress. It wasn't until he decided to
leave Q'Sal and leave on one of their golden ships, serving as a navigator, that he found his answer. The
vortex would try him and give him the experience he wants. He decided to leave his worldly brothers
behind and serve with totally foreign individuals. He currently hunts for a ship and a captain to serve
for. The myths of the Vault of Ry'Kleth have given him another goal to pursue.

Edit (By Solodice): Changed Navigate (Stellar) to Navigate (Warp). The Screaming Vortex is a weird mix of real and warp space. So it makes more sense for a navigator working in the Screaming Vortex to know how to traverse the warp.

EDIT: xp purchases

Willpower x2 = 350 xp, 2 TZ
Agility x1 = 200xp, UA
Perception x1 = 200xp, UA
Weapon Skill x1 = 200xp, UA
Ballistic Skill x1 = 200xp, UA
Fellowship x1 = 200xp, SLA

Doombolt = 200 xp, UA
Warptime = 400 xp, UA
Mantle of Lies = 200 xp, TZ

XP to spend: 0
XP spent: 2,150

"Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons."

Herschel Brahe - Q'Sal Magister Immaterial

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Herschel Brahe
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