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 The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards)

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The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards) Empty
PostSubject: The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards)   The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards) EmptyWed Oct 18, 2017 1:52 pm

The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards) Latest?cb=20150915180755
A company of Bastards used as the vanguard of an attack.

Regimental Rules

Name: 666th Penal Regiment. Commonly referred to as The Bastards by the Regimental C.O.
Homeworld: +++Classified Penal Colony+++
Commanding Officer: Sanguine
Type: Line Infantry
Training Doctrine: Die Hards
Special Equipment Doctrine: Combat Drugs, Demolitions and Scavengers.
Drawback: Condemned
Favored Weapons: Combat Shotgun (basic), Hades Assault Flamer (basic) and Missile Launcher (heavy); (+10 on all Logistics tests to acquire these weapons and ammunition for them)

Aptitude: Toughness
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Ag, +3 T, +3 Str, -3 Int
Wounds: +2
Starting Skills: Athletics, Commerce, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Survival.
Starting Talents: Die Hard, Rapid Reload; choose either Berserk Charge, Cold Hearted, Frenzy or Paranoia; choose either Peer (Underworld) or Streetfighting.

Standard Regimental Kit:
- M36 Lasgun OR Combat Shotgun and four magazines OR Hades Assault Flamer (main, limit: 2).
- Laspistol and one charge pack (sidearm).
- Imperial Guard Flak Armor
- Frag Grenades (x2)
- Krak Grenades (x2)
- Combat Knife (x2)
- Injector (x1) OR Inhaler (x1) and Frenzon (x2 doses) OR Stimm (x3 doses)
- Uniform (x1)
- Small Ruck
- Canteen (x1)
- Dog tags
- Infantryman's Uplifting Primer

Condemned: -20 to all Fel tests w/ other Imperial Guard Regiments, C.O.s, Departmento Munitorum, and any officials who may have heard of the Regiment's reputation; -20 to all Logistics tests; Placed into the fiercest of the fighting.
Honor Among Thieves: Choose either Peer (Underworld) OR Streetfighting talents.
Larcenous: +10 to all Logistics tests to acquire illegal/contraband items.
Scum and Villainy: Regiment starts with limited basic kit.
Scavengers: Regiment may choose to gain +10 on any Logistics test; on a roll of doubles (11, 22, 33, etc) they gain unwanted attention from Imperial Authorities.
Demolitions: +10 on all Logistics tests to acquire grenades, missiles, explosives and special tank ammunition.

Prohibited PC Specialties: Commissar and Storm Trooper. Ministorum Priest, Tech-Priest Enginseer and Sanctioned Psyker are only available with my approval (basically, I need a killer backstory from you and a really good reason why you are incarcerated or operating with a Penal Regiment).

Newly formed, this Penal Regiment comes from The Colony, the misnomer for its homeworld that is more a giant prison than it is anything else. From the myriad of prisons criss-crossing the planet, millions of men and women are pulled to form the various Regiments. So far, it has founded 665 regiments of penal soldiers. Untold millions of former Imperial citizens pushed into conscription rather than be executed only to find that they made the wrong choice. Of the 665 regiments created on The Colony, 640 have been completely annihilated while the remaining 25 have upwards of 90% casualty rates. And, since it is cheaper to form a new regiment than to send reinforcements to existing ones, the 666th has been newly minted and is something of an anamoly among The Colony's normal regimental construction; the 666th is formed entirely of former Imperial Guard, Navy or PDF servicemen and women turned convicts. Due to their "discipline" when compared with former regiments, the 666th does not usually sport explosive collars - they are reserved for only the most unpredictable of the bunch.

Re-equipped and outfitted as line infantry, the purpose of the 666th is to be as flexible as possible whether that means holding the line against an overwhelming enemy assault, charging the trenches to soften them up for other Imperial forces, or performing clandestine operations behind enemy lines without much chance of success, the 666th have been "trained" to do just that. While it is obvious that the Departmento Munitorum cares little for the regiment, they have been outfitted with plenty of combat drugs including Stimm and Frenzon, vicious close quarters ranged weapons and plenty of ordnance. It seems that wherever enemy resistance is the stiffest, The Bastards have been optomized to break them in half - or die trying.

Faster than some and tougher than most, the brutal conditions on The Colony have made those who survived to become Bastards strong, fast and tough. They are quick thinkers, able to fenagle, haggle, and trade their way into getting what is necessary to survive. They have learned to become resiliant to what life throws at them and faster than their opponents; because on The Colony speed and strength means life. Anything else means death.

Commanding Officer; KIA during Dropship insertion on Hervara. 814.M41
Leading the 666th is the man who has given them their trademark name. Colonel Dathys Minst is young for his rank - often referred to as a wunderkind or perhaps just always in the right place at the right time. He sees his command over the Bastards as something of a road bump on his way up the Imperial Guard Hierarchical ladder. He views them as his responsibility yet knows the worth and stigma of a Penal regiment and thus, sees them less as his children and more of a nuisance. He is quick to give rivetting speeches to his men before battle complete with tales of heroism, yet some of his previous junior officers have voiced their concerns that his overconfidence and ambition have led to great loss of life within the ranks as they strove to quench their commander's thirst for glory. In other words, he is perfect for a Penal regiment.

The 666th are all issues black BDUs and standard black flak armor. Every convict has their prisoner ID number painted across the back shoulders of both their armor and their BDU blouses, as well as having it tattooed on their right forearms. All uniforms sport regimental patches on chest with company patches on the right shoulder and squad pathches on the left. This means that most of the 666th has "666" on their chest. Some Bastards who belong to a Company, Platoon and Squad of the same number often keep the three on their right shoulder. For instance, A bastard from 5th Co. 5th Platoon, 5th Squad might have "555" stitched on their right shoulder with "666" across their chests.

The regimental colors are black and white with Companies having their own distinct color scheme within this.

Four squares of black and white, an Imperial Aquila sits with both eyes closed (as opposed to the normal one open and one closed) with chains criss-crossing its chest. In its talons it clutches a lasgun. Across the top, one word is written: "Bastards." On the bottom it states: "Penitence In Death"

Squad Makeup

Commanding Officer:
- Colonel Dathys Minst; KIA 814.M41

7th Company's Last Remaining Officer
- Lieutenant Apax Bishop, 7th platoon's CO.

7th Squad Rank/Command Structure:
- Sergeant Argus Rhone (w/ Pvt. Phaze)
- Corporal Artur Boyd (w/ Pvt. Natalie)
- Specialist Tech Priest Enginseer Rook Malakai (w/ Servitor Jeeves)
- Specialist Ruaidhri Beagan (w/ Spc. Uallachan)
- Private First Class Lidiah (w/ Pvt. Korrea)
- Private Bazin Kapalan (w/ Pvt. Newt)
- Private Yorke Burns (w/ Pvt. Dip)
- Private Cornelius Jackson
- Private Karsith (w/ Pvt. A'don)

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Iron and Metal
Iron and Metal

Posts : 2331
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Age : 32
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The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards)   The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards) EmptyThu Nov 02, 2017 8:53 am

Logistics & Rewards

Logistics Rating: 35
Current Conditions: none established yet; +Craftsmanship/availability
(5/13/15): +1 Returning Mission Assignment Gear back to base
(10/9/15): +2 Returning Mission Assignment Gear & 1st Squad Gear back to base.
(8/17/16): +7 Returning Mission Assignment Gear & taking no casualties during "Across the Line" mission.
(10/15/17): +10 Capturing and Returning an intact Ordinatus Machine.

Group XP Rewards:
(8/17/16): 1,000 XP for successfully completing "Chp. 2 War is the Motherfucking Answer"; 150xp to Bazin for exceptional RPing.
(10/15/17): 1,500 XP for successfully completing "Chp. 3 How Fucked Are We Now?"

Battlefield Commendations:
The Battle of Dusty Canyon 
- Pvt. Yorke Burns: For incredible cool under pressure and actions that resulted in the saving of many of his compatriots.
- Corporal Artur Boyd, Private Toreth Keras and Specialist Enginseer Rook Malakai: For bravery and courage while storming a superior, entrenched enemy position.
- Specialist Ruaidhri Beagan: For precision marksmanship that robbed the enemy of their command structure and heavy weapons teams.

Special Rewards:
1 free re-roll for every player (4/14/15; Table Top Day Reward)
- Used by Ruaidhri (6/25/15); Used by Karsith (6/26/15); Used by Rook (7/23/15); Used by Artur (7/30/15); Used by Yorke (7/31/15); Used by Lysander (8/15/15)
- Emperor's Blessing (11/2/17): Any player opting out of using a comrade (Stubbs, Karsith, Wiremu) gain +1 FP; additionally, when using a FP roll 1d10. On a natural 10, FP is not spent.
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The 666th Penal Regiment: The Bastards (Regiment Rules, Logistics, & Rewards)
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