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 Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC)

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Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC) Empty
PostSubject: Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC)   Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC) EmptyFri Oct 27, 2017 4:13 pm

Name: Leon Astelan; Specialty: Assault Marine
Chapter: Dark Angels; Rank: 3
Chapter Demeanor: Sons of the Lion; Personal Demeanor: Proud
Past Event: Siege of Fenris
Marks of Distinction: Watcher (+10 Per tests, +1 Per bonus)

WS 63**
BS 40 +
S (12) 50** (70 when in Power Armor)
T (10) 50
AG 55** (60 due to PAH)
PER (6) 50**
WP 45
INT 48 +
FEL 37
[0 pts to spend]
*Denotes Purchased Upgrade
+ Chapter Bonus

Power Armor:
Version: Mark V. “Heresy” Armor; Body: 9, Head: 8, Arms: 8, Legs: 8; +5 Autosenses, +10 Fel Astartes/-10 Fel Inquisiton.
Additions: Robe of Secrets (+3 FL Inquisition; Chapter Trapping).
History: Blood of Those Who Came Before (+10 pinning); Mk. VI Elements (Legs; +5 Agility)
Pain Suppressants: 6/6

Movement: 7m/14m/21m/42m
Initiative: 1d10+12 (talent)
Wounds: 25/25
Fate Points: 4/4
Crit Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Insanity: 0/100
Corruption: 0/100
Battle Trauma: n/a
Primarch's Curse:

Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per) +10 (+25 heightened/autosenses/watcher)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Int)
Common Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes
- Imperium
- Imperial Guard
- Imperial Navy
- War

Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge  (Ag)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes +10
- Inquisition  (+3 robe)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (Fel)
Linguistics (Int)
- Dark Angel Cant
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic

Logic (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Operate (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles
- Personal
Parry (WS)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes (+10 deed)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Per) (+10 watcher)
Tech-Use (Int)
Tactics (Int)
- Assault Doctrine
- Recon & Stealth

- Ambidextrous
- Astartes Weapon Training
- Bulging Biceps
- Counter Attack
- Crushing Blow
- Double Team
- Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
- Killing Strike
- Lightning Attack (Deed)
- Lightning Reflexes
- Nerves of Steel
- Quick Draw
- Resistance (Psychic Powers)
- Rival (Space Wolves)
- Scourge of Heretics (+10 WS/+2 dmg vs Heretics)
- Signature Wargear (Power Spear)
- Sprint
- Swift Attack
- True Grit
- Unarmed Master
- Unarmed Warrior

- Unnatural Strength (x2)
- Unnatural Toughness (x2)

- No Quarter Given (+3 WS/Counter Attack talen)
- Ritual Duel Fighter (Got that Space Wolf Ass: Rivalry Space Wolves/Lightning Attack talent)
- Strike Team Specialist (+10 Codex Astartes/-1 cohesion for any offensive squad mode ability)

Special Abilities:
- Wings of Angels <--- needs rule amendment if not using jump pack

Cybernetics: n/a

Astartes Weapons: (All weapons +2 dmg vs heretics per talent)
Relic Power Spear The Wolf's Gift, (melee/thrown; 1d10+21 E, pen 7; Balanced, Power Field, Tearing*)**
*Only when the power field is deactivated does The Wolf's Gift gain the Tearing special quality. In addition, the weapon's penetration also drops accordingly.
**This power spear can be wielded single handedly to accomodate a storm/combat shield, however, it also loses the Balanced special quality.
Bolt Pistol  (pistol; 30m; 1d10+11 X, Pen 4; S/2/-; 14 mag; Full reload; Tearing)
Chainsword (Melee; 1d10+18 R, Pen 3; Balanced, Tearing)
Combat Knife (Melee; 1d10+15 R; Pen 2)
Frag Grenades (4/4; 36m; 2d10+2 X, Pen 0; Blast (4))
Krak Grenades (4/4; 36m; 3d10+4 X, Pen 6)

Gear & Follower:
Repair Cement (3/3)
Web Gear
Watcher in the Dark (Roll 1d10 when using a FP. On result of 8-10, keep FP).

Notes: Figure out special ability from character creation.

Renown: 40 (Distinguished)
XP: 0/21,000
XP Expenditure
- Ag (simple, 200xp)
- Ag (inter, 500xp)
- Per (simple, 200xp)
- Per (inter, 500xp)
- S (simple, 200xp)
- S (inter, 500xp)
- WS (simple, 200xp)
- WS (inter, 500xp)
Rank 1:
- Double Team (200xp)
- Signature Wargear [Power Spear] (500xp)
- Sound Consitution (1) (300xp)
- Sound Consitution (2) (300xp)
Rank 2:
- Awareness +10 (300xp)
- Common Lore [Imperial Guard] (200xp)
- Common Lore [Imperial Navy] (200xp)
- Crushing Blow (600xp)
- Lightning Reflexes (500xp)
- Logic (400xp)
- Forbidden Lore [Adeptus Astartes] (200xp)
- Forbidden Lore [Adeptus Astartes] +10 (200xp)
- Forbidden Lore [Inquisition] (400xp)
- No Quarter Given (Deed, 500xp)
- Ritual Duel Fighter (Deed, 300xp)
- Scourge of Heretics (500xp)
- Strike Team Specialist (Deed, 200xp)
- Tactics [Recon & Stealth] (400xp)
- Watcher (Mark of Distinction, 500xp)
- Watcher in the Dark (Follower, 500xp)

Current Loadout:
- Spear (held)
- Chest Web Gear (6):
- Backpack:
- Belt (6): 4 frag grenades and 2 krak grenades (3 carry points); combat blade on lower back (1 carry point).
- Thighs (2 each): Bolt pistol and two mags (one in the weapon and a spare on the holster; 1 carry point) on left thigh hanging from drop-holster; Chainsword on right thigh (1 carry point).
- Greaves (1 each): Repair cement (x3; right).

Height: 6'10"/2.08m
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: Black/shaved
Complexion: Black
Quirks: Prior to battle, Leon paints his head, face, and body with white war paint as was customary to his homeworld.
- At 6'10", Leon isn't the tallest or largest Astartes among the Dark Angels. His body shares the same post-human gigantism that all of his brothers have, but his face remains very human nonetheless. His ice blue eyes carry a deep empathy and intelligence behind them, contrasting greatly with his dark black skin. He keeps his head shaved down to the scalp and his skin is relatively scar free.

His power armor is an older variant. The Mark V, aptly named "Heresy" armor is painted a deep, Dark Angel green. The legs are of a slightly newer Mark VI variety, granting better range of movement and agility. Perhaps most horrifying, or honor-worthy, is the fact that the inside of the armor is stained in multiple places with the life fluids of its previous wearers. Leon considers this a great honor and has made no attempts to clean the suit. The machine spirit doesn't mind. In fact, he believes it is this blood that pushes the ancient armor to excel in combat and he believes also that the spirits of those previous occupants continue to watch over him and the hallowed suit.

Yet such a piece of equipment, while drawing praise from his fellow Astartes, draws criticism and suspicion from the Inquisition. That is fine for Leon too views the Inquisition with equal suspicion and has spent many days learning as much as he can about the shadowy organization. He dons a simple set of gray robes over his armor, the same robes he wears when he is deep in research.

Contrary to how most Assault Astartes are perceived, and in fact how many actually are, Leon is light hearted and good natured. He can take and give jokes and often can be found pulling practical jokes on his squad mates if they ever give him an opening. When he isn't honing his martial skills or in prayer, he likes to spend his time in the librarium studying up on the Imperium, the Adeptus Astartes, and tactics, as well as history and more technical professions. He is proud of his origins and even more proud to have been chosen out of all of his clan to dwell among the stars with the Emperor's Dark Angels.

Leon Astelan was born "Gazini Thulu" on the feral world of Kimmeria in the Ultima Segmentum. Kimmeria had long been one of many Dark Angel recruitment worlds. It was most notably known for being the birth planet of Supreme Grand Master Azrael. The fierce jungles of the planet's southern pole were home to some of the most deadly flora and fauna in three systems. As such, its inhabitants had to be exceedingly tough, strong, and intelligent from a young age lest the planet consume them.

Leon was one such child. He excelled in battle, having killed his first war-cat with a spear by the age of nine. He also was strategic, using his brain first and foremost and not easily giving into anger. By adolesence he had risen to prominence as one of his tribe's finest warriors, often being sent as champion to resolve tribal conflicts. Many such conflicts were immediately resolved as soon as the large youth walked onto the testing field with his spear in hand. For those who would face off against him knew their chances of survival were slim at best. It was at the beginning of what would become a great civil war among the tribes that the Emperor's Angels came from the sky and chose him.


The Siege of Fenris in the closing years of M.41 had been the hardest, and most revealing, test of Leon's life. Decades prior he had shared a warzone with the Sons of Russ. It was due to his prowess in melee and reputation among his peers that during the first meeting of forces he had been chosen to represent his company in the ritual duel. Once again the Lion met Wolf. And once again Leon had been first to step into the ring to ensure the honor of his tribe.

The fight was over in a matter of moments. While the Space Wolf boasted and taunted, Leon had watched and waited. When the boisterous berserker gave him his opening, he took it. The lion was upon the wolf in the blink of an eye. He moved like a shadow, under his opponent's bulky arms and into his center of gravity. Up and then down, he smashed the wolf upon the deck before delivering blow after blow. And just like that, it was over.

And just like that, his infamy and rivalry with the Space Wolves grew.

Needless to say that when he found himself stranded behind a massive chaos incursion, completely cut off from his squad and company elements, with the very same Space Wolf he had bested years before, the situation was awkward. For two weeks they made their way through an ever-shifting battlefield, learning to depend on one another for survival. They became guerillas, taking out objectives and targets of opportunity vital for the Imperial war effort as they moved to link up with their companies. As the ammo and ordnance ran dry, they relied on speed and close combat weapons. Leon with his chainsword and combat blade, and the Space Wolf - Eirik  - with his power spear. While neither would admit it, they worked well together. They became a cohesive unit and they left a trail of devastation and dead enemy hordes in their wake.

Their luck caught up with them two days before the eventual Imperial breakthrough. While on a recon of a large industrial plant, Eirik was caught in an ambush specifically set for the two Astartes. The enemy had used foul warp magic to mask their scents, leading the Space Wolf into a trap of epic proportions. Two full platoons of chaos infantry, supported by three sorcerers, and heavy weaponry unleashed a tidal wave of attacks on the outgunned Space Wolf. Leon heard the commotion from his position a kilometer away and rushed to aid his companion. Surprising to him was the amount of care who had for the Space Wolf who, not long before, had been a despised rival.

Eirik took enough damage in the initial salvos to have killed a mortal twenty times over, but the Son of Russ fought on. His spear cut swathes through enemy troops as he charged their lines head on. By the time Leon arrived, one of the three sorcerers lay in pieces among dozens of infantry. But it was evident that Eirik's wounds were catching up to him.

Leon joined the fray, taking out a second sorcerer and two squads worth of infantry before they knew he was upon them. His well-oiled chainsword swam in their blood, separating heads from shoulders as easily as pulling apart tissue paper. Eirik renewed his attack and before long all the infantry who opposed them lay broken and scattered. The final sorcerer had been biding his time. A great power growing and welling inside of him to the bursting point. By the time Leon and Eirik moved to engage him, he had swollen to twice his original size. The Marines charged, but not before the heretic unleashed a horrible regurgitation of pure warp energy. Leon dove out of the way, but in his weakened state Eirik couldn't react quickly enough. The terrible energies smashed into him, buckling his armor and crushing reinforced bone.

In a remarkable display of tenacity, he threw his spear to Leon as he fell to the earth, gasping for breath but knowing the end was near. Leon hefted the weapon behind his head and threw it with all his might. It took the sorcerer under the chin, the energy sheathed blade pushing up into his brain stem and ending him instantly.

Eirik would pass soon after. His final utterances recognized the Dark Angel as a brother, even if his Chapter did not. He only requested that Leon take the spear and continue to build its legacy. Leon stayed with Eirik until he went to the Emperor's side. He spent the next two days carrying the fallen Astartes through enemy contested territory to friendly lines.

Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC) Hither_came_thy_warrior_color_by_pagolas
Gazini Thulu who would becomes Leon Astelon of the Dark Angels at age 14

Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC) Zulusupersoldoer_by_ferdinandkreozot
Leon at 16 (two years into his indoctrination into the Scout Company)

Power Armor/PAH rolls:
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Brother Leon Astelan - Dark Angels Assault Marine (Deathwatch PC)
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