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 Zar Tyark, The Crimson Servant

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PostSubject: Zar Tyark, The Crimson Servant   Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:17 pm

Name: Zar Tyark, The Crimson Servant
Race: Human
Archtype: Renegade
Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Vengeance
Alignment: Khorne

WS: 53
BS: 39
S: 52/72 (8/10)
T: 42
Ag: 38
Int: 22
Per: 29
WP: 42
Fel: 28
Inf: 45

Movement: Half: 3, Full: 6, Charge: 9, Run: 18
Initiative: +6
Wounds: 18/18
Corruption Points: 25
Special Abilities: Adroit - WS (+1 DoS on successful roll), The Quick And The Dead (+2 Initiative)

Gifts of Khorne
- Mark of Khorne [Resistance Psi, Unnatural Str (+2), Brutal Charge (+1)]
- Face of Khorne [Fear (2), Peer - Mortal followers of Khorne]

Common Lore
- War
- Imperial Guard
- Low Gothic
- Surface
Parry +10
Scholastic Lore
- Tactica Imperialis
Tech Use
- Armourer

Battle Rage, can parry while frenzied and also reroll to snap out of frenzy
Berserk Charge, +30 WS on a charge
Blademaster, reroll one missed attack per round
Cold Hearted
Counter Attack, one a successful parry may have one free attack at -20
Die Hard
Frenzy, +10 WS, S, T, WP and -20 BS, Int, Fel. Immune to fear, pinning, stun and fatigue
Furious Assault
Heavy Weapon Training (SP)
Nerves of Steel
Peer - Mortal Followers of Khorne (Face of Khorne)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance - Psychic Powers (Mark of Khorne)
Sound Constitution
Swift Attack (Crimson Gaunlets)
Unarmed Warrior (Crimson Gaunlets)
Unarmed Master (Crimson Gaunlets)
Weapon Training
- Bolt
- Chain
- Las
- Power
- Primary
- SP

Brutal Charge (2)
Deadly Natural Weapon: Crimson Gaunlets
Unnatural Strength (3)
Fear (2)

Crimson Gauntlets: Melee 1d10+12; Pen: 4; Felling (3); Tainted (2); Special: Grants +15 to Parry and arms are immune to damage, Unnatural Str (+1), Brutal Charge (+1)
Power Axe: Melee 1d10+18*, Pen: 6; Power Field, Unbalanced, Best Quality (+10 WS, +1 Dam*)

Dataslate with annotated version of Tactica Imperialis
Skull Cup of an Eldar Wych (defeated in the arena)

Power Armour - 8AP all locations (Osmotic Grill, Sustainable Power Source, Auto-Senses, Hulking, +20 S)
Storm Shield - 4AP arm/body

XP: 500/4600
Cold Hearted (Unaligned) – 250 XP
Strength Simple (Khorne) – 100 XP
Strength Intermediate (Khorne) – 250 XP
Berserk Charge (Khorne) – 200 XP
Die Hard (Nurgle) – 250 XP
Sound Constitution (Nurgle) – 250 XP
Counter Attack (Unaligned) – 500 XP
Furious Assault (Khorne) – 300 XP
Blademaster (Khorne) – 400 XP
Frenzy (Khorne) – 200 XP
Battle Rage (Khone) – 300 XP
Nerves of Steel (Nurgle) – 500 XP
Fearless (Nurgle) – 750 XP
Athletics Known (Khorne) – 100 XP
Weapon Training “Power” (Unaligned) – 250 XP

Alignment Tracker
Khorne - 8
Nurgle - 4

– Bounded, Follow the Crimson Sword's Instructions.
– Vault Hunter, Find the Vault of Ry'Kleth.
– Best of The Best, Challenge and defeat leaders/champions in combat around the Screaming Vortex. Skulls are to be collected afterwards.
- Kill Warlord Korick for he is a coward!

Zar Tyark was once a Catachan jungle fighter. That all changed when he came across the Crimson Sword hidden in a buried temple. Most daemon weapons resist being controlled but the Crimson Sword welcomed the user. It welcomed them to use them. Zar was drawn to the blade as it whispered sweet nothings to him. Upon touching the handle the blade bounded to him. Cursed power coursed through the jungle fighter and the first whisper was for him to kill his teammates. He did so without a second thought. The rush of violence was something different. It was fun, thrilling, intoxicating.

Zar, following the instructions of the Crimson Sword, has made his way to the Screaming Vortex. The sword has instructed him to find the Vault of Ry'Kleth. As a follower of Khorne he'll claim the skulls of worthy opponents along the way.

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Posts : 397
Join date : 2017-10-20
Age : 43
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: Zar Tyark, The Crimson Servant   Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:28 pm

I've updated bits of equipment.

For xp I'd like to take
Pity the Weak (Khorne) - 200xp
WS (Simple, Unaligned) - 250xp

I'll take the advances after the Tau as they both could effect whats to come.
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Zar Tyark, The Crimson Servant
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