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PostSubject: Cassiel   Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:38 am

Name: Brother Cassiel
Chapter: Dark Angels
Rank: 1
Chapter Demeanor: Sons of the Lion
Personal Demeanor: Taciturn
Specialty: Devestator Marine
Past Event: Served in the Ravenwing

WS 46 (+5 for Unknown Provenance)
BS 74 + ****
S (10  ) 53 *  (+20 in Power Armor)
T (8  ) 52
AG 48 * (+10 for Corvus Armor, -10 for Iron Greaves,)
PER 45
WP 45 (+3 for Initate of Secrets)
INT 46 +
FEL 39
*Denotes Purchased Upgrade
+ Chapter Bonus

Armor: Mark VI “Corvus” Armor; Head: 8, Body: 9, Arms: 8, Legs: 9; +15 Autosenses.
Armor Additions:-
Power Armor History: Unknown Provenance (Roll a d5 at the startof each mission to determine how the Machine Spirit will behave. 1: +5 Ballistic Skill, 2: +5 Weapon Skill, 3: +5 Strength, 4: +10 to Pinning Tests, 5: –10 Agility); The Iron Greaves ( The suit grants +1 AP against attacks to the front of the legs as well as +10 to Pinning Tests. However, the wearer incurs a –10 penalty to Agility)
Pain Suppressants: 2/6

Movement: 4m/8m/12m/16m
Wounds: 22/22
Crit Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Fate Points: 1/2
Solo Mode: 2/2
Insanity: 15/100
Corruption: 0/100
Battle Trauma: -
Primarch's Curse: The Secret

Awareness (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Ciphers (Int)
- Chapter Runes 46
Climb (S)
-Command (Fel)
Common Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes 46
- Deathwatch 46
- Imperium 46
- War 46
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
-Deceive (Fel) 39
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Drive (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles 43
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes
- Dark Angles
- Xenos
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (Fel)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes 56 (+10 Defensive Genius)
Scrutiny (Per)
Search (Per)
Silent Move (Ag)
Speak Language (Int)
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic
Swim (S)
Tactics (Int)
- Defensive Doctrine
Tracking (Int)

Air of Authority
Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rival (Inquisition, Calibos)
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Signature Wargear (Heavy Bolter)
Talented (Drive Ground Vehicles)
True Grit
Unarmed Master

Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Special Abilities:
Stoic Defense (Solo Mode; Gain 6 Temporary Wounds, 1/2 movement)
Unrelenting Devestation (Squad Mode; +1 Magnitude Damage (1d5 w/ Blast weapons)

Dark Angels Squad Mode Abilities:
Sustained Suppression (May take actions normally while maintaining Overwatch)

Astartes Heavy Bolter (Signature Wargear) (Heavy, 2d10+10X, 150m; -/-/10; Full; Tearing)
Astartes Soundstrike Missile Launcher (Heavy, Varies, 250m; S/-/-; 8; Full; Varies)
Astartes Bolter (Godwyn) (Basic; 1d10+9 X, Pen 4; 100m; S/3/-; 28 mag; Half; Tearing)
- Fire Selector
Astartes Bolt Pistol (Pistol; 1d10+9 X, Pen 4; 30m; S/2/-; 14 mag; Half; Tearing) (1/14)
Combat Knife (Melee; 1d10 R; Pen 2)
Frag Grenades (x3, Thrown; 2d10+2 X, Pen 0; 30m; S/-/-; Blast (4))
Krak Grenades (x3, Thrown; 3d10+4 X, Pen 6; 30m; S/-/-)

Mark VI “Corvus” Power Armor
Repair Cement (3/3)

Rt Hand-
Lt Hand-

1- Bolter



1-Bolt Pistol
2-Chain Sword

1-Combat Knife

Renown: 25
XP: 65/23,350
XP Expenditure:
Air of Authority (1000 XP), Crackshot (500 XP), Deadeye Shot (500 XP), Defensive Genius (200 XP), Diehard (500),  Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes) 200 XP,  Hardy 600 XP, Mighty Shot 500, Second in Command 400, Stalwart Defense 500, Forging the Bond (500), Talented [Pilot] (500), Talented [Drive-Ground Vehicles] (500), Rapid Reload (300), Perception [Simple] (200), Perception [Intermediate] (500), Target Selection (500)
Characteristic Advance [Agility, Simple] 750 XP, Characteristic Advance [Ballistic Skill, Simple] 200 XP, Characteristic Advance [Ballistic Skill, Intermediate] 500 XP, Characteristic Advance, [Ballistic Skill, Trained] 1000 XP, Characteristic Advance [Ballistic Skill, Expert] 1500 XP, Characteristic Advance [Fellowship, Simple] 500 XP, Characteristic Advance, [Strength, Simple] 200 XP, Characteristic Advance, [Strength, Intermediate] 500 XP, Characteristic Advance [Toughness, Simple] 500 XP.
Deeds: Initiate of Secrets (300 XP, Rites of Battle pg. 75) Ritual Duel Fighter (100 XP, Rites of Battle pg. 77; Result 3 = +1 to roll to determine starting number of Fate Points)

Rank 1:
Initiate if Secrets - 300
Ritual Duel Fighter - 100
Second in Command - 400
Defensive Genius - 200
Might Shot - 500
Stalwart Defense - 500
Bs (Simple) - 200
Bs (Intermediate) - 500
Bs (Trained) - 1000
Bs (Expert) - 1500
Rank 2:
Agi (Simple) - 750
Toughness (Simple) - 500
FL (Adeptus Astartes) - 200
Str (Simple) - 200
Str (Intermediate) - 500
Crack Shot - 500
Deadeye Shot - 500
Die Hard - 500
Forging the Bond (500)
Talented [Pilot] (500)
Air of Authority (1000)
Rank 3:
Talented [Drive-Ground Vehicles] (500)
Rapid Reload (300)
Perception [Simple] (200)
Perception [Intermediate] (500)
Target Selection (500)
Rank 4:

Height: 7' 6"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Shaved pate.
Complexion: Pale; Caucasian features.
Quirks: Cassiel's finger is constantly twitching as he unconsciously practices pressing the firing rune - trigger discipline is ingrained to such a degree that he is constantly honing his finger strength and sensitivity.

Background: Cassiel has always been taciturn, even by Dark Angel standards.  When looking for a proven warrior to second to the Deathwatch, his superiors selected Cassiel in part because he could be trusted to keep a secret.  The Dark Angels carry a dark secret, and before Cassiel was told of his transfer to the Deathwatch, they inducted him into at least a portion of the secret.  While serving in the Deathwatch, Cassiel has been tasked with keeping an eye out for Fallen Angels and reporting back so the honor of his chapter can be fully restored.  Keeping a secret of this nature from his comrades in arms doesn't bother him at all - every man is entitled to keep their own counsel.  

Cassiel was born on Kimmeria, an honor he shares with Azrael, the Supreme Grand Master.  Before being accepted as a neophyte, he could claim distant kinship, but now that they share the gene seed of Lion El'Johnson they truly are as brothers - as are all the other marines in the chapter.  

Prior to his assignment to the Deathwatch Cassiel served in the 9th Company.  Among many assignments, the most notable was during the Battle of Piscina IV against the orks during the Third War of Armageddon.  The Heavy Bolter that he now carries everywhere was used to great effect against the hordes.  At one point Cassiel found himself alone covering the retreat of the rest of his squad.  Wave after wave of ork corpses marked the position he held as they escaped.  When he finally ran out of ammunition he retreated to rejoin the rest of his squad, only to find they had been ambushed and were being slaughtered.  He ran forward to sell his life dearly with just a combat knife, certain he faced his final service to the Emperor.  He would have died that day if not for the arrival of a squad of assault marines from the 3rd company.  They fell on the orks with such savagery that a full half of his squad survived (though with grave injuries).  Partly in recognition of his independent work he was promoted to the 5th company to serve with a Tactical Squad.  The 5th Company was in pursuit of the Crimson Slaughter.  Brother Cassiel was in time to see vengeance visited upon them for the work they did.  It was during this campaign that he began to learn of the long-buried secret of the Dark Angels.

It was during the 13th Black Crusade that Cassiel was seconded to the Deathwatch.  With all 10 companies surrounding the Eye or Terror, leads on Fallen Angels were in danger of being lost.  A number of Dark Angels were forwarded all at the same time.  Cassiel was assigned to Kill Team Cyclone, consisting of a half-dozen marines; Titus, a Nova Marine Tactical Marine; Skif, a Space Wolf Assault Marine; Iluvial, a Blood Drinker Sanguinary Priest; 'Art', a Brazen Claw Techmarine; Maladek, a Knight of the Raven Librarian, and himself.  Considering the wide range of abilities and styles, it wasn't an easy working relationship for any of them, and unfortunately Cassiel did little to make it easier.  Fortunately, his orders were usually to stay away from everyone else and provide covering fire from range.  It was in this role that Kill Team Cyclone met its end.  During an investigation into a Chaos incursion, the other members of the team were pinned by a massive electro-magnet.  While they were pinned, unarmored cultists attempted to stab them through the power armor using ceramite weapons.  Cassiel was far enough away to rain fiery death on the cultists, but not without also seriously injuring the team.  The team was evacuated without anyone dying, but the other members were looking at lengthy recoveries.  The mission might be considered a success in that they found the Chaos incursion, but another team ended up cleaning up the mess.  

These experiences have left a mark on Cassiel.  He is committed to trying to work better with members of other chapters - but it is a struggle!  He also carries his chainsword so he's never unarmed - even when he runs out of ammunition.  He has trust issues - the most trusted men within his chapter betrayed them at a critical moment - how can anyone else be fully trusted?  Given a choice, he would rather be solely responsible for his part of a mission.
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