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 Valgard StoneBrow - Trollslayer

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PostSubject: Valgard StoneBrow - Trollslayer   Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:32 am

Name: Valgard StoneBrow
Role: Slayer
Background: Soldier
Demeanor: Reckless
Divination: Suffering is an Unrelenting Instructor (-3 T, +20 next roll after taking damage (1st time/session) )
Aptitudes: General, Fieldcraft, Toughness, Weapon Skill, Strength, Willpower, Offence, Defense.

WS: 52**
BS: 30
S: 30
T: 42
Ag: 31*
Int: 26
Per: 35
WP: 37
Fel: 34
Wealth: 30
*Denotes purchased upgrade

Wounds: 2/12
FP: 2/2
Base Movement: 3m/6m/9m/18m
Insanity: 0/100
Corruption: 0/100
Mutations: -

Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Common Lore (Int)
- Dwarf
- Metallurgy
- War
- Siege Weaponry
Deceive (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Drive (Ag)
Engineering (Int)
First Aid (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (S)
Linguistics (Int)
- Old Worlder
- Khazalid

Locksmith (Int)
Navigation (Int)
Parry (WS) +10
Pilot (Ag)
Ride (Ag)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Stealth (Ag)
Trade (Int)
- Mining

Talents & Traits:
- Hatred (Goblins; Racial)
- Resistance (Magic; Racial
- Weapons Training (Slashing & Gunpowder)
- Frenzy (+10 WS, T, S, -20 BS, INT, FEL, must attack nearest enemy)
- Fearless (Immune to fear)
- Berserk Charge (+10 to charge)
- Double Team (+10 to Gang Up)
- Street Fighting (+1/2 STR to Crit)
- Crushing Blow (+1/2 WS to Dmg)
- Night Vision (50 ft.)

Weapons & Armor: (Not encumbered by armor)
Knife (melee; 1d5+6 S, pen 0)
Two Handed Axe (melee; 2d10+7 S, pen 1; Unbalanced (2), Unwieldy, Two Handed)  
Chainmail Shirt (Base AP: Body - 3)

Gear (Encumbrance: 327/600):
- Lantern
- Lamp Oil
- Pick
- Metal Flask
- Sack
- Overcoat

Carry Capacity: 56 kg
Lifting Off the Ground: 112 kg 
Pushing/Shoving Limit: 224 kg

Xp Expenditure:
XP: 300/2000
- Ag (Simple, 250)
- WS (Simple, 100)
- WS (Intermediate, 250)
- Parry (Trained, 200)
- Berserk Charge (200)
- Double Team (200)
- Street Fighting (200)
- Crushing Blow (400)

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 180 lbs/80 kg
Hair: Orange Mohawk
Eyes: Green
Skin: Caucasian

Deity: Grimnir

Born Valgard Brodinsson, son to an old Norsca miner and a grey dwarf jeweler. Valgard spent many of his early days causing trouble for his younger brother Reginald and sister Sigrunn. Valgard was always a little hard-headed, even among dwarfs, often getting into fights over simple disagreements or mistakes. When he finished his kumenouht, an altogether underwhelming example of craftsmanship, he had the option to continue on into an apprenticeship. Instead, he took the family craft into the field, joining the Khazid Grimaz military as a simple warrior, bidding his family goodbye to start a new life on the base. 

Once there, the constant training and drills kept him content, and he began to get complacent and reserved. Valgard began to persue a few women in the outpost, looking to return to Khazid Grimaz and his clan to try his hand again at the family craft. One day, while out on patrol, his squad came upon a large party of invading greenskins. Routed, his squad fought a quick retreat back to the outpost, wherein their fears were realized. The outpost had fallen to the invading forces. His squad split, Valgard was among the half which made their way back to Khazid Grimaz. Upon arrival, the Khazid prepared for assault. 

However, the raiding party never came. It was here that Valgard faced his disgrace. Instead of dying with his squad, he ran from a fight to warn his home of one which never came. Him and the rest of his squad then made the pilgrimage to take the Oath of the Slayer. Valgard, Ingvald, Torduz, and Gotrek became good friends over the following year, taking odd-jobs and competing to claim the most glory. It was in this year where Valgard's combat ability really shined. 

His crowning story and reason for his given name came in combat with a band of orks. Upon felling one ork with a mighty blow of his axe, he found the weapon lodged too deeply in the ork to remove. Instead, he took the next ork on unarmed, slaying it with a mighty headbutt. It was then that he was renamed Valgard StoneBrow.

And yet all slayers meet the same, unerring fate. Valgard came to be the last of his squad which remained after his yearly tour of the dwarf holds, and upon returning to Khazid Grimaz, Valgard learned of his brother's departure of the life of adventuring. Knowing the dangers therein, and without any other ties, Valgard made his way after his younger brother, Reginald, hoping to deliver him from the fate he seeked himself.


Stats: http://orokos.com/roll/557348
WS reroll: http://orokos.com/roll/557706
Wounds: http://orokos.com/roll/557350
Divination: http://orokos.com/roll/557478

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PostSubject: Re: Valgard StoneBrow - Trollslayer   Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:52 am

I've given Reginald a bit of leeway with his equipment so if there is something you'd like but weren't able to take let me know. Otherwise you look good to go.
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Valgard StoneBrow - Trollslayer
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