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 Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor

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Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor Empty
PostSubject: Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor   Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor EmptyFri May 31, 2019 7:37 pm

Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor 35cb3ac7c6ea676714cb56a4b2e10351

Ordo/Faction/Allegiance: None/Humanity/The God Emperor of Humankind
Speech Color: Purple

Body Type: Lean/Muscular
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Skin: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue (left), Green (Right)
Notable Marks: From her neck, going down under her clothing are what appear to be horrific burn scars.

Outfit: Light blue Imperial robes that, while clean, have seen better days wrap around this woman’s strong body. On her broad shoulders she carries a well-packed backpack and in her hand a duffel bag. What is in the duffel bag is anyone’s guess, but it looks heavy. Similarly well-worn sandals hug her feet, wrapping up around her calves. Just by looking at her, one could tell she could probably run an easy mile or two in them if need be. She probably has. There is a tanned belt around her thin waist but from what type of animal is impossible to tell at a glance. Four interlocked metal rings keep it tight at the front. Impossible to see are the items concealed on each of her thighs.

Personality & Tactics:
Flaws – Liar and Untrusting
Forced by circumstance and trauma to erase her past, Adelaide says very little about her life before her assignment to Inquisitor Yannick. When pressed, she simply lies. She doesn’t care if people believe her or not – deception is both an escape and survival mechanism for her. Similarly, and perhaps ironically, she is very slow to trust anyone else. It will take an incredible amount of care and hard work for her to even consider someone somewhat deserving of her trust. Perhaps that person will then get to the truth of who she is.

She isn’t quite sure why the Inquisitor chose her for this assignment. She is not particularly good at investigations, charming, or intimidating. She can lie, but is no expert wordsmith. She can handle herself in a fight, however, though others on the team will surely be superior. She can deceive idiots, but the scrutinous will see through her. She is agile and stealthy, but any assassin will make her seem as though she’s banging pots.  Perhaps it is her overwhelmingly strong willpower – her need to fight, push through, and survive no matter the odds. Perhaps the scars of her past have molded her into something stronger than even she realized.

She is tough as all hell and it takes more than most have to break her. In a fight, she keeps to the back of the group – providing support either through keeping the enemy’s heads down with her autopistol, or absolutely annihilating them with her Heavy Crossbow Anima.



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Adélaïde Beaudoin, Daemon World Survivor
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