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 Albrecht Locke - Black Templar

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PostSubject: Albrecht Locke - Black Templar   Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:08 pm

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live
Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
Abhor the Witch. Destroy the Witch
Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds

Name: Albrecht Locke
Chapter: Black Templar
Specialty: Assault
Rank: 3
Renown: Respected (31)
Chapter Demeanor: Zealous
Personal Demeanor: Pious
Past Event:
Deeds: Acheros Salient - The Spectre of Vanity, Feast of Blades Participant, Sanity is for the Weak

WS: 64**^
BS: 38
S: 58 (10)** / 78~ (12)
T: 53 (10)*
AG: 42* / 52~
PER: 43*
WP: 53*^
INT: 43*
FEL: 43
*Denotes Purchased Upgrade
^Chapter Bonus
~Armour bonus

Armor: Corvus Mark VI, 8AP Head, 9AP Body/Arms/Legs
Armor Additions: +15 Auto Senses, +10 AG
Power Armor History: Trophies of Battle (+5 BS vs Tyranids), Terror be Thy Friend (Fear Rating (1) vs foes in melee)
Pain Suppressants: 6/6

Movement: 6m/12m/18m/36m (Jumpack 12m, 24m, 36m, 72m)
Wounds: 24/24
Fate Points: 3/3
Solo Mode: 3/3
Crit Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Insanity: 31/100
Corruption: 3/100
Battle Trauma: Endless Redemption
Primarch's Curse: Burn the Witch, level 1 - Fear the Witch (-20 Fellowship tests vs Psykers)

Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per) +10  [+10 Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight) & +15 Auto Senses]
Charm (Fel)
- Chapter Runes (Int)
- Inquisition (Int)

Commerce (Int)
Command (Fel)
Common Lore (Int)
- Adeptus Astartes
- Deathwatch
- Imperium
- War

Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Gamble (Per)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Xeno
- Witches
- Adeptus Astartes

Inquiry (Fel)
Interrogate (WP) +10
Intimidate (Fel) +10

Linguistics (Int)
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic

Logic (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Operate (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles
- Personal +10

Parry (WS)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes
Scrutiny (Per)
Stealth (Ag)

Survival (Per)
Tech-Use (Int)
Tactics (Int)
- Assault Doctrine


Abhor the Witch [Spend FP at oath making phase, WP test for chance to ignore psi power]
Astartes Weapons Training
Bulging Biceps
Crushing Blow
Double Team
Forging the Bond
Hatred - Renegade Marines [+10 WS vs]
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Iron Jaw [Toughness test to ignore stun]
Killing Strike
Lightning Attack
Lightning Reflexes [x2 AG bonus for Ini roll]
Master Signature Wargear - Power Axe
Nerves of Steel [Reroll failed WP test for pinning]
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Scourge of Heretics [+10 WS and +2 dam VS]
Signature Wargear
Sound Constitution x1
Swift Attack
True Grit
Two Weapon Wielder, Melee
Unarmed Master
Wall of Steel [Second reaction, can only be used to parry]


- Unnatural Strength x2
- Unnatural Toughness x2


Chapter Solo Mode - Righteous Zeal
Acheron Salient Solo Mode - Sense Corruption
Codex Solo Mode - Burst of Speed, Feat of Strength
Chapter Squad Mode - Holy Vengeance, Armour of Faith
Wings of Angels OR Wrathful Descent (choose at start of mission)


Astartes Power Axe: 1d10+22 (E) dam, 7 pen (Power Field, Unbalanced, Exceptional Crafted (WS+5), Master Wargear (+10 Attack Roll))
Bolt Pistol: 30m, S/2/– ,1d10+9 (X) dam, 4 pen, 14 mag, 1 Rnd reload (Tearing)
Frag Grenades: SBx3, S/–/–, 2d10+2 (X) dam (Blast (4))
Krak Grenades:  SBx3, S/–/–, 3d10+4 (X) dam, 6 pen
Combat Knife: 1d10+14 (R) dam, 2 pen
Crusader Shield: +15 Parry, +3 AP Body/LArm, only destroyed 25% vs power
Hellfire Flamer: 20m, S/-/-, 1d10+9 (E) dam, 5 pen, 6 mag, 2 Rnd Reload (Tearing, Flame, Ignore Natural Armour, RF 9 or 10)

Jump Pack
Repair Cement x3
Deathwatch Tabard - The Kill-team restores 1 bonus Cohesion for every Primary Objective achieved.

Appearance & Bio

Height: 7' 6"
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black buzz cut, well groomed moustache (the Selleck)
Complexion: Slight tan, Caucasian
Albrecht is a good six inches wider than the average Astartes, a tree trunk of a man. He has a slightly jutting jaw and heavy brow. None the less he carries a noble bearing having come from high born stock, a fact that he has long since forgotten under the intense hypo indoctrination of the Black Templars.

Banished from the Black Templars when his zeal faltered, he was witnessed by his brothers to have stayed his blade in the slaughter of a mutant child. His punishment was to be sent to the Deathwatch as a Blackshield in disgrace. Having recently redeemed himself in the after spending a full watch in the Acheros Salient he now bears the mark of the Black Templars on his right pauldron once again. However because of his shame he has decided to remain in the service of Ordo Xenos, determined to squash his cowardice before he deems himself worthy to return. That seems like an ever more distant goal as there is so much that is an affront to his beloved Emperor in the Jericho Reach and he is determined and driven to right all the wrongs…

Things are not well for Albrecht since regaining his identity as his crime has returned to haunt his dreams and he fears that the fiery zeal of the Black Templars might abandon him once again. His fears have caused him to overcompensate seeing heresy where there is none. It is this failing which caused the schism in his previous kill team and the catalyst for the masters of Erioch to hope Draco is a better fit. Albrecht’s loathing of the witch is also starting to deepen in that he now has trouble restraining his contempt for even sanctioned psykers of the Imperium.

Xp n Stuff:
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Albrecht Locke - Black Templar
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