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 Hydrako of the Carcharodons

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PostSubject: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:38 pm

Name: Hydrako
Chapter: Carcharodons
Specialty: Assault Marine
Rank: 3

WS: 51**
BS: 43
Ag: 63** (AB7) (+2 Ini bonus if using Jump Pack in first round)
Str: 50**,  70 in PA (SB12), 90 in TA (SB 14) (history added in)
T: 52* (TB10)
Int: 42
Per: 52**
WP: 49
Fel: 43

Wounds: 12/23
Critical: 0
Fatigue: 0
Fate: 4/4
Solo Mode: 3/4
Movement: 7/14/21/42
Personal Demeanour: Calculating
Chapter Demeanour: Watchful For Weakness
Corruption: 1
Insanity: 8
Primarch's Curse: Chill of the Void
Special Ability: Wings of Angels(+20 meters on charge after successful pilot roll(+10), +1D5 damage on successful melee attack on charge, Solo Mode)
Carcharodons Abilities:
Solo Mode Ability: Carnage - Until the end of next turn (2 turns?) all melee and PB attacks deal damage equal to half WP bonus rounding up (HtC pg 95)
Squad Mode Abilities: Savage Finish(Attack Pattern), Bleed Them Dry(Defense Pattern)

Past: Chooser of the strong
The rebels had been utterly routed. Their blockade of the world had fallen within the first 20 minutes. Their leaders had fallen aboard their own ships as Grey clad giants appeared out of thin air. Carnage had ensued and blood ran in rivers inside the command bridges. With the head of the snake gone, the ground forces were helpless as drop pods exploded amongst their ranks. Silent daemons from what can only be the warp waded into them with screaming chainswords and thundering bolters. Any who stood firm were targeted first and dispatched. The rest simply fled, hoping to escape the bloodshed and death that had befallen them. None could hope to stand against those monsters.
After the battle, any survivors were captured and herded to the star port like cattle. Anyone who was not of the right age or sex was executed. Keeping prisoners was not the Carcharodon's way and only the best candidates would be kept for what was to follow. Once at the star port the landers were brought down and the rebels that were left were herded onto the ships to be taken to the fleet. Inside the Great Pit the survivors fought for their lives against each other, friend against friend. Once the numbers had been halved, trials of endurance and strength were undertaken to cull the weak of body from the school. After these trials were complete another round of combat was undertaken to eliminate any "lucky" candidates. By the end of this last round of fighting, the numbers had dropped to no more than a few dozen but under Hydrako's liquid black gaze it was enough. He had been in charge of the culling to ensure that the new recruits were of good enough quality to fill the ranks of the Chapter quickly. It had been his honor to choose the next generation of recruits, and only the best would do. After the trials came the hypno-indoctrination to strip away any previous loyalties and personalities, and replace them with a dedication to the Chapter and Emperor only. Three more candidates were executed by his own hand when their indoctrination was less than satisfactory. Eventually his school completed their inductions to the scout company and Hydrako's job was done. The next battle would see another Brother take the reins of the Culling and induct new members into the Chapter from the "survivors".

Hydrako had excelled in close combat from the beginning of his life as a Carcharodons Marine. Always able to see the weakness in an enemy’s attack pattern or amour, he was able to exploit it with lightning reflexes and savagery that left all but the strongest enemies dead at his feet in an instant. Embracing his Chapter's doctrine for constant analysis of an enemy before striking with brutal savagery, Hydrako could change from a silent grey giant to a tornado of death in the blink of an eye. Inducted into the Chapter long ago, he had fought as a standard Assault Brother for years always preferring to meet the enemy with chainsword in hand where the ripping teeth can cause the most carnage. After a particular battle with a group of rebels, Hydrako had been chosen to Cull his first school from the survivors to form a new batch of recruits. With a substantial degree of success from the candidates in making it to full Battle Brother, Hydrako's Chapter Master had summoned him to his Flagship, the Crimson Tide, to inform him that he would be given the honor of representing the Chapter in service to the Deathwatch. A pact from long ago was being called upon and the Carcharodons would fulfill their duty to the Emperor and His Imperium. It was their Chapter’s way to always study and analyze everything for weakness or opportunity. The Deathwatch was just such a place; A place to learn and study new tactics and skills to fight the Emperor’s enemies. His Master had known Hydrako’s skills in combat were great, but he needed knowledge now. Coming from the Great Dark had left the Chapter in a state of stagnation. They needed to evolve. Tactics had to change. More recruits had to be added. Continue The Cull whenever possible Brother Hydrako. Blood will still flow, of that you may be certain, but in order for our Chapter to continue its quest beyond the borders of the Imperium, Brothers like you must be able to operate on their own while still serving the Chapter's needs. We must continue to grow our ranks. Others may stick to the Codex, but they do not serve how we serve. They do not see what we see, or go where we go. We fight the Invisible War and we must continue to fight and grow strong. These limits that are handed to us are for those more civilized than ourselves. Culls must happen at a greater rate. If not to fill the ranks of Battle Brother then that of servants and fodder. If you are able to perform this task while on duty with the Deathwatch you will have my gratitude. Any number of candidates will suffice. Set any to work while on your vigil. Send them to us when you have enough. You know where they must be sent. They will be well received. Now go, leave the fleet and when your vigil is done, I know you will return to us in glory. With that, Hydrako left his fleet in search of the Jericho Reach. Only when his mission was complete in the Reach would he be able to find his way back to the fleet and back to his Brothers.

Clad in grey Mk 6 armour, Hydrako has the presence of a predator. His calm, quiet demeanour belies his savagery and power. With skin the colour of death itself and eyes as black as the void, one cannot help but shiver when Hydrako's gaze falls upon them. His teeth have been sharpened and replaced with ceramite that he may use to tear at his enemies when needed. If a smile ever crosses his face it is a stark reminder of the brutal chapter from which he hails. The battle scars on his armour appear to have never been repaired, instead parts of the armour itself have been replaced indicating the amount of action he has seen. His white hair is kept short and cropped close to his skull. The faceplate of his Mk6 Corvus helmet has been fashioned by a skilled artificer to resemble the snarling maw of a shark, lending more to Hydrako's dreadful appearance. After the cleansing of Rheelas, and the loss of his Chapter Brother Tychon, Hydrako had Tychon's teeth added to his armour in remembrance. Only the Teeth Remain, is a common mantra held close to the secretive Carcharodon's and those outside the Chapter who hear the phrase are unsure of its meaning. Members of Kill Team Draco bore witness to something incredibly rare, which will go a long way towards forging a tighter bond in the future. Tychon's gauntlets were also incorporated into Hydrako's armour so that he would always aid in the fight against the Emperor's foes.

Athletics (s)
Awareness +10(Per)
Ciphers (Chapter Runes) (Int)
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War)
Dodge (Ag)
Drive (Ground Vehicles (Ag)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int)
Hatred (Tyranids)
Intimidate (S)
Interrogation (S)
Literacy (Int)
Navigation (Surface) (Int)
Parry (WS)
Pilot +10 (Personal) (Ag)
Scholastic Lore +10 (Codex Astartes) (Int)
Stealth (Ag)
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)
Survival (Per)
Tactics (Assault Doctrine) (Int)
Space Marine Implants
Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Deathwatch Training
Double Team
Flesh Render
Forging the Bond

Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight) +10 to Per for either of these, +15 for Autosenses = +25 for hearing or sight total
Hunter of Aliens
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Swift Attack
Sure Strike
Take Down
True Grit
Two Weapon Wielder(Melee)
Unarmed Master
Lightning Reflexes

colour = purchased

Mk6 Corvus: 8/10 Body, +15 Autosenses, +10 Agility
Histories: Battered By War:+10 to Intimidate tests -5 Charm tests, Skill of the Artificer: Mk7 elements, Chest AP 10, Gauntlets AP 8
Pain Suppressants: 1/6
Terminator Armour: 14 AP all, +40 Str (inc armour history), Auto-stabilized, Auspex, Forcefield-like protection rating of 35 with no overload, sensorium that links to other terminators adding +1 to squad rank for support ranges.
     - Cannot dodge, -20 to Ag (hurting initiative), can only use Any combi-weapon, Power Weapon or Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Storm Shield,
Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher.
History: Thy Strength Be Legend +10 Str

4 applications of repair cement,
jump pack,
Astartes bolt pistol w/ 4 clips (Range: 30m, RoF S/2/-, Dmg: 1D10+9(X), Pen: 4, Clip: 14, Rld: Full, Special: Tearing) 2 fired,
Astartes Chainsword (Dmg: 1D10+3(R), Pen: 3, Special: Tearing, Balanced(+10 WS to Parry)),
Astartes Chainaxe - Mastercrafted - (Dmg: 1D10+7 (R), Pen 3, Special: Tearing, Unbalanced (+10 WS (MC), +10 Sig wargear Master, -10 parry, -10 WS when used with
     Terminator armour))
Combat Knife(Dmg: 1D10(R), Pen: 2),
3 frag grenades,
3 krak grenades.
Signature War gear (Master): chainaxe
Chapter trapping: Scrimshaw Talismans: +5 to Intimidate tests


Mission gear:
Storm Bolter (Range: 100m, RoF S/4/-, Dmg: 1d10+9(X), Pen: 4, magazine: 60, Rld: 2 Full, Special: Storm, Tearing)   Motion Predictor (+10 BS for semi auto shots)
Melta bomb: 6D10+7 E, Pen 15
Power Sword: Dmg: 1d10+6 E, Pen: 6, Special: Balanced (+10 to parry), Powerfield  

XP Expenditure:
XP Spent:33,650XP (23,650 is probably more accurate, after this round of buys (2/1/19) his total xp is 26,650 spent)
XP Remaining:125 XP
Characteristic Advances:
Weapon Skill +10 (Simple 200, Intermediate 500)
Agility +5 (Simple 200)
Toughness +5 (Simple 500)
Strength +5 (Simple 200)
Strength +5 (Intermediate 500)
Agility + 5 (Intermediate 500)
Perception + 5 (Intermediate 500)
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee 500)
Flesh Render (250)
Deed: Right Place Right Time (400)
Hunter of Aliens (1000)
Take Down (500)
Forging the Bond (500)
[Rank 2]
Double Team (200)
Lightning Reflexes (500)
Sure Strike (500)
Hatred (Tyranids) (500)
Interrogation (400)
Awareness +10 (300)
Hatred Tyranids

Renown: 43 - Distinguished

+15 total for Intimidate tests (adding PA armour and talisman bonuses together), +5 only (Scrimshaw) in TA
TakeDown- Half action (declare) + WS test to stun if damage would have been done. Opp does Tough test or is stunned for 1 round
Hunter of Aliens- +10 to WS and +2 to melee damage when fighting aliens
Hatred (Tyranids) - +10 to WS against Tyranids. WP test to avoid attacking
Double Team- Additional +10 for outnumbering an Opp=+20. If both Astartes have DT, gain an additional +10=+30
Flesh Render- add additional die for damage with Tearing weapons
Sure Strike - When making a Called Shot in melee the penalty is reduced by 10(e.g. -20 goes to -10)
Lightning Reflexes - roll initiative twice. Take highest roll
Triggering demeanour adds 1d10/DoS in extra damage
TA Auspex - These devices are used to detect energy emissions, motion, and biological life signs. A character using an auspex gains a +20 bonus to
    Awareness Tests and may make a Tech-Use Test to spot things not normally detectable to human senses alone, such as invisible gases, nearby bio-
    signs, or ambient radiation. The standard range for an auspex is 50m, though walls more than 50cm thick and certain shielding materials can block
    the scanner.
Speech colour

Interesting Tidbits/follow ups:
Navigator was named Luran Typhon, not Luran Stark - Follow up on this

Rt Hand- Chainaxe (always)
Lt Hand- Power Sword/Storm bolter

1- Meltabomb -
4- Extra Frag - Used
5- Extra Krak
6- Strom Bolter melee stowage

Chest: Magazine vest equipped (x6 mag capacity)
1- x3 Extra standard Storm Bolter mags
2-  x3 Extra standard Storm Bolter mags

1- Frag -
2- Frag -
3- Frag -
4- Krak
5- Krak

RT 1- Bolt pistol
RT 2- Bolt pistol Rapid Reload mag
LFT 1- Standard Storm Bolter Rapid Reload mag
LFT 2-

RT- Combat Knife
LFT- Bolt pistol mag


Broodlord Head
Beast of Thule hand
Beast of Thule hide
Big Mekk tusks x2
Harridan armour plate
Warrior Prime lashwhip

Codex Solo mode Abilities (CRB 217)
Burst of speed - Once per game session, the characters Ag bonus is increased by 2 for a number of round equal to his rank. (Ag bonus 8 increases Movement to 8/16/24/48 CRB 27)
Feat of Strength - Once per game day increase Unnatural strength trait by one lvl (eg x2 becomes x3). Lasts number of rounds equal to Rank
Renewed Vigor - This is a Free Action that can be done at the start of any of his Turns. For a number of Rounds equal to his Rank, he can ignore the effects of a single
                        critical hit, such as Stunning, levels of Fatigue, or unconsciousness.

Things to look into
Strength +5 (trained) - 1000
Agility +5 (trained) - 1000

Lightning attack 600. (OW rules pg 246) -10 WS, 1 hit per DoS. Half action. unusable with unbalanced or unwieldy weapons
Air of Authority, 1000xp  
Hammer Blow, 800xp    
Silent Move, 200xp (HtC pg 95)  
Precise Blow 700 - Combined with Sure Strike in melee, Called shots cost are reduced to 0

Interrogation +10 400xp
Common Lore (War) +10, 400xp

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PostSubject: Re: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:23 pm

Carcharodons Chapter Relics
The Crimson Excesses 
(Lightning claws, 1d10+8, Pen 9, Req 70, Hero)
- Can only be acquired as a pair
- Tearing***
- Felling (1)
- Powerfield
- After each combat, roll a challenging +0 WP test. On a fail, take 1d5+DoF Corruption. 
*** Tearing only applies when the powerfield is switched off and reduces the Pen by 6. Free Action to turn powerfield on or off
- These power claws have serrated blades that have a downward curve to them unlike typical lightning claws. The powerfields glow a crimson red which becomes darker and more violent as more blood is spilt. Some would even say they thirst as if possessed, chaos possessed...Any who study these grisly weapons, be they Librarians or Tech Marines, are afflicted with feelings of all consuming hunger and rage. Only when stored in stasis does the aura from these claws dissipate. 

(Evicerator, 2d10+1, Pen 5, Req 50, Hero)
- Crippling (3) 
- Tearing
- Unwieldy
- Can only be used with two hands
- When an enemy is struck by Decimation they must roll a -20 Toughness test or be Crippled.  
- The teeth of this evicerator fragment and chip intentionally inside wounds, causing hideous damage. Because the teeth continuously break off, replacement chains must be carried to replace them. Each chain has a "magazine capacity" of 35 strikes before it needs replacing. Successful enemy parries count as a "hit" and reduce the capacity of the chain by 1 per successful parry. Chain replacement takes a Challenging +0 Tech Use or -10 WS test and 5 minutes of game time. Chains cannot be replaced in combat. It is recommended that a back-up weapon be equipped just in case...

Rending Sabre  
(Chainsword, 1d10+5, Pen 5, Req 30 (50 for the pair), Famed)
- Razor Sharp
- Tearing
- Balanced
- Part of a pair
- When dual wielding the Rending Sabre and its twin, there is no "offhand" penalty to WS tests and parry tests get an additional +10 (on top of the Balanced weapon trait)

- This chainsword uses a rare alloy in its chain construction that is rumoured to have never been replaced or sharpened.  Some even whisper that teeth that are lost grow back. Teeth inside the blade itself lay in wait to replace those lost in combat. This weapon is part of a pair, though the whereabouts of the Void Saber is unknown. It is rumoured to have been lost in a sector near the Reach and been spotted here, but this is mere speculation. Stories say when the swords were wielded as a pair, their movements were so graceful and fluid that no enemy were able to land of blow on the wielder, such was their speed and accuracy.
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PostSubject: Re: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:30 am

Hit locations chart - OW CRB pg 250
Multiple hits chart - OW CRB pg 246
Size chart - OW CRB pg 157
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PostSubject: Re: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:27 pm

Buys for this chapter. Going with more command skills and lore to reflect learning from the Guard and trying to lead them. Starting the path towards Hydrako becoming co-watch captain with Lucius

Resistance (Heat), 300xp - Talent
Counter Attack, 600xp - Talent
Command, 300xp - Skill
Iron Discipline, 1000xp - Talent
Common Lore (Imperial Guard), 200xp - Skill
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +10, 200xp - Skill
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PostSubject: Re: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:36 pm

Gonna chuck on Intimidate +10 for another 400xp, leaving 100xp left for later.

I'm thinking that the issue with Hydrako's total xp is just a typo. I looked at Lucius' and after his round of buys he is at 28,350. If Hydrako was at 23,650 and then added another 3000 for this round he would be at 26,650 total. He might be a little behind because I think he missed out on the first mission. I don't remember if I was part of the team then or a late comer.

Anyway, I know you're busy, so just look at these when you have time. I've updated the xp expenditures, but haven't added the new skills and talents yet until you approve them.

Also, I don't have any of the DH2 or BC books, but do you know if there are command talents or skills etc. that allow the command ability to work off fear/intimidate/strength tests rather than fellowship tests? He's kind of a more suited to inspire through fear rather than good oration or personality lol
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PostSubject: Re: Hydrako of the Carcharodons   

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Hydrako of the Carcharodons
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