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 Non-imperial human civilisations: Life beyond the Halo Zone

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Wendigo Bob

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PostSubject: Non-imperial human civilisations: Life beyond the Halo Zone   Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:18 am

Hey folks,

Had a discussion with a guy on the 40klore subreddit; he was curious about human civilisations outside of the imperium. I had done some basic work on some for my rogue trader worldbuilding, so I thought I might share some here, and work to advance some. (will be posting each on further posts)
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Wendigo Bob

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PostSubject: The Jolanese Kingdom   Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:20 am

The rimward edge of segmentum obscurus is a cold, abandonned place, where the light of the emperor barely flickers, whose human inhabitant must deal with all sorts of terrors using any means necessary. One of the small human civilizations that exist in this zone is called the Kingdom of Jolan, fairly unique in that it is a realm built by psykers.
In the dark age of technology, there existed many great human civilizations all over the galaxy. One of these was the Jaicro Empire, one of the first to study and train psykers. Their talents where such that at the revolt of the men of Iron, they were quickly able to deal with an issue that destroyed others so quickly. This left them vulnerable to the long night, as warp-creatures wiped their worlds clean of life. At that time, a psyker named Jolan brought together the most skilled psykers, navigator, statesmen and engineers together to flee their accursed home. Millions followed, a vast fleet fleeing the horrors of the long night.
Eventually, after wandering the fringe for several decades, they found the promised land: a small cluster of stars, surrounded by worlds that had managed to survive unmolested by the warp. There they built their new kingdom, with the wisdom of great King Jolan to guide them.

Jolanese Psy-Knights
The jolanese had to face several problems during the long night however. Even before the long night, the percentage of people born as psykers was ever-increasing, to the point of 1 in 10 in M41. The leaders could not face the notion of slaying them all, so Jolan, as well as his most knowledgeable counselors, devised a path for psykers to use their power safely, and for the good of others. This “Path of Jolan” taught the following principles, and has been greatly improved over the ages to have a 99% success rate, with those who failed being either killed or scoured of their gift.

The first path: Know the immaterial (In-game effect: Favored by the warp talent)
The first path begins with gaining a comprehensive understanding of the immaterium. Much of this learning is done in the presence of Nulls, so that the thoughts and ideas of these early students do not stir up the immaterium.

The second path: Know thyself:
(Rite of sanctioning or Warp affinity talents)
The second path requires a tremendous amount of introspection, so that the trainee might identify both their strengths and weaknesses. This is done to know how best to protect each individual from the temptations of the Ruinous powers.

The third path: Eternal balance (Jolanese Training talent)
The follower of the paths must maintain balance forever to be able to use their powers responsibly. They are eternally of the edge of a precipice, needing to balance between the sterile order of the cliff and the destructive chaos of the fall.

The fourth path: Know the material (Psy-knight specialization traits)
The fourth path creates a bond between the psy-knight and the citizens of the kingdom, that his purpose might guide them and their faith protect him. (Actual traits to be determined)
The fifth path: Know apotheosis:

Jolanese Training (Talent):

The psyker has been trained to use Jolanese psy-tech, and has been implanted with Aetheric Discriminators (As best aetheric wave-spars& special). They are also considered proficient with any Jolanese force-weapons.

Aetheric Discriminators (Cybernetics):
These implants behave exactly as best-quality Aetheric wave-spars, with the following exceptions.
The Aetheric Discriminators provide a -20 to all rolls on the psychic phenomena table at all times, even when not pushing, to those with the Jolanese Training talent. In addition, should the implants detect any unusual fluctuation in the brain-patterns of the user, such as those cause by demonic possessions, charges in the brain explode and instantly kill the user (unless they burn a fate point).
The Aetheric Discriminators also provide protection against corruption. Whenever a character with the implants receives corruption points, them (and all creatures within effective PR meters) take an amount of damage equal to their effective PR not reduced by armor or toughness as the implants violently vent corruptive power. This only applies to those with the Jolanese Training talent.
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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Non-imperial human civilisations: Life beyond the Halo Zone   Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:14 pm

This is awesome, but I am not sure what it is supposed to be in game terms. Is this a character class that potential players could be and each one of the paths an XP purchasable upgrade for them?
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PostSubject: Re: Non-imperial human civilisations: Life beyond the Halo Zone   

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Non-imperial human civilisations: Life beyond the Halo Zone
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