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 [Custom Setting] Retrograde

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PostSubject: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:42 pm

This a setting I'm running in RL and I thought I would share the pieces I have for it here. It' still a work in progress and nothing is super concrete. You're getting a first look at how I world build basically.

Suggestions, comments, or additional ideas are welcomed!

Setting Premise

The year is 2060 and the space race never ended between the Soviet Union and the United States. Presently the human race has made its way into the solar system and has established itself on planets, moons, and space stations. It is a time of great discovery, technological advancements, and exploration. It is also a time of uncertainty as old grudges still fester between the old superpowers and new ones fester between rising powers.

Major Themes

- Retro-futurism
- Exploration of ground based societies and their adaptation to space
- Space is a scary place
- Cold War in space

Look and Feel

Anything by Syd Mead (one could call Retrograde the Syd Mead RPG)

Setting Notes

Major Stellar Powers (Superpowers)
- United States
- Soviet Union
- United Kingdom
- People's Republic of China

Minor Stellar Powers
- Federal Republic of Germany
- France
- Canada
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Iran
- Socialist Countries of Africa (SCA)
- Separatist Moons of Jupiter

Random Notes

Rocketboys - Hotrodders and greasers in space

CCC - Civilian Conservation Corp

Soviet Genetic Manipulation (Extreme variants)
- Cosmonaut Gene: Telepathy and extreme adaption to zero-g
- Soldat Gene: Genetically enhanced soldiers
- Cossack Gene: Skills related to piloting
- Politico Gene: Skills related to social manipulation and people reading

Panzer Korps - Armored combat suits in place of tanks

- Paramarines - ODST like units
- Infantry - Old school roughnecks getting shit done
- Heavy Infantry - Roughnecks in heavier armor
- Aviation - Marines that can fly

- Void Jumpers
- Force Security
- SeaBees
- Pilots

Mercenary Companies
- Gold Company
- W39
- Star Banshees
- Willy’s Rangers

Dutch Trading Company (DTC)

Pinkerton Detective Agency

Separatist Moons of Jupiter
- Himalia
- Lysithea
- Elara
- Pasiphae
- Sinope

Well Known/Notorious Pirate Groups
- Thunder Children
- Bloody Barons
- Krakens
- Blitz (Single Ship)
- Einstein’s Brain (Single Ship)
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PostSubject: Re: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:57 am

Looks and sounds awesome man. Great idea.

I feel like Philip K Dick could be a huge source of inspiration if it's not already. I'm mainly thinking of the novel The Man in the High Castle....the TV series isnt as good but the book has a lot about moon colonies and stuff, and is all about espionage and tensions between Nazi Germany and Japan.

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PostSubject: Re: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   Yesterday at 2:08 pm

Thanking for giving it a look, Bob. Dick isn't a huge inspiration but the inspiration comes from many things for this game.

Recently went on a little spree for manufactures of space suits. The space suit is very important for characters in Retrograde. The suits have advanced to levels where you can wear them at all times if you wanted to.

I have broken the suits down into four classes. The reason for the classes is for automatic gear each comes with and also variety.

Class 1 (Skin Suit)
- Computer
- Oxygen Reserve

Class 2 (Vacsuit)
- Computer
- Scrubbers and Oxygen Reserve
- Radiation Protection
- Mag Boots

Class 3 (EVA Suit)
- Computer
- Drug Injectors
- Life Support System
- Radiation Protection
- Maneuvering Thrusters
- Mag Boots

Class 4 (Hardsuit)
- Biological/Electrical Hardening (4)
- Computer
- Exoskeleton
- Drug Injectors
- Life Support System
- Radiation Protection
- Maneuvering Thrusters
- Mag Boots

From there I then moved on to making a bunch of suit manufactures. I thought this would be boring but I actually had some fun coming up with companies, their identities, and their products.

General Systems (USA): A future version which has seen the merging of the other general companies (GM, GE, ect.). The US military has an extensive contract with GS to make almost all of the suits used by the US armed forces. These suits are all about being high tech with all the bells and whistles. They are also the most heavily armored suits in their class (being +1 above the max armor for each class). Down side to all this is everything's expensive and the suits aren't super durable.

Traveler (USA): Higher end frontier/working man suits. Compared to other frontier like suits these are a little flashier and appeal to the wannabees, rich people, and those looking for a less utilitarian design. There look and feel is more in line with the Hollywood version of the wild west. That's what their marketing is based off of and people buy into it hard. Mechanically the suits are rugged but have some higher tech options on them compared to other frontier/worker suits.

BCF (Business, Combat, Fashion) (France): Take a high end suit tailor and give him a John Wick twist. These guys are well known for their business suits (space and land) and for their extensive line of combat suits for mercenaries, security units, or those who just have the money to afford them. They are the main competitor of GS when it comes to combat suits in the civilian and military market.

F-Solutions (Soviet Union): The Kalashnikov of space suit manufactures. Billed as frontier/survivalist suits and they fit that bill to a t. Suits are incredibly rugged, resilient, and utilitarian. These suits are very popular with many folks in the solar system from mercenaries to scientists on extremely remote outposts. F-Solutions have a branch called PRMR which develops and manufactures suits for the Soviet Unions armed forces. Like their civilian suits the military ones are rugged, resilient, and utilitarian. They not about being high tech like the GS suits. They're about staying in the battle for as long as possible.

Union Fitted (Soviet Union): The working mans brand. These guys are all about making suits for EVA techs, dock workers, and other kinds of blue collar jobs. Their suits are well made and affordable and that makes them popular all over the solar system. They also understand their costumers and make their suits based on feedback and requests.

Hipp (Independent): Take a street wear manufacturer (BOPE, Supreme, etc.) and mix them with the pirate bay. These guys make limited edition suits (never to be made again) which appeal to criminals, rebels, and anarchists. Their suits are extremely well made, contain a bunch of illegal and hard to acquire tech, and are low profile. Some of the tech that Hipp has implemented into their suits is classified tech from the major powers. Hipp is an active target for law enforcement and intelligence groups.

DUSTY (UK): The Caterpillar/Volvo of space suits. They are known for their excellent and varied lines of hard suits. They are all very modular, well built, and are considered the standard for hard suits the solar system over. Their Goliath suit is the most common hard suit worn in the solar system.

Argus (Italy): They build suits that cater to security, law enforcement, bounty hunters, and intelligence operatives. If you run across any form of law enforcement in the solar system they are probably wearing an Argus suit. The other area Argus is known for is their suits built for intelligence gathering. Argus is also known for their subsidiary which is an independent security/intelligence group known as Argus Consultants and is a main competitor of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   Yesterday at 2:37 pm

Holy fucking shit, how did I miss this?! I’m giving this a thorough look over when I’m not st work, but it looks dope AF.

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PostSubject: Re: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   Yesterday at 2:48 pm

Iron and Metal wrote:
Holy fucking shit, how did I miss this?! I’m giving this a thorough look over when I’m not st work, but it looks dope AF.

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Missing out on the good stuff! Wink

It's nothing to in depth at the moment. The bones are there and a few strands of muscle but we don't have a fully body for this setting... yet.
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PostSubject: Re: [Custom Setting] Retrograde   

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[Custom Setting] Retrograde
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