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 Short stories based on characters

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Short stories based on characters Empty
PostSubject: Short stories based on characters   Short stories based on characters EmptySun Aug 19, 2018 5:09 pm

Hello folks,

So, I quite enjoy theorycrafting characters. It's fun to play with the numbers and finding weird OP corner cases with ridiculous abilities (like a pathfinder character that could add charisma to their AC 4 times). These characters work as RAW, but are so ridiculous as to be largely unplayable, and as a GM myself I wouldn't want to make them deal with that kind of nightmare. They can however be interesting to put in the mythology of one world or another (I love creating worlds) as demigods or legends. I thought I might share some of these stories with the folks here.

1) The Mad Reaver:

Short stories based on characters Mad_re10

The old voidsmen tell tales of the Mad Reaver of the Arcadian expanse. It is said that the Carcharodon Astra found a rogue trader ship floating in the void at the edge of the galaxy. The ship’s surface had been fused beyonf recognition of any signals; inside, the voidsmen had destroyed all words, logis-systems, and any other source of information before killing each other. The single survivor was a young boy, malnourished, his mind shattered beyond any memory, his eyes haunted and his words sparce. As he had no recollection of a name, they called him Mad, a name that would stick with him for the rest of his life. He was such a mess that even the Carcharodon would not take him, and they dropped him off on the first imperial world they found, telling him he was too weak and insane to ever be worthy of being a space marine.

The child spent the rest of his formative years in an orphanage, spending every second of his time training his body, toughening and strengthening himself, and training himself with any weapon he could get his hands on. He was obsessed with the idea of becoming a space marine, and he thought that if he could prove his strength they would accept him. He fought with wild abandon, with no concern over his safety or that of others, in a mad frenzy of blades, which earned him the nickname of Reaver. Rumors started appearing that the void had driven him beyond madness; the few times he talked, he knew things no mortal could know, and he held a tortuous logic that was as inescapable as it was incomprehensible.

While his silent and intimidating demeanor made him no friends, he did develop a reputation as a peerless and savage warrior, and was recruited by an unsavory rogue trader as a bodyguard. Over time, he rose to the position of Arch-Militant, killing thousands for his new master and gaining a panoply of high-quality equipment and cybernetic enhancements in exchange. He served his rogue trader with distinction, though he kept none of his gained wealth. He spent it all to get ancient archeotech power armor, powerful lightning claws, even a storm shield. He developed a wide network of seedy types, madmen and hereteks.
One day, when the rogue trader happened across a squad of Carcharodon Astartes. He went to join them, in a mad attempt to become part of them. The space marines where insulted that a mere mortal would try to ape their appearance and become a crude imitation of them and attacked. At that moment, he realized a new “truth”, that the space marines where threatened, that they were mere weapons created by the emperor to serve his cause, while he was the true Astartes, a mere human who had raised himself to their rank. He slew them all, and took their bodies and armor. What he found, he brought to a heretek ally of his, who used their flesh and armor to make him even stronger, tougher, fusing him with his armor to be as a black carapace, and providing him his unnatural toughness and a necrophagic hunger that filled him with vitality.

His last few years serving the rogue trader where strained. His madness was ever more present, and his unholy insights became ever more accurate and disturbing. He had no fear, and his mind was a fortress that not even astropaths could penetrate without destroying themselves. He seemed to be something beyond the realm of sanity. Fearing they might be accused of heresy, the rogue trader contacted the holy ordos in the hope of getting some help. A space marine kill-team was sent; they stood no chance against the Mad Reaver. He killed them all, as well as the rogue trader and all others on the ship, then disappeared without a trace, some say using his unholy insight to walk in places unbidden and cross space in an instant.

Since then, he has been seen many times, oddly enough helping humans whenever they were in a desperate fight, his dull grey armor and lightning claws tearing through the enemies of the imperium, as well as any space marine (loyal or traitor) he happened to come across. After many attempts at destroying him, the holy ordos stopped, convinced that despite his murderous madness, he was not corrupt. He never killed out of rage, but merely out of duty, or a desire to survive. It is said that if you call him in your darkest hour in a fight against a great foe of mankind, he will appear, and after victory, he will answer any one question, no matter how impossible it would be to answer for a mortal mind.
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Short stories based on characters
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