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 [Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue

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PostSubject: [Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue   Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:11 am

Cuirassiers in Blue


PS: Couldn't get the picture to show up in the post, but here's a link to how the regiment looks, right before their departure for off-world assignment.

Note, this regiment has not, and I repeat not, been created entirely legally by the regiment creation system.

Name: Cuirassiers in Blue
Homeworld: Alon (Imperial World)


Blessed Ignorance (see Core, page 61)
Kill the Mutant (see Core, page 61)

Commanding Officer: Richard de Fitzley (Sanguine)
Regiment Type: Close Assault
Training Doctrine: Close Quarter
Special Equipment Doctrine: Cavalry Mounts (horses)

Favoured Weapons: M36 lasgun (basic) & Missile Launcher (heavy)

Aptitude: Willpower
Characteristic Modifiers: +6 WS, -3 Int, +3 WP
Wounds: Generate wounds normally.
Starting Skills: Linguistics (Low Gothic), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Dodge OR Parry, Survival
Starting Talents: Hatred (Mutants), Lightening Reflexes, Die Hard
• +10 to Ballistic Skill tests made at point-blank range

Standard Regimental Kit:
M36 Lasgun (4 clips of ammo)
Imperial flak armour for arms and legs
Alyx-pattern carapace armour for head and body
3 frag grenades
2 krak grenades
1 horse for riding
2 extra uniforms
1 saddle
1 saddle blanket
1 set of bit and bridle (or equivalent)
2 saddle bags
2 weeks’ rations for the mount
2 weeks rations for the guardsman
All those other stuff that a guardsman needs, like fork and spoon, grooming kit etc.

Regimental History

Coming from the world Alon the Cuirassiers in Blue are a conservative but proud throwback to olden days. Many different regiments have over time been raised from the Alonese but their cuirassiers stands as perhaps the most curious. Many reforms and dodged stubborn refusals to accept change have been the history of the cuirassier corps of the planet, perhaps the reason as to why they haven’t been changed into something else entirely. Now Alon is not on the only planet to field cuirassiers in the 41st millennium and it has some of the stubborn conservative mindset that keeps these horsemen at war, while at the same time enough contact with reality to not make them but a living relic on the battlefield.

The particular regiment of the Cuirassiers in Blue came into its own during the Battle of Orgon, where a charge of the armoured cavalry swept the Orks from the field and opened for further exploitation of the breakthrough by other regiments, much to the surprise of some officers who expected the cuirassiers to be massacred once they entered a real battlefield.

Although truth is told it’s sometimes hinted at that the success is overblown and the prestige associated with it comes as much from the noble officers’ connections as with actual performance. But it’s also true that when deployed according to tactical directives, or just by common sense, the regiment has had more success than not, not the least thanks to their use of lasguns which has given them a much greater tactical flexibility than would perhaps otherwise have been available to them and their access to better armour than normal guardsmen, along with a certain bulldog mentality of not accepting defeat, but it should not be denied that this has also lead to them staying longer than would have been prudent in exposed positions and so taken needless losses.

Regimental Colors
Dress and field uniforms are the same for this regiment; black leather boots, black leather gloves, red trousers and a dark blue jacket. In the field they deploy the cuirass and a helmet, both in metal and polished to shine, and with a red and black crest to the helmet.

NPC Profiles
Cuirassier in Blue Guardsman (Troop)
WS 41 BS 35 S 35 T 35 Ag 35 Int 25 Per 31 WP 28 Fel 25
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 10
Armour: Guard Flak for arms and legs (4), Alyx-pattern carapace armour for body and head (6)
Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (Imperium) +10, Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic) +10, Survival
Hatred (Mutants), Lightening Reflexes, Die Hard
M36 lasgun, mono-knife, mono-sword, 2 krak grenades, 3 frag grenades
Horse (with ridding equipment), Imperial Guard uniform, respirator, 4 clips for lasgun, Imperial Cavalryman’s Uplifting Primer,
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PostSubject: Re: [Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue   Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:06 pm

These guys look fun. I don't have any suggestions technically right now. But well done and thanks for the content!
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PostSubject: Re: [Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue   Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:10 am

Thanks. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue   

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[Only War regiment] Cuirassiers in Blue
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