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 The 404th Indira Chindits (Only War Custom Regiment)

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The 404th Indira Chindits (Only War Custom Regiment) Empty
PostSubject: The 404th Indira Chindits (Only War Custom Regiment)   The 404th Indira Chindits (Only War Custom Regiment) EmptyMon Oct 16, 2017 11:23 pm

Name: 404th Indira Chindits
Homeworld: Frontier World (4 pts)

  • Life on the Verge: Less refined than other regiments, but with skills that are undeniably useful, Frontier troopers start with either the Combat Sense -OR- Quick Draw talent.
  • Independent Operation: Used to operating away from their counterparts or other Guard regiments, the Chindits have an inclination to strike out far and wide, beyond the sight of allies confident that their compatriots will be quick to respond should they need assistance. Comrades of PCs can be up to 15m away and still be considered in cohesion.
  • Distrust of Authority: Acting independently comes with its drawbacks. PCs suffer -20 to Interaction tests to and from unfamiliar figures of authority; penalties can be waved at GM discretion.

Commanding Officer: Choleric (2 pts)
Regiment Type: Guerilla (4 pts)
Training Doctrine: Hardened Fighters (2 pts)
Special Equipment Doctrine: Chameleoline (3 pts)
Drawback: Poorly Provisioned (+4 pts)
Overworked and Underfed: Chindits receive 1/2 the usual number of magazines and charge packs for their main weapons and 1/2 the number of starting rations listed; -10 to tests made to acquire fuel, ammunition, and spare parts for any vehicles they may have; when successfully acquiring equipment, GM rolls 1d10 - on a result of 4 or lower the equipment is of poor quality no matter what its quality should have been.
Favored Weapons: M36 Lascarbine (basic) & Missile Launcher (heavy)

Aptitude: Agility
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of the following - Agility, Ballistic Skill, and Perception; +3 Perception, -3 Fellowship; +2 Weapon Skill.
Wounds: Generate wounds normally.
Starting Skills: Awareness, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Survival, and Stealth.
Starting Talents: Ambush, Rapid Reaction, and Street Fighting; Combat Sense -OR- Quick Draw.

Standard Regimental Kit:
- M36 las-carbine and four spare charge packs -OR- Missile launcher and six missiles (krak or frag).
- Chameleoline-coated Imperial Guard Flak Armor
- Blind Grenades (x2)
- Frag Grenades (x2)
- Krak Grenades (x2)
- Combat Kukri**
- Uniform
- Small Rucksack
- Canteen (x1)
- Dog tags
- Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
*Chindits may replace its standard melee weapon with a common (or more widely available) low-tech weapon -OR- apply the mono upgrade to its current melee weapon.
**Combat Kukri (melee; 1d5+2 R, pen 1)

Regimental History:
The 404th Chindit regiment hail from the planet Indira. It is from this world's myriad of deadly climates that the Guerilla fighters are forged and molded. It was here that Lord Admiral Adamaeus Wavell, in need of fresh troops to continue carrying out a crusade in the sector, ordered the Lord Governor of the frontier planet to provide him with a regiment. Elements of the PDF were pooled together to form the 1st Indira "Chindit" regiment. The word itself is a planetary term for a near mythic beast that stalks the deepest jungle regions of the planet.

The Chindits quickly rose to prominence during the crusade, taking heavy tolls on both enemy materiel and personnel. While they did not shy from front-line duties, they were best used where the terrain was the roughest and where they could launch deep-strike attacks on enemy positions. They were so successful during the crusade that Lord Admiral Wavell ordered the Lord Governor of Indira to create a permanent Imperial Guard Regimental tithe from its population.

Since then, 405 Indiran Chindit regiments have been raised and sent to fight the Emperor's battles across the galaxy.

Notable Regiments: The 404th are currently involved in the civil war on Gate's Gift in the [++Canis Salient redacted++] of the Jericho Reach. The war has currently ground into a deadly stalemate and the Chindits have not been able to employ their specific skill set for fear of weakening the line and leaving the outnumbered loyalist PDF open to a rebel-breakthrough. Before the stalemate, the 404th had initial extreme success in providing deep strike missions that weakened the Giftian rebels enough for the loyalist PDF to regroup.

Regimental Colors:
Dress uniform is dark green pants with light brown blouse. Chindits also wear a soft cover wide brimmed hat. Combat battle dress uniform is determined based on the climate and geographical locale of the warzone to be fought in. Often it is tan, green, or white. The Chindits wear standard Imperial Guard flak armor over their BDUs, however some NCOs and officers have been noted to keep their traditional soft cover hats rather than don a flak helmet.

Specialized squads within the regiments often forgo armor all together in order to maximize their stealth and ambush potential. Normally these special units only wear their BDUs and soft cover under chameleoline cloaks, slipping like ghosts over the terrain and wreaking havoc among the enemy before slipping away again.

NPC Profiles:
Chindit Guardsman (Troop)
WS 37 BS 35 S 35 T 35 AG 35 INT 28 PER 34 WP 25 FEL 22
Wounds & Armor: 10 & IG Flak (All: 4 AP; Chameleoline covered)
Skills: Athletics, Awareness, CL (Imperium, War), Dodge, Linguistics (Low Goth), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Ground), Stealth, & Survival.  
Talents: Ambush, Rapid Reaction, and Street Fighting.
Weapons: M36 Lascarbine, Mono Combat Kukri, x2 Frag grenades, x2 Blind grenades.
Gear: As listed above.

Chindit Sergeant (Elite)
WS 40 BS 38 S 37 T 35 AG 38 INT 30 PER 34 WP 30 FEL 28
Wounds & Armor: 12 & IG Flak (All: 4 AP; Chameleoline covered)
Skills: Athletics, Awareness, CL (Imperium, War), Command, Dodge, Linguistics (Low Goth), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Ground), Parry, Schol. Lore (Tactica Imp.), Stealth, & Survival.  
Talents: Ambush, Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Quick Draw, Street Fighting, and Two-Weapon Wielder (melee & ranged).
Weapons: M36 Lascarbine, good craftsmanship mono Combat Kukri, x2 Frag grenades, x2 Blind grenades, x2 Krak grenades.
Gear: As listed above.

Based off of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chindits
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The 404th Indira Chindits (Only War Custom Regiment)
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