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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:45 pm

1.The Black Crusade/Only War combat system is in effect (C'mon, we all know its better and more balanced)

2.Errata weapons in effect

3.Corruption is not only handed out for exposure to warp, but acting in confrontation with chapter beliefs (ie: A salamander heartlessly killing innocent)

4.Since insanity/fear tests are not clear. Failing a fear test will give insanity points instead of any other effects. The worse the roll, the more the points (within reason). This does not apply if in squad mode, in that case the kill team takes cohesion damage per in RAW.
*Also, doing something outrageous may give IP (Ie accusing your bosses of being deamons without and proof or even circumstantial evidence)

5.Quick battle rules may be utilized (Gm's guide)

6.Pilot (personal) is a basic skill

7.Marine Carry Rules
Marine carrying capacity is limited less by strength, as they have the strength of Hercules if he actually lifted, and more by area on their persons. This will be a chance to explain what you will be allowed to carry at any one time and will be beneficial when attempting to figure out what to requistion for a mission. Equipment will be fixed to "carry-points" and each Marine has multiple carry-points on their bodies.
A single carry-point can carry: ONE (1) Basic-weapon type magazine, TWO (2) Pistol type Magazines, ONE (1) Missile in quick-release, or TWO (2) Grenades; however, drop bags are available for requisition that will allow you to carry multiple magazines/grenades on one carry-point.
A drop bag fitted to a carry-point can carry: TWO (2) Basic-weapon type magazines, or FOUR (4) Pistol type Magazines, or 2 (2) Missiles, or FOUR (4) Grenades. Note: Items in general purpose drop bags can never be retrieved by using Quickdraw or Rapid Reload.
Weapons: Generally, a Marine is only allowed to carry ONE (1) Heavy Weapon or TWO (2) Basic Weapons on their person, as well as TWO (2) side arms (usually a pistol and a combat blade or combination of the two.
Backpack: Your backpack, which houses your Power Armor's reactor also has the capacity to hold 6 items internally (be it extra ammo magazines or ordnance; however, 60 round Heavy Bolter box magazines take up two spaces). It also has mag-locks for your weapons should you need to stow one basic in order to use another.
Chest: TWO (2) Carry Points on the breast plate. Note, web gear, including magazine pouches can be fitted to the chest that take up both carry points but can hold more items. Ex: Magazine vest takes up both carry points on the chest but can hold six (6) Basic-weapon type magazines.
Belt: SIX (6) Carry Points.
Thighs:TWO (2) Carry Points on each thigh plate, most commonly reserved for a pistol in a drop holster and extra pistol magazines, or combat knife.
Greaves: ONE (1) Carry Point on each shin plate. Often reserved for a combat blade or ammo combination.

8. "Attacks of Opportunity" are attacks made outside normal initiative order that are triggered by a hostile character voluntarily leaving an enemy's reach or entering and leaving an enemy's reach in the same turn. Only one attack of Opportunity can be made a round. The "Rapid Reaction" talent increases the number that can be made a turn to Agi bonus. If a PC has Combat Master then all Attacks of Opportunity against him suffer -20 to hit. Disengage, Assassin Strike or any other ability that lets you disengage (solo mode, talent, ect) doesn't provoke AoO.
*An AoO can also be triggered should a character attempt a ranged weapon attack whilst in Melee with a ranged weapon that is not a pistol. This will not effect if the engaged target is the one being shot at unless the weapon is a non-pistol weapon. Should the PC attempt to shoot with a basic weapon, then the modifier to BS is -20, if it is a heavy weapon, it is -30. Should the AoO hit, the BS skill test will have a further modifier or -10 (No matter the class of ranged weapon).
*No matter how many enemies surround a PC (or visa versa), only 1 AoO can be attempted.

9. In the case of a multiple dice attack, if more that one die are 10's, then the player may roll the number of 10's in d5's and pick the roll he prefers. This means that no matter how many 10's are rolled, only one RF effect is triggered. This also allows the player to pick what critical effect is applied.

10.Melta weapons have the d10 rule listed in CRB and the double penetration per errata (At point black Range). In addition they will score RF on 9-10 (At point blank range); if they happen to have a rule that grants this already they will score RF on 8-10.

11. The backpack ammo supply will hold 24 missiles. It can hold any number of Frag or Krak  missiles but only one type may be loaded in Missile Launcher at a time. Special Missiles may be requisitioned for backpack ammo supply but will not come standard. When missiles are requisitioned for extra ammo, each missile takes up a hard point.

12. Guarded action - Half action - action will give PC -10 to WS/BS for turn, but provide +10 on Dodge/Parry test. Guarded action may be used against a horde to provide -10 to the horde attack.
In the same way a defensive stance taken against a horde will provide -20 against the attack, but this does not give the PC the ability to dodge/parry a horde.

11. Solo modes can be used as many times as the PC has fate points per mission. So if someone has 3 fate points and spent one earlier in the mission, they can still activate solo mode 3 times.

13. When burning a FP to stay alive the PC will be restored to full wounds. Any other nonlethal damage or critical effects that had been accumulated before the FP was burned (stat damage, fatigue, lost limbs ect) stay in effect as normal.

14. Frag grenades add 1d5 magnitude damage when fighting hordes.

15. Clarification on Concealment: Outside of combat if an enemy has concealment then the PC's have no idea there is an enemy nearby. This lasts until the first time he has attacked in combat. If the enemy has gained concealment during the combat then the PC's may still attack the enemy due to having a good idea where he is. This attack gives the PC -30 to all attacks, This represents the attack being off by a few feet or not understanding the opponent's stance and attacking too high/low ect.  If the players have concealment and surprise attack an enemy they will insta-kill a troop level enemy, RF an elite/master enemy (on top of damage)

Active Solo Modes:
Burst of Speed, Emperors Grace, Feat of Strength, Renewed Vigor, Righteous Zeal (BT), Blood Frenzy (BA), Stoic Defense (DA), Thunder's Call (StW), Seige Master (IF), Carnage (Ch), Tales of the Void (Nm)
Passive Solo Modes:
Extreme Endurance, Mental Fortress, Wolf Senses (SpW), Favored Son (UM)

16. Hordes
-RAW lets hordes make 1 ranged attack for every 10 magnitude. This neuters small ranged hordes to CC only. I will change this to 1 base, and another one for every 10 mag.
-Hordes are large, its not feasible one man can tie up 50 other men and prevent them from attacking because they cant get close enough to use a sword. For Every brother engaged with a horde, he reduces the amount of ranged attacks they can make by one. So if 2 brothers are engaged with a horde of 40 (5 ranged attacks), then the horde can only make 3 ranged attacks. These attacks cannot be aimed at the ones engaged in CC. Hordes will always get a single attack against every one in Melee no matter the magnitude.
-RAW lets hordes use multiple attack actions. A horde that gets 3 attacks, say full auto, can hit a PC with several damage enhanced, un dodgeable hits. While making sense IC wise, this seems to make hordes with autopistols capable of insta-killing a full-health PC. Instead, hordes will be relegated to single attack actions only. This will also provide the standard +10 to hit.
-If they roll a 10 for damage but do not have the physical ability to inflict any damage, they will have a minimum of 1 damage. This is just like RF rules for attacks that score RF but do not wound. Hordes will not inflict RF on roll of 10 that does inflict damage as normal.

17. Magma
-Magma damage will be the same as a point blank multi-melta to the affected location.
-In the event of multiple locations affected, it will be randomly chosen between the lowest armor locations.
-PC's or NPC's under magma will suffer fatigue automatically as if they were on fire.
-After exiting the magma, they will be counted as on fire unless they can pass a -20 agi test every turn. Its harder to remove molten lava than it is to pat out a fire.
-Damage from Perils or Hazards as described in the Ark of Lost souls is general damage and it is left to the GM to determine what causes the damage. If it was decided that it was magma that caused the damage then those printed damage values will be used instead.
-There will be a chance that ammo and grenades will be cooked off in the intense heat, liquid fire, ect. This will be decided randomly and WILL NOT apply to actual guns and CC weapons (though they should suffer some aesthetic damage). These lost items will not damage the PC as they explode. It will only apply to items located on the body parts IN the magma.

18. Career Options
During pc creation the player is usually given the option to take 1 out of a few special abilities. This is designed as a one time thing. However, after a while players may feel like they have made the wrong choice in creation and are stuck with their options. In order to give the players more options and flexibility I have decided that while they may still only have one of those abilities, they may switch them between missions. This needs to be changed in the pc sheet as soon as it is applicable or else it will be counted as whatever is written at the time it is needed. This will only apply to the core specialties and not advanced specialties (ex: Tactical Marine and deathwatch champion) as many of those have their own set of rules regarding special abilities and many of those can be upgraded or changed with xp.

19. New Specialties
Two new advanced specialties have been added to the game. The link is here:

20. New Weapons
There are several new weapons I have added to the game, Found here:

21.We will be using the updated DH2/OW/BC skill list and descriptions

[New Skill ---> What it replaces/encompasses now]

Acrobatics --> Acrobatics, Contortionist
Athletics --> Climb, Swim
Awareness --> Awareness, Lip Reading, Search
Charm --> Charm, Performer
Commerce --> Commerce, Barter, Evaluate (something's worth)
Logic --> Logic, Gambling
Linguistics --> Ciphers, Literacy, Secret Tongue, Speak Language
Medicae --> Chem Use, Medicae
Operate --> Drive, Pilot
Parry --> Not previously a skill; PCs with any WS upgrades or a WS above 50 should count Parry as known.
Stealth --> Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing
Survival --> Survival, Tracking, Wrangling
Toughness --> Carouse (not a skill, but now a characteristic test)
[This list can be found on pg. 310 of the Only War CRB. There are also trait changes, weapon quality changes and conversion rules on the next few pages after that. We will be using these as well.]
As well as using the updated skills, we will also be using their updated level names.
- Unkown: attempts to use basic skills that are unknown to your PC can be attempted at -20
- Known: skill tests at +0
- Trained: skill tests at +10
- Experienced: skill tests at +20

22.New Assets
Adeptus Ministorum Assets:
-Frateris Militia regiment, cost 20, -
-Battle Sister Squad, Cost 40,Respected
-Battle Priest Attache', Cost 12, Respected
-Exorcist Strike, Cost 30, Distinguished
-Repentia Squad support, Cost 40, Respected
-Seraphim squad strike, Cost 50, distinguished
-Celestian Sqaud strike, Cost 60, Famed

Adeptum Administratum/Arbites Assets:
-Resupply, Cost varies, renown varies
-Riot squad, Cost 15, Respected
-Repressor unit, Cost 30, respected
-Divert Resources, Cost 20,-
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House Rules
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