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 Seraphan - Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest

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PostSubject: Seraphan - Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest   Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:59 pm

Name: Seraphan
Chapter: Blood Angels
Rank: 4
Chapter Demeanor: The Red Thirst
Personal Demeanor: Pious
Specialty: Apothecary/Sanguinary Priest
Past Event:

WS 55+* 
BS 49 
S (10) 41 (+20 in Power Armor) 
T (Cool 42 *
AG 47 +*
INT 55* 
PER 36
WP 45*
FEL 46+(Sanguinary Priest) 
*Denotes Purchased Upgrade
+ Chapter Bonus

Armor: Mark VII "Aquilla" Head, Arms, Legs:8 Body:10
Armor Additions: - Auto senses (+10 to sight and hearing)
Power Armor History: Terror be thy friend (Fear (1) vs opponents in melee)
Pain Suppressants: 6/6
Movement: 5m/10m/15m/30m
Wounds: 13/22
Crit Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Fate Points: 1/2
Solo Mode: 2/2
Insanity: 8/100
Corruption: 0/100
Battle Trauma: -
Primarch's Curse: The Black Rage

Awareness (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Ciphers (Int)
- Chapter Runes
- Deathwatch +10
- Xenos Markings +10
Climb (S)
Command (Fel) +5 (PAH)
Common Lore (Int)
- AdeptusAstartes
- Deathwatch
- Imperium
- War
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Drive (Ag)
- Ground Vehicles
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Xenos
-Adeptus Astartes  
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (Fel)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Navigation (Int)
- Surface
Pilot (Ag)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Codex Astartes
- Chymistry+10
- Mutants
- Legend
Scrutiny (Per)
Search (Per)
Silent Move (Ag)
Speak Language (Int)
- High Gothic
- Low Gothic
Tech-Use (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Swim (S)
Tactics (Int)
-Assualt Doctrine
Tracking (Int)

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Deathwatch Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Sig. Wargear (Jet Pack)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unarmed Warrior
Furious Assault
Exemplar of Honor
Duty Unto Death
Assasins Strike

Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Special Abilities:
Enhance Healing
Scion of Sanguinas
Blood Frenzy

Blood Angel Squad Mode Abilities
Fury Of Sanguinus

Deeds: -
Renown: 35

Astartes Bolt Pistol (pistol ; 1d10+11 X, Pen 4; 30m; S/2/-; 14 mag; Full reload; Tearing).
Astartes Chainsword (Melee; 1d10+13 R; Pen 3; Tearing)
Golden Icons(Wings of Wrath: +1 damage on Charge; Chapter Trapping)
Combat Knife (Melee; 1d10+10 R; Pen 2)
Frag Grenades (x1,Thrown; 2d10+2 X, Pen 0; 30m; S/-/-; Blast (4))
Krak Grenades (x3, Thrown; 3d10+4 X, Pen 6; 30m; S/-/-)
Exanguinator(counts as narthecarium)
Repair Cement (3/3)

XP: 725/25,200
XP Expenditure:
Sanguinary Priest (Advanced Specialty; 500xp)
Pilot(Personal) 100xp
Frenzy 400 xp
Charm 300xp
WS (Simple) 200xp
INT (Simple) 200xp
Scrutiny 400xp
Willpower - 500xp
Forging the Bond - 500xp 
Duty unto Death - 800xp (Sanguinary Priest)
Exemplar of Honour - 800xp (Sanguinary Priest)
Ciphers (Xeno Markers) - 200
Lore: Common (Jericho Reach) - 200 - Rank 2 Reached
Furious Assualt (600)
Acrobatics (200)
Medicae +10 (400)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) (200)
Toughness (Simple) (500)
Forbidden Lore: Mutants (400) Sanguinary Priest
Scholastic Lore: Legend (500) Sanguinary Preist
Ciphers: Deathwatch (200)
Ciphers: Deathwatch+10(200)
Ciphers: Xenos Markings +10(400)
Assasins Strike - 500xp
Rank 3
Agility(sim) 500xp
Medicae+20 600xp
Lore: Scholastic(Chymstry)+10 200xp
Intelligence(Int) 500xp
WS(Int) 500xp
Lore: Forbidden(Adeptus Astartes)
Acrobatics+10 600
Autosanguine 500
Tech Use 500

Height: 6' 11"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, almost white, worn longer than most marines
Complexion: Pale

Seraphan stands somewhat shorter than the average marine but still towers above most unenhanced humans. His eyes are a clear blue and his hair a blonde that boards on white that falls slightly longer than the back of his neck. His features although exaggerated by his Astartes genome are classical like all the Blood Angels.

Even as a neophyte Seraphan had an easy charm and got on well with all of his brothers and it was this aswell as his keen mind that brought him to the attention of the Apothecarays and they began training him as a Sanguinary Priest.

His first assignment was to assist the Squads sent by Commander Dante to the Scouring Of Ultramar and it was there that he joined Veteran Sergeant Turio's command. He excelled well healing his brothers and gathering the gene-seed of those who fell.

He was eager to join the chase of the hive fleet splinters and followed Turio to the Jericho reach and again performed service on the front lines. It was his fellow Sanguinary Priest that suggested he take the Apocharian Oath and join the Deathwatch to assist rhe many brothers operating under the colours of that Chapter in controlling the Thirst and fendin of the Flaw. Being passed his Blood Chalice as a token of worth*.

Now he can be found among the brothers at the watch station performing his duties healing those wounded in training or on mission regardless of home chapter but he keeps a special eye on this Kin ensuring the purity and sanity of all the Sons of Sanguinas.

*Blood Chalice subject to approval.

Rt Hand(Exsanguinator)- Scarion's Bolter
Lt Hand-


1-Bolt Magazine
2-Bolt Magazine

4-Bolt Pistol

1-Bolt Magazine

1-Combat Knife
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Seraphan - Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest
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