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 Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham

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PostSubject: Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham   Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:34 pm

Name: Arlene Cunningham
Career Path: Pathfinder
Classified Competence: Gue'vesa
Demeanor: Playful/Paranoid
Homeworld: T'ros (+5 Toughness)
Flaws: Rebellious, Superstitious, Temperamental, Unpredictable.

WS 31
BS 56***
S 34
T 38
Ag 44**
Int 40*
Per 40*
Wp 34
Fel 30
Inf 40
*denotes purchased advances

FP: 0/0 (1 burned on 6/2/16 to avoid burning to death; final FP burned on 10/10/18 to avoid falling to her death)
Wounds: 10/14
Critical Damage: 0
Fatigue: 0
Insanity: 20/100
Corruption: 0/100
Movement: 4m/8m/12m/24m
Max Weight: Carrying - 36kg; Lifting - 72kg; Pushing - 144kg.

Acrobatics (Ag) +10
Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per) +10
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Common Lore (Int)
- Imperium
- Imperial Creed
- Tau Empire
- War

Commerce (Int)
Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag) +10
Evaluate (Int)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (S)
Linguistics (Int)
- Low Gothic
- Tau
Logic (Int)
Operate (Ag)
- Skimmer
Medicae (Int)
Parry (WS)
Scholastic Lore (Int)
- Tau War Doctrine
Scrutiny (Per)
Stealth (Ag) +20
Survival (Per) +10
Tactics (Int)
- Kauyon
- Recon & Stealth

Tech Use (Int)

Bonding Ritual
Deadeye Shot
Expose Weakness
Leap Up
Nerves of Steel
Precision Killer
Marksman (Rifle)
Mighty Shot
Rapid Reload
Supporting Fire
Tau Marine Training
Weapons Training:
- Las
- Solid Projectile
- Fire Caste (Tau)

- Darksight (Blacksun Filter; immune to photon/flash grenades and other devices that cause the same effect)
- For the Greater Good! (Once/encounter gain +10 to any test while following an order from another Tau character; if the order places PC in substantial danger to benefit the group as a whole the benefit becomes +30 at GM's discretion)
- Non-Imperial (-10 Common, Forbidden and Scholastic Lore relating to the Imperium of Man)
- Speak Not Unto the Gue'vesa (-30 Fel w/humans - allies excluded)

- Turkey Leg (Looks absolutely delicious!)
- Pulse Accelerator (Installed in Longshot; +50% range)

Longshot Pulse Rifle Best Craftsmanship/Pulse Accelerator (Basic; 450m; S/-/-; 2d10+6 E, pen 4, Mag: 12, Rld: 2 Full; Accurate, Tearing, Gyro-Stabilized, Never Jams)
- Longshot Pulse Rifle Magazines x2 (24)/x1 (3/12)
Pulse Pistol, Best Craftsmanship (pistol; 40m; S/2/-; 2d10+5 E, pen 4; Mag: 16, Rld: half; Gyro-Stabilized, Never Jams)
- Pulse Pistol Magazines x2 (32)/x1 (13/16)
Tau Photon Grenades x4 (6m; blast (12))
Imperial Combat Knife (melee/thrown; 6m; 1d5+3 R, pen 0)

Tau Combat Armor (6 All; 7 AP Off-Hand Arm/40% chance head-shots will hit pauldron instead)
- Blacksun Filter
- Microbead/Translator Unit

Aptitudes: General, Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception, Toughness, & Tech.
XP: 150/6,500
XP Expenditure:
Characteristic Advances:
- Ag (simple, 100xp)
- Ag (trained, 250xp)
- BS (simple, 100xp)
- BS (trained, 250 xp)
- BS (inter., 500xp)
- Int (simple, 500xp)
- Per (simple, 100xp)
- Acrobatics (100xp)
- Acrobatics +10 (200xp)
- Athletics (200xp)
- Awareness (100xp)
- Awareness +10 (200xp)
- Common Lore (Imperium, 200xp)
- Dodge +10  (600xp)
- Operate (Skimmer, 100xp)
- Stealth (100xp)
- Stealth +10 (200xp)
- Stealth +20 (300xp)
- Survival (100xp)
- Survival +10 (200xp)
- Catfall (200xp)
- Deadeye Shot (200xp)
- Leap Up (200xp)
- Mighty Shot (400xp)
- New Allies (300xp)
- Paranoia (300xp)
- Precision Killer (300xp)
- Tau Marine Training (200xp)

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age:: 21
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Brown
Armor: Arlene keeps her gear covered in dirt, like any good ranged fighter should. Her Combat Armour holds it's weight in brown smudges and nicks, but the colors of her Gue'vesa origin and her 454th battalion Line Infantry insignia still shine through the grime. Her black bodysuit is dyed with the same muck she drenches herself in when she finds the perfect place to wait for her shot. The one piece of gear without a mark on it is her one crowning jewel, the immaculate Longshot Pulse Rifle she was given for her service. The gold paneling and dyed-red metal inlays haven't felt the touch of a single grain of dirt. Upon the barrel is written the words "Kauyon Mont'yr" in the same red metal, and just beneath it, wrapped strips of Imperium vellum count its kills.

Arlene stands shorter than the average human, with a smaller but muscular build. Her long, dark-red hair covers a rounder face with soft edges. She has two beautiful brown eyes set on either side of a small, soft nose, and her mouth always shows a smirk, hinting her playful nature. Her mildly attractive body is more often hidden under slightly oversized clothing than shown off, but you can still see the dirt tan that lays over her very fair skin every once in a while.

When Arlene is not in her armor, she can be found wearing an off-duty uniform, with any imperial insignia poorly removed. The brown and green was the color of her battalion When she was part of the PDF, and she keeps it around as a reminder of her old life.

Personality: Arlene is playful, laid-back, with an almost complete ignorance for authority. She likes to have fun and crack jokes, but she isn't stupid, and can be serious when the need arises. She dislikes authority due to her time in the PDF, in which her commanding officer and her never came to agreements. She's less of a prankster when she's alone, instead she often finds herself in introspection, thinking about the life she has and what she could've had.

Background: Arlene could never find her place in the world. She was not good with people, she didn't agree with her family, and she was often considered odd in her younger years. She didn't care much for religion or the throne, though she'd never say it, nor did she care for the crusades humanity continually forged across the expanses. She was out of place in er family and friends, with little direction to her life.

Arlene was born into a comfortable family, with an older sister and brother. Her father, Mikael was a retired veteran of the IG, in the PDF, with an arm cut off at the elbow by a well-placed las round. Her mother was a departmento munitorum quartermaster by the name of Lucretia, who led a life by the book. Mikael was strongly of the opinion that a life in the Imperial Guard made for a strong man, and advocated that all their children seek to enlist, especially her brother, Thomas. Thomas enlisted as soon as he could, leaving when Arlene was 15 to join the T'rosian 654th drop troopers. Arlene and her sister Joyce were then left with the overbearing parents pressing the strongly towards the IG. Joyce enlisted and left when Arlene was 17, to follow in Thomas's footsteps. Arlene, couldn't be bothered with her father's opinions, and instead settled on the PDF, much to her father's dismay. She moved out when she was 19 to live with her boyfriend and squadmate Malakai.

Arlene always new she was different, that she was meant for something. The first time her father took her out to shoot, not only did she never miss a bulls-eye, she also shot and killed a trio of birds that jumped out from behind the targets and startled her. Her impressive abilities with a gun made her quickly known as one of the best shots on the planet, but not only was she a good shot, she was also extremely good at tactical analysis, and was always good at finding the best vantage points and making the best decisions on the fly. Her abilities should have put her into officer's school and got her a squad of her own, but recent engagements had the PDF overflowing with broken veterans and IG rejects, and the need for new squad was very low. Instead, she was placed with a squad of nobodies to counteract their inability to perform properly.

Her squad consisted of 5 men and herself. They were, Sgt. Lucius Crane, Pvt. Malakai Burnes, Pvt. Jackson Whales, Pvt. Arlene Cunningham, Pvt. Alphonz Quinn, and Pvt. Stephen Connell. Their squad was a fairly disorganized group wrangled in by a horribly reckless and disillusioned sergeant. Crane was a man who believed that the Tyranid invasion was seconds away, and that he would be the man called to lead the defense against them; as such, Crane was always very serious about training and drilling, while the rest of the squad looked upon him with laughter. Crane and Arlene never got along, Arlene couldn't care less about the combat drills or relentless nights out on patrol, and Crane would have none of it. The two were destined to butt heads constantly, Crane refused to drop her from the squad for her skill with ranged weaponry.

When the Tau arrived, Crane just sort of... broke. The man was never far from insane to begin with, but the idea that the Tyranids were not the incoming invasion, and that they were not there to eradicate all human life just didn't click with the daft man. In the end, he killed himself, slipping from the top of a watchtower whilst screaming about Tau and Tyranid deception. The rest of the squad, with no commanding officer in the heat of a life or death decision, were unsure of what to do. Without a commander, they decided to go see the opposition. They set off outside of their city to go recon the Tau, but the Tau found them first. They were wrangled in like cattle. Surrounded, her squad had few options, they laid down their arms and opted to join the Tau.

Arlene never saw her family again, she never cared to anyways, Joyce was the only thing she considered family, and she was in the wrong solar system by this time. She spent the next few months picking up their language and culture, she became a devout follower of the greater good, deeply enjoying the idea that she has a place among the people. When she joined the ranks of the Fire Warriors as a Gue'vesa, her squad lied, stating Arlene was their commanding officer due to the absence of Crane, and she was quickly tested for her skill. The Shas'ui that tested her had taken a very obvious liking to the girl, dragging the tests out more to spend time with her than to get any sort of testing done. Always looking to make a joke, Arlene bartered herself to the Shas'ui testing her, who in exchange offered his gun. Appalled that she would go so far as to barter their relationship, Malakai quickly found interest in other things, but Arlene won the gun off the man, got her kit, and has been fighting with the Tau ever since.

Ever since she joined the Tau, Arlene has been in a ten man sniper squad with a spotter named Nathaniel. He was loud, with an insatiable love of his own voice, quick to the jump when it came to marks, but he was good enough. And a friend. In the battle for Tarokeen, he had helped her substantially. In his final battle, he had fallen to Astartes forces, crushed by the blast from a hunter-killer missile. Arlene moved on without a word. Another friend lost since her time with the Tau. Arlene would go on to a Devilfish only to see it destroyed, the only survivors were herself and two other Tau, Ta'ro, and Kanna, who would later become friends. From there, the three moved together to search the wreckage of El'Eio'Kio's flagship, uncovering a shield drone among the mangled bodies (which would unknowingly record their journey). They soon after had a run in with an Imperial patrol, and in ending them, saved the Hero Anuk'Esavon. 'Esavon would later come to save them from a tight situation at a prison hold, in which Arlene's remaining squad died, burned by Imperial torturers. Within the subdued Imperial forces, Arlene found her sister, Joyce, who volunteered to come fight for T'ros. There, Arlene would execute her POW sister, after Arlene's judgement was clouded by witnessing the torture and death of her closest friends. The act of killing her sister cemented an undying hatred for imperial forces and humanity's blind acceptance of the Imperial Creed. She would later attribute the death of an entire squad of Adeptes Astartes Raptors to her hatred. In that same battle, Arlene and her newfound squadmates would rescue El'Eio'Kio himself, and grant themselves a spot among the Special Forces task force six: The Reapers.

Damian: Mentioned early in the prologue, Damian is a friend Arlene met in Tarokeen. Damian is a Gue'vesa who joined the Tau in much the same manner as Arlene, and while not as adventurous, still shares her humor and was Arlene's roommate during a short interim before moving into the barracks. Damian was a simple line infantry private, but took up a position in acquisitions, avoiding death at the loss of Tarokeen, where his remaining squad was obliterated.

Shas'ui Aur'ocy'tak: Sergeant Machine of Unity first met Arlene while testing her abilities as a captain and as a sniper. Aur'ocy developed a not-so-secret love for Arlene, which led to Arlene making him into swap their rifles. She continues with her facade of playfulness around him, and he falls for it repeatedly. All of her friends know she couldn't care less about the Tau, but she will nonetheless exploit his position and feelings without much of an issue.

Inara Caldwin: Inara was a childhood friend of Arlene's. Though they didn't speak much, Arlene was always silently fond of Inara, and took her to be a bit of a role model. When Arlene joined the PDF, she spent too much time with her squad to be able to keep in contact with Inara. She hopes Inara sided with the Tau when they came, though Arlene hasn't seen her since the Tau took Taros.

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PostSubject: Re: Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham   Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:53 am

Murc, what happened to Arlene's picture? Also, my calculations have you at 6,100 XP spent rather than 6,600 listed. What's happening there?
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PostSubject: Re: Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham   Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:40 am

Now that I'm doing the math it's only coming out to 6,500. Honestly not sure where the difference occurred, but there were a lot of bumps in making an ex-PDF using the Tau supplement, and again when we swapped to aptitudes. I'm good just dropping the excess xp, if that's good with you.
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PostSubject: Re: Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham   Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:34 pm

Christmas Gift:

Apply XP now and you will find your item sometime during gameplay. Merry Christmas.
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PostSubject: Re: Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham   

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Gue'vesa'ui Arlene Cunningham
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