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 PC Creation Guidelines

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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: PC Creation Guidelines   Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:34 am

PCs Use Tau PC Guide (Rogue Trader) in addition to the changes marked here. If you do not have this supplement, send me a PM.
+++ Questions to think about...why are you and your partner(s) working side-by-side? What has prompted such a squad to be assembled? How is it perceived by other Tau? Tau society? +++

PC Creation
PC Creation will follow the rules in the Tau PC Guide with the following changes:

Characteristic Scores
Per page 9 of the Tau PC Guide, Roll 2d10 ten times (this includes the Influence characteristic) and drop the lowest roll, then assign as you see fit. Remember that power gaming is for literally Hitler, but make the PC as close to the concept in your head as you can.

Starting Aptitudes

+ Firewarrior: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Offense, Perception, Tech, Weapon Skill.
+ Shas'ui: Ballistic Skill, Defense, Fellowship, Perception, Social*, Strength, Toughness
+ Medic: Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Willpower
+ Pathfinder: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception, Tech
+ Kroot: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Offense, Finesse, Agility, Fieldcraft

Classified Competence(s)
- In addition to the listed abilities in the Tau PC Guide, each classified competency comes with a +5 to the appropriate characteristic.

+ Windstrider, +5 AG
+ Adept Machinist, +5 INT
+ Dauntless Bulwakr, +5 WS
+ Exemplar of Unity, +5 FEL
+ Finder of Ways, +5 PER
+ Precise Hunter, +5 BS

Starting XP
- Determined by GM; normally this will be just below the average of the rest of the group for new players.

Race Selection:
- Tau
- Kroot
- Gue'vesa
- Vespid
*While the start of the game is restricted to Tau and Gue'vesa, I am not opposed to running different auxillary races later should your initial PC die. Eventually, I see the game evolving into something like XCOM where specific team members are chosen for specific missions prior to their undertaking.

Character Names

- Utilize standard naming convention for Tau.

- Tau names: 1st = Caste; 2nd = Rank; 3rd = Home planet; 4th = cognomen (i.e., the true name as we understand it). Because it is possible for two Tau individuals to share the same cognomen, they can be distinguished most easily by their other names, such as their home planets.

I'm fine if you want to make up Tau words for your name. Just make sure you put the translation along with it.

Starting Tau Marksmanship Talent
- Tau players will have access to Rifle Marksman and Pistol Marksman. Both have the same effect, and all Tau start with at least one of the two (your choice), at chargen. The other can be taken for +100 XP.

Ranking, Influence, & Availability Bonus
- Combat Webbing, extra pulse ammunition, and Photon Flash Grenades will be free (within reason).
- Tau gear availability listed in the Tau PC Guide will be available at 2 steps higher than listed to account for Tau gear being easier to get in their realm. Example: A Longshot Pulse Rifle goes from Near Unique to Very Rare.
- Imperial (and any other non-Tau) gear is not allowed for Tau characters at chargen. It will become available once the PCs have formed a Kill Team at -2 levels of availability. Example: A Heavy Bolter goes from Very Rare to Near Unique.
- In addition to this, Influence score (as well as a test of GMs choice) will allow PCs to increase in rank. Each new rank comes with a bonus to Acquisitions tests as well as unlocking additional gear and vehicle options.

Rank System:
- Shas'saal (Cadet); Inf: 01-20; Bonus: +0; May only take gear they are issued/may not request anything.
- Shas'la (Warrior): Inf: 21-40; Bonus: +10; Available Gear: All infantry tools and gear. TY7 Devilfish, TX78 Skyray, TX4 Piranha, & Tetra available for use by Tau and Auxillaries. AX39 Sunshark Bomber, AX3 Razorshark Strike Fighter available for Air caste. Drones are available for Fio (Earth) and Por (Water) castes.
- Shas'ui (Veteran): Inf: 41-60; Bonus +20; Available Gear: Drones now available to fire caste. XV15 Stealthsuit, XV25 Stealthsuit, XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, XV88 Broadside Battlesuit, TX7 Hammerhead Tank available if PC has training. Barracuda Interceptor, Tiger Shark, Tiger Shark AX-1-0, Orca Transport available for Air caste.
- Shas'vre (Hero): Inf: 61-80; Bonus: +30; Available Gear: XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit, XV9 Hazardsuit, XV95 Ghostkeel Stealthsuit, XV104 Riptide Battlesuit, KV128 Stormsurge Ballistic Suit, KX139 Ta’unar Supremacy Armour. Manta, Manta Missile Destroyer available for Air caste.
- Shas'el (Knight): Inf: 81-100; Bonus: +40; Available Gear: Any battlesuit for fire caste. Any ship available for Air caste.
- Shas'o (Commander): Inf: 100+; Bonus: lol; Available Gear: Shas'o gets whatever the fuck Shas'o wants.

- Will be handled in game. This isn't your standard Rogue Trader game, as you all will not be with a RT or on a ship working for one. You'll be employed by the Tau and will follow standard military acquisition protocol.
- All PCs will have an Influence characteristic score and acquisitions will use this as a base for acquiring new weapons and gear for missions.
- PCs are also tasked with acquisitioning gear for any NPCs they bring along on the missions.

Talents from Other Books
- If there is a talent from another rule book that is A) Not anywhere in your career rank charts and B) Fitting to your PC and C) Able to be ported/converted into Tau terms, speak with me about it. I have a rough XP pay system worked out based on the tiers from other source books. For example, Tier 1: 200 - 300xp, Tier 2: 400 - 600xp, Tier 3: 700 - 1,000xp.
- Speak with me about porting talents that fit your character concept from other books; I am always interested in making other talents fit. With the new aptitude system, this is much easier now.

Starting Gear/Weapons
- At chargen, your choice of one rare quality item AND one very rare item; OR one extremely rare item.

- All items from the Tau PC guide are allowed. All weapons and armour from the core book  are disallowed, but all other choices are fine. If you are unsure, please drop me a PM or post a question.

- If you take the Pathfinder route (post prologue mission when you attain Rank 2), you may trade your Combat Armour for a set of Recon Armour of the same quality.

- Breachers start with a good quality CREAW Gun OR Good quality Pulse Carbine at PC Creation; Instead of starting with the Marksman talent automatically, Breachers will instead start with Quickdraw OR Takedown talent.

Fate Points
- Each character will start with an extra point, bringing the total to two (2) Fate Points.

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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: PC Creation Guidelines   Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:16 pm

Updated with important information for PC creation.
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PC Creation Guidelines
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