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 Reaper NPCs

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PostSubject: Reaper NPCs   Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:49 pm

Squad Selection: Reaper specialists may be chosen per mission to fill any gaps in the 5 player maximum. This will be decided before starting the missions as a group consensus. You may choose to take none (if your squad is less than 5), but that is not recommended as some NPCs will have skills or simply be better at fulfilling roles the PCs aren't capable of. Each NPC will have a distinct personality and biases and it is this GM's expectation that everyone engage in as much character building with them as possible.

There will be pros and cons of taking NPCs on missions with you. I won't reveal too much - as I haven't 100% locked down how I want to go about it- but XP, Influence, and their own previously mentioned biases/personalities will come into play.

This will be a living document, just like your PC sheets and I will add more to the roster as they become available.

Bobo "Gears" - Jokaero Weaponsmith/Tech Specialist
Demeanor: Tinkerer/Prankster
Height: 5'2" (From knuckles to top of head)
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age:: 24 standard cycles
Fur: Bright blue with lime green stripes
Eyes: Orange and big.
Quirks: Gears doesn't give a shit about you or your rules, he just wants to know if he can tie your shoes together while you aren't looking.
Quick Overview: Excellent with technology due to his innate ability to manipulate it. Highly intelligent and dangerous if backed into a corner. Great if you need another brain on the team.

"High Tower" - Demiurg Operator/Pilot
Demeanor: Lateral Thinker/Gregarious
Height: 5' 00"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Age:: 20 standard cycles
Skin: Grey and hard.
Eyes: Black.
Quirks: High Tower loves talking only slightly less than he loves piloting.
Quick Overview: High Tower is a great pilot. If the mission requires operating vehicles of any kind as well as another good shot, High Tower is a solid choice.

"Monster" - Tarellian Close-Combat Specialist
Demeanor: Bilious/Loose Cannon
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 330 lbs.
Age:: 25 standard cycles
Skin: Hues of light and dark tan scales.
Eyes: Blue and beady.
Quirks: It is rumored he enjoys Squiggoth riding in his free time. Also, he hates humans with an undying passion.
Quick Overview: If things are going to get up-close-and-brutal, Monster is your reptile.

"Leaf Storm" - Kroot Stealth Specialist
Demeanor: Calculating/Loner
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age:: 28 standard cycles
Skin: Light purple with dark purple quills.
Eyes: Gray and ever vigilant.
Quirks: Leaf Storm enjoys stalking her teammates to practice her tracking and stealth skills. She really enjoys the looks of terror on their faces when she moves in for the "kill." She prefers to work in tandem with her Bonded Sister - a Tau some claim to be her lover.
Quick Overview: If silence and stealth is the name of the game, this is who you want in your corner. Good in a ranged or close up fight as well.

"Whisper" - Tau Recon Specialist
Demeanor: Cautious/Driven
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Age:: 24 standard cycles
Hair: Violet
Skin: Light blue with hues of gray.
Eyes: Gold.
Quirks: Prefers to be the first into a combat zone and is always willing to complete the mission no matter the risk. She prefers to work in tandem with her Bonded Sister - a Kroot some claim to be her lover.
Quick Overview: Excellent mid-range combatant; observant, silent, and deadly.

Shas'ui T'au Kais Monty'r - Tau Marine N.C.O.
Demeanor: Motivated
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Age:: 29 standard cycles
Hair: Black
Skin: Dark blue.
Eyes: Hazel.
Quirks: Leads from the front, but never recklessly. Never seen without an unlit smoke of some sort in his mouth. Loud. Abrasive. Badass.
Quick Overview: Excellent mid-long range combatant; Good command presence and a natural leader.
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Reaper NPCs
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