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 The Boat (Reaper Team Vessels)

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Iron and Metal
Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: The Boat (Reaper Team Vessels)   Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:45 pm

Ship: Monat (An expression for any Tau who acts alone)
Hull: Skether'qan (Messenger) Destroyer Class
Dimensions: ~1.1km long, 0.3km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 4.5 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 1,000 approx. (Current: 200)
Acceleration: 6.7 gravities max sustainable acceleration.
The Messenger is the smallest self-sufficient tau vessel, but is very maneuverable and is unmatched in its data handling and communications capabilities (which were quickly repurposed for combat applications). Messengers are primarily used by the Empire as fast communications-relay vessels, and in combat they serve as fleet coordinators, capital ship escorts, and deterrence against attack craft. When fighting alongside other Tau ships, the Messenger's advanced communications systems add +10 to all allied Ballistic Skill Tests.

The Monat is equipped with a state-of-the-art programmed onboard intelligence called Aloh'Anuk. Roughly translated, this means "Cold Bird" or, more correctly, "Mechanical Bird." Aloh'Anuk can be communicated with directly anywhere on the ship.

Speed: 8
Manoeuvrability: +24 (+5 retrothrusters)
Detection: +22 (+10 sensor arrays; +15 vs silent running ships using active augury)
Hull Integrity: 28
Armour: 17
Turret Rating: 2
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1 (Railgun Macrobattery)
Power: 50 (Used: 45)
Space: 38 (Used: 33)
SP: 25 (Used: 9)
Crew Rating: 40 (Crack)
Morale: 100

Essential Components: (Power/Space/SP) [Current: 45/33/9]
Sho'aun'or'es Drive (Plasma Drive): Bork'an Class SX-1:2 Drive (+50/10/-)
Gravitic Drives ("Warp" Drive): Bork'an G/SX-1:2 Grav Drive (9/9/-)
Gravitic Shield Array: Tau'n S/SX-1:2 Grav Shield (6/1/-)
Bridge: Custom Vash'ya SX-a Command Bridge (2/1/-)
--Enhanced AI Relays: As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Command Tets made by the captain gain +5 and all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +5. If this Component ever suffers a Critical Hit, it becomes unpowered on a 1d10 roll of 3 or higher.  
--Damage Control Station: As long as the brdige remains undamaged, all Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship gain +10.
Life Support Modules: Bork'an Life Support Module (3/1/-)  
Crew/Voidsmen Quarters: (1/1/-)
Sensor Arrays: T'au SA-2 Sensor Array (6/-/-)
--External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit.
--Active Scanning: The broad array of systems grants +10 to the ship’s Detection, and a +15 to detect vessels on Silent Running when using Active Augury.
--Signal Beacon: Due to the intense energy signature of the array, vessels targeting a ship equipped with this component gain +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire their weapons.

Supplemental Components
Augmented Retrothrusters (3/-/2)
--Agile: These thrusters add +5 to the ship’s Manoeuvrability.
-External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit.
Defensive Countermeasures: (1/1/2)
--Single Use: When deployed, the countermeasures apply a –20 penalty to all Ballistic Skill Tests made to attack the ship for the next 1d5+1 Strategic Turns. Torpedoes suffer a –30 penalty instead. Once used, the countermeasures must be refilled and refurbished with a successful Upkeep Test outside of combat (and at a technological system with void yards) before it can be used again.
Stealth Field Generator (8/4/3)
--Complete Stealth: When active, all attempts to detect the ship are at -20. In addition, all ships firing at a ship with a functioning Ghost Field suffer –20 to their Ballistic Skill Tests. If the ship is firing a lance weapon, it suffers a –30 instead. Any piloting tests to perform Hit and Run attacks suffer a –30.
--Energetic Interference: A ship with a Stealth Field must choose whether it is using its Void Shields or Stealth Field at the beginning of combat.
Railgun Macrobattery (6/5/2) (Strength 4; Damage 1d10+3; Crit. Rating 5; Range 6)


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Iron and Metal
Iron and Metal

Posts : 2049
Join date : 2017-10-15
Age : 32
Location : Where the sun settles in its final location

PostSubject: Re: The Boat (Reaper Team Vessels)   Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:47 pm

Orca Gunship (Modified)

Type: Atmospheric Dropship
Weight: 25 tonnes
Length: 21.45m
Wingspan: 14m
Height: 4.95m
Max Recorded Speed: 2,100 KPH

The Reapers use a modified variant of the Orca only heard in rumors and seen in the most covert of fire warrior operations. Its crew capacity has been reduced by half, but this vital to provide additional armor and weapons support while transporting teams to and from theatres of battle.

Type: Atmospheric Craft (Air & Space)
Tactical Speed: 30m/15 AUs
Cruising Speed: 1,400 kph/3 VUs per strategic turn in space.
Maneuverability: +10
Structural Integrity: 55
Size: Enormous (+20)
Armor: Front 32/Sides 32/Rear 28
Crew: 1 Air Caste Pilot & 2 Tau Marine Operators.
Carrying Capacity (Modified): 12 Troops, 4 Drones, and 2 VIPs; Original capacity of 24 troops and 8 drones was cut down to add additional armor and weapon systems for the modified Reaper transport.

- Missile Pod, Pilot-Operated Turret-Mounted (Front Facing; 200m; S/-/3: 2d10+4 X, pen 6; Magazine: 40; Reload: 2 Full; Blast (2))
- Plasma Rifles, Pilot-Operated Turret Mounted (360 degrees; 90m; S/2/4; 2d10+4 E, pen 10; Magazine: 500; Reload: -; Twin-Linked)
- Long-Barrelled Burst Cannons, Pilot-Operated Turret-Mounted (360 degrees; 120m; -/3/6; 2d10+3 E, pen 4; Magazine: 500; Reload: -; Twin-Linked)
- Heavy Burst Cannon, Pilot-Operated (Front-facing 90 degrees; 80m; -/6/12; 2d10+7 E, pen 6; Magazine: 500; Reload: -; Tearing)

Special Rules:
- Perimeter Drones: Remaining drone slots will be filled with gun drones slaved to the Orca itself. These drones cannot leave the perimeter of the Orca and remain to protect it during landings. They are directed by the fire caste operaters within the gunship.
- Resupply: Anytime the PCs return to the Orca they can resupply on pulse ammunition and photon flash grenades.
- Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere. While in the atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer at the pilot’s choice. It gains all the benefi ts and drawbacks of skimmers and flyers (it is also environmentally sealed).
- Reinforced Armor: The vehicle’s armour and vital locations have been internally reinforced with additional layers of ultradense nano-crystalline armor. When it receives Critical damage halve the total (rounding up) and then apply the result. This ability does not affect rolls on the Vehicle Critical Effects tables caused by Righteous Fury.
- Stealth Field Generator: When active, all attempts to detect the ship are at -20. In addition, all BS tests to hit the Orca suffer a -20 BS penalty; if the Orca fires any weapon systems while the stealth field is active, its benefits are lost for the round.

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The Boat (Reaper Team Vessels)
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