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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   House Rules EmptySun Jan 21, 2018 11:38 am

- Rapid Reload (Talent amendment): Rapid Reload now only applies to weapons in which the PC has training in. If you do not have training in a weapons system and attempt to reload it, regardless of if you have the Rapid Reload talent, the reload time remains as listed in the weapon profile.
++ ANY talent that modified combat, such as Rapid Reload, will now only benefit players as long as they have the proper weapon's training to go with it. For example, Deadeye and Sharpshooter will only negate the penalties of called shots when using weapon's systems that the PC is proficiently trained with.

- Suppressing Fire (Rules amendment): PCs in cover gain a +30 bonus to their WP test to resist pinning. Once pinned, in contrast to the RAW, PCs and NPCs have the option to flee the source of their suppression in addition to looking for cover and taking half moves, should they choose. If they opt to do this, they run at their fastest speed away from the source of the suppression and cannot do anything else that turn - even looking back. The enemy receives a free round of actions against them taking -20 to BS against them as well as +20 to WS against them. Pinned characters must then regroup at the last "safe" place.

- Hatred (Talent amendment): Hatred now applies a +10 bonus to hit to both WS tests AND BS tests against the hated enemy.

- Weapons Training (for Vehicles): When operating a vehicle-based weapon, players with half of the trainings necessary (for instance having Las training but not Heavy training when operating the Multilaser) will suffer a -10 penalty to fire rather than the -20 penalty that is required when having no training at all. This way, characters familiar with the kick of a bolt, but not the balance and weight of a heavy bolter can still operate the weapon somewhat effectively.

- Jaded (Talent clarification): PCs with the Jaded talent will never need to test WP against Fear (1) creatures/conditions as these are listed as "mundane" on pg. 305 of the CRB. They will still have to test fear as normal against creatures/conditions with Fear (2) or higher.

- Vehicle Hatches (House Rule): Players will need to spend a half action to shut and lock hatches/doors on all vehicles they are riding in. If they do so, they will not be able to simply jump out of the vehicle should it catch fire or take catastrophic damage; however, if they do not, enemies will be able to open the doors and breach the vehicle with ease. This will be up to the players - if no one voices their intent to do this, it will always be assumed that the vehicle is unlocked.

- Anti-Plant Grenades: In addition to their normal rules, Anti-Plant grenades now also remove any Unnatural Toughness bonuses from Orks and Ork kind. In addition to this, Orks exposed to the gasses must pass a -10 Toughness test or gain a level of fatigue.

- Dropping Weapons (Rule Amendment): Dropping your weapon is a free action. However, since the machine spirits of weapons are fickle, whenever a weapon is dropped, the chances of that weapon jamming increase by 100% (Single Fire Jam: 96-00; Semi Auto: 92-00; Full Auto: 84-00) until the user has a chance to properly appease the machine spirits (thoroughly clean the weapon). Since full cleans cannot be done in a timely manner and require stripping the weapon, a rush job can be achieved in four rounds of combat. Furthermore, weapons dropped in harsh terrains (swamps, mud, desert, etc.) increase the jam chance by 200% unless properly seen to. Weapons with the "reliable" special quality lose it if dropped.

- Attacking Vehicle Tires: Attacking a vehicle's tires (provided the vehicle has tires to target) will require a called shot. Standard tires have AP 5 with 5 HPs. This may be subject to change depending on the type of tire a vehicle has. Destroying a tire will cause the operator of a vehicle to suffer -10 to operate tests/tire as well as reduce the movement of the vehicle by 25%/tire destroyed (assuming the vehicle has four tires total). Furthermore, if in motion when the tire is destroyed, the operator will have to make an immediate -10 operate test or go out of control on the following round.

- Snap-firing (Spray and Pray):
A character who is sheltering behind enough cover that it could conceal their entire body may opt to Snap Fire when making shooting attacks. The character essentially only holds their weapon out of cover and fires in a general direction. Doing so results in a -20 BS penalty to hit anything in the area. Subsequently, all shots at the shooter suffer a -20 BS penalty until the start of the shooter's next turn (essentially a called shot on their exposed hand). This attack cannot be used in conjunction with an Aim action.

- Dodging/Parrying (Rules Amendment): DoS will only come into play when dodging full auto fire/Swift and Lightning attacks or using parry vs a WS standard attack. Similarly, DoS required to dodge multiple attacks go by the same measure as the original attack. IE, semi auto/swift attack require 2 DoS for additional hits - dodging these attacks requires 2 DoS per additional hit dodged (passing the test whatsoever automatically dodges one attack). Lightning attacks/auto fire require 1 additional DoS per additional hit dodged.

- Called Shot (Head) (Rules Amendment): Successful called shots to the head will extend the Righteous Fury range to 9 or 10. If a weapon already incurs RF on 9 or 10, the range will extend to 8, 9, or 10.

- Shooting Into Combat Shooting into combat gives you a -20 on your BS to-hit roll. If you miss your target roll by 20, you hit one random combatant that is NOT your original target. If you're shooting rapid fire or multiple shots, each additional shot that would have hit before the -20 penalty hits one random target in the combat (including possibly your original target).

- Sneak Attacking (new rule): When a successful opposed silent move test places a PC/NPC in melee range of an enemy, damage will be resolved as follows: the attacker will gain a free called shot and a free RF on a successful attack roll. Troop-level enemies will die outright, but elite/master level enemies will suffer damage as normal.  This rule can also be used against PCs. Furthermore, some troope-level enemies with unnatural toughness will not die outright at GM discretion.

- Prone (movement amendment): Aside from the standard prone conditions (-10 WS, -20 Evasion; +20 WS/BS vs prone opponent), when lying prone, PCs and NPCs will gain +10 BS when firing due to the more supportive nature of the firing position. Falling prone is a free action. Standing up again is a half action.

- Mono-edge (upgrade amendment): Weapons gaining the mono-quality no longer have a static pen 2. Instead, they add (+2) to the existing pen of the weapon.

- Cover (rule clarification): When attacking an opponent in cover, any damage value that surpases the armor of the cover will be transferred to the target. Furthermore, the armor value of the cover will be reduced by 1/2 the damage that was able to get through.

Auto Pass / Auto Fail

Barring GM override, 96-00 on all tests is an auto fail with 1 DOF while 1-5 is auto-pass with 1 DOS.

Calculating DOS/ DOF (DH2 System)

Measuring a character’s degrees of success or failure is a rather straightforward process. Once the percentile roll for the test is made, compare the outcome of the roll with the modified characteristic score. If the roll is equal to or lower than the characteristic, the character has gained one degree of success (DoS). He also gains additional degrees of success equal to the tens digit of the target value minus the tens digit of the roll. Conversely, if the roll is higher than the characteristic, the character has gained one degree of failure (DoF), and gains additional degrees of failure equal to the tens digit of the roll minus the tens digit of the target value.

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House Rules
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