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 Mission Leta - Ministorum Priestess

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PostSubject: Mission Leta - Ministorum Priestess   Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:10 pm

http://orokos.com/roll/585496 stats WS-WP
http://orokos.com/roll/585500 Stats Fel-Inf
http://orokos.com/roll/585501 Feudal world mods
http://orokos.com/roll/585502 Divination
http://orokos.com/roll/585503 Fate
http://orokos.com/roll/585504 Wounds

Name: Mission Leta
Age: 63
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Dihistan/Alpetto III (Feudal)
Divination: The pain of the bullet is ecstasy compared to damnation. (-3 agi, The first time this character suffers Critical damage each session,
roll 1d10. On a result of 10, he does not suffer any Critical Effects, though the damage still counts as Critical damage.)
Background: Adeptus Ministorum
Role: Hierophant

WS: 43+
BS: 25
S: 34+
T: 32+
Ag: 28
Int: 31
Per: 36
WP: 33
Fel: 38
Inf: 34

Wounds (Critical): 14/14 (0)
Insanity: 0/100
Corruption: 0/100
Mutations: -

Carry Capacity:  36kg (66kg)
Lifting Off the Ground: 72kg
Pushing/Shoving Limit: 144kg

Charm +10
Command +10
Common Lore (Adeptus Ministorum)
Linguistics (High Gothic)

Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile)
Double Team; When Ganging Up on an opponent, he gains an additional +10 bonus to Weapon Skill tests. If both the characters that
outnumber the enemy have this talent, then both gain an additional +10 bonus, for a total of +20. This bonus is in addition
to the normal bonus gained from Ganging Up on an opponent.

- Homeworld; At Home in Armour: A feudal world character ignores the maximum Agility value imposed by any armour he is wearing.
- Background; Faith is All: When spending a Fate point to gain a +10 bonus to any one test, an Adeptus Ministorum character gains a +20 bonus instead.
- Role; Sway the Masses: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points , a Hierophant character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed  
at a Charm, Command, or Intimidate skill test  with a number of degrees of success equal to his Willpower bonus.

Imperial Robes; 1 arms body legs
Feudal World Plate; 5 all

Maul (Melee; 1d10+3+Str I; Pen 3; Concussive 1
Stub Revolver (Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 I, pen 0; Clip: 6; Rld: 2 full; Reliable)
12 Bullets

Gear: 44.5/66kg
Imperial Robes 4kg
Maul (Mono) 4.5kg
Stub Revolver 1.5kg
Glow-globe (12m light radius) 0.5kg
Monotask servo-skull Laud Hailer (Play recorded speech or amplify my voice)
Reed Flute
Regicide Piece
Voxcaster 4kg
Backpack (Holds 30kg, retrieving takes a Full Action)
Feudal World Plate 30kg

Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Leadership, Fellowship, O?ence, Social, Toughness, Willpower
XP (spent/available): 950/50
XP Expenditure:
Toughness Simple (250)
Strength Simple (100)
Weapon Skill Simple (100)
Charm Trained (200)
Command Trained (200)
Decieve Known (100)


Body Type: Stout
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 75kg
Skin: Ruddy
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Green
Notable quirks: Pierced Nose

Leta is short, wide and can only be described as 'motherly'.  Grey hair is pulled back into a harsh bun, she wears plain, comfortable robes and her face is deep-set with
lines from decades of warm smiles and concerned frowns.  Freckles and sunburn lie in a stripe across her nose and cheeks, and her ruddy cheeks betray a fondness for drink. Despite her harmless appearance, she hides a pistol up her sleeve, and her badge of office, a short cane with an oversized iron-and-brass aquilla is a weapon capable of shattering an anvil with technological trickery. Numerous scars cover her arms from her world's tradition of knife-fights and more deadly duels to settle disputes.
She is never seen without 'Dismas', a servo-skull that chants hymnals and can amplify her voice to be heard over the most unruly of crowds. When expecting trouble, she
dons a crude but very effective suit of steel plate and chainmail, with a bascinet helm. A gold stud is pierced into her nose.

Mission Leta has a fiery disposition, viciously protective of those she cares about, passionate in her service to the Emperor.  A charismatic preacher, she could change between the theatrical soapbox speeches for cheering crowds to comforting tales around the fire with ease.  She distrusts those who are ambitious or too curious, preferring a simple life and good company.  She is unpopular with the more orthodox priests of Dihistan for having 'gone local'; singing their songs, sharing their legends, a passion for duelling and debate have all made her more and more like a native and less like the Cardinals in their mountaintop temples. An avid music-lover, Leta was very upset when she learned that Dismas only knew 8 songs, and she is now sick of all of them.

Abandoned at birth, Leta was taken in by a monastery of the Sororitas, and raised as a sister.  Not taken to their study of ancient scripts and solemn worship, she lied about her age and signed to the Missionarius Galaxia to bring the light of the god-emperor to lost worlds at the age of 14.  She spent five years amongst rowdy sailors and the less stoic priests of this ancient order, until the Rogue Trader whose ship she was on finally made stop at world abandoned for millenia.  Largely uninterested in anything but the ruins that the locals refused to approach, the missionaries took it onto themselves to make this world a loyal, Emperor-Loving world for when the administratum arrived for their tithe.  
She spent the majority of her life on Alpetto III, or Dihistan as the locals knew it.  Learning their languages, integrating the Dihistani's ancestor worship into an ecclesiarchy-compliant faith, and working to create a single planetary government would be the work of many lifetimes, but her passion for it never wavered.  The missionary's leadership built secluded mountaintop monasteries, far from the eyes of the locals, but the grassroots priesthood lived among the locals, and over decades converted millions. Leta lived with the nomads who herded enormous packs of livestock along the plains of Dihistan's single continent, and fell in love with an artist and had 3 sons.  
As the years went on, the eldest priests in their monasteries died and the missionaries lacked leadership and coordination, and a schism was brewing; the Orthodoxists believed that the imperial faith must not be tainted by local beliefs and that the local nobility must be made to kneel before the offworld priests in order to establish a planetary government by force, while the moderates, including Leta, felt that all worshipof the God-Emperor was worthwhile, peaceful integration was the best hope of such a small force of spacefarers to integrate an entire planet, and that a war on such a scale would be devastating to the world.
Debates were had in the temples and over vox-networks, and over time it developed into sabotage, assassinations and honour-duels mirroring those of the natives. Leta went with a small conclave of her fellows to capture a handful of priests spotted entering the ancient ruins, presumably to find a weapon or technology to tip the cold-war in their favour.  Not all survived the trip inside, but when they got their, what they found was not clergymen at all; tall figures in black carapace armour, guns the like of which had not been seen on this backward world for millenia, each bearing the stylised sigil of the inquisition.  It had been decades since she had heard of them, but Leta's heart sunk into her belly, and she dropped her weapon.  The others were shot down as they were not as immediately compliant.  Telling her captors of how they came to this world, and what she had done all this years had enraptured their leader, an interrogator of the Imperial Inquisition.  She was taken from her home, and back into the stars, where the Emperor had decided she would serve a more worthwhile cause than 'telling tales to dirt-farmers'.
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Mission Leta - Ministorum Priestess
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