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PostSubject: Obligations    Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:28 am

Total Obligation Magnitude: 60

Thain (1-10)
Type: Family
Magnitude: 10
Background: Thain's family means a lot to him and he carries some guilt for the life he decided to lead in spite of the good upbringing his parents provided for him and his brother. One particular crime boss found out about this soft-spot and decided to use it against Thain for cheap smuggling work. He has threatened to harm Thain's parents and brother should the Zabrak fail to be at his beck and call. While Thain highly doubts he could carry out the threats against his brother, he does worry about his parents and will go to any length to protect them.

Nial (11-20)
Type: Favor
Magnitude: 10
Complications: Dutybound
Background: The Nial clan is a family of politicos, and they arranged for their eldest son to follow in their line of work as a Senate aide. For the young Bothan, the intrigue of slicing into government databases far surpassed the constant bickering and posturing on the Senate floor. Consequently, he used much of his time as an aide honing his skills as a technician. Senator Trellev Aquem discovered his talents by accident and kept them a secret. Now he works for him, and by extension, the Pyke crime syndicate, which has Aquem in its pocket.

Tuthrrioerrr (21-30)
Type: Bounty 
Magnitude: 10 
Background: While escaping Slavers he killed two Imperial officers. He didn't realise his image was captured and that the officers were the heirs to two powerful Imperial families and still thinks the bounty is merely for an escaped slave.

Braybric (31-40)
Type: Dutybound
Magnitude: 10

Nulyn (41-50)
Type: Addiction 
Magnitude: 10
Complications: Withdrawal
Background: Nulyn didn't start his travels of the outer rim looking to be a hunter. However, hunting became a necessity for survival for him. A necessity then morphed into an addiction that he could not shake. The thrill, the uncertainty, and challenge of hunting are what get him and it's a feeling he must feed for better or worse. 

LE-V9 (51-60)
Type: Bounty
Magnitude: 10
Background: During a routine cleaning protocol DY-50-N interrupted a clandestine meeting between a crime lord and an officer of the planets law enforcement. Before he could excuse himself the meeting went sour with shots fired between the two meeting parties and in the cross fire DY-50-N inhibitor module was destroyed. Not wanting to meet the same fate and with a new sense of ‘freedom’ DY-50-N grabbed a briefcase full of credits and gave it legs. He is wanted by both the law enforcement and the crime syndicate.

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