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 Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear)

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Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear) Empty
PostSubject: Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear)   Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear) EmptyThu Oct 19, 2017 7:16 am

Astartes Centurion Armor

Armor: Body/Legs/Arms: 18 (+4 Ablative), Head: 0 (use PC's helmet stats)*
Size: Enormous (+20 to hit, +2 pace, -20 concealment\stealth)
Strength: +10 (US x3)
Toughness: +10 (UT x3)
Agility: -30
Requisition: 60
Renown: Distinguished (But can only be specially assigned by Watch Commander/GM)**
Prerequisites: Pilot (personal) +10 OR Operate (Surface/Walker) +10 -OR- PC Backstory justification***

**Weapon Systems (Arm weapons can be Twin-Linked. If Twin-Linked option is chosen, both arms are equipped with weapon of choice. PCs cannot twin-link two different weapon systems or two sets of the same weapon on each arm)

Assault Variant:
Arm Mounted:
- Heavy Flamer (heavy; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+12 E, pen 6; Mag: -; Rld: -; Flame, Spray)  
- Meltagun (basic; 30m; S/-/-; 2d10+14, pen 12; Mag: -; Rld: -; Melta)
Chest Mounted:
- Ironclad Assault Launcher (Front Facing; Single use; 10m; 2d10 X, pen 0; Fires in 45 degree cone forcing pinning test from all in range)  
- Hurricane Bolter (Front Facing; 50m; -/6/12; 1d10+9 X, pen 4; Mag: 30; Rld: -; Tearing, Twin-Linked)
Fist Mounted:
- Siege Drill(s)  (melee; 5d10+10 R, pen 10; Twin-linked; -10 parry) -OR-  (2d10+15 R, pen 10 for single drill; +0 parry)
Devastator Variant:
Arm Mounted:
- Heavy Bolter (heavy; 150m; -/-/6; 1d10+12 X, pen 5; Mag: -; Rld -; Tearing)
- Lascannon (heavy; 300m; S/-/-; 5d10+10 E, pen 10; Mag: -; Rld: -; Proven (3))
Shoulder Mounted:
- Cyclone Missile Launcher (300m; S/2/-; Dmg varied by missile; Mag: 12)
- Astartes Targeter (Red Dot/Motion Detector; targets receive -10 to dodge vs PC attacks)
Chest Mounted:
- Hurricane Bolter (Front Facing; 50m; -/6/12; 1d10+9 X, pen 4; Mag: -; Rld: -; Tearing, Twin-Linked)
- Missile Stack (heavy; 250m; S/-/-; Dmg varied by missile; Mag: 6)

- As the suits are incredibly bulky and not directly linked to the Marine's black carapace, pilots cannot dodge . They may still parry as normal. They are also prohibited from using the run action when encased in Centurion armor, nor may they use the "burst of speed" solo-mode ability. Furthermore, turning 180 degrees is a half action.
- User may spend reaction to fire chest/shoulder-mounted weaponry.
- Squad leaders have the option to take a "Centurion Helmet." The Centurion Helmet acts as a Signum. All Centurion suits are treated as having built-in signum links.
- Centurion suit pilots are immune to Pinning.

*Armor is only added to the front and sides of the wearer. Attacks from behind use the PC's base armor stats and toughness. Criticals to the body from behind will threaten the armor's powerplant. Head benefits from MK. VIII rules.
**This armor should be given out for special missions as dictated by the GM. It is meant to fill a niche between a Terminator and a Dreadnaught but does not require any type of honors to field. If the GM wants to grant "Centurion Honors" and make it a requisitional piece of gear that is also an option, but players will have to deal with that one member of their team moving at a snail's pace for the entire mission. LOL.
***While this is statted as armor, it could very easily be treated like a vehicle. Given the description of the suit, some type of advanced operator skills should be required just as Pilot (Personal) is required for jump pack operation.
Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear) F2d06addf0cb66870236288bc3b85726

A Smurf... I mean Ultramarines Devastator pattern Centurion with underslung lascannons and chest mounted Hurricane bolters. Also, a well placed head shot will end all of this dumbass' fun.

Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear) Pbucket

THIS is how you devastate.

Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear) Asscent2a

Assault variant with a fuckin' melta stacked on twin linked siege drills and hurricane bolters on his chest because fuck your heresy.

- This homebrew vehicle/armor hybrid is subject to change after the playtest.
- Centurion Armor is meant to fill a gap in Astartes static defense and siege breaking capabilities. It is not meant for prolonged missions where speed and maneuverability are required. They are slow and bulky and meant to bring to bear enormous amounts of firepower. This needs to be kept in mind when they are being considered for a mission.
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Astartes Centurion Armor (Deathwatch RPG; Astartes Wargear)
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