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 Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher

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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:11 pm

Rolls for GM approval - will delete after PC has been OKd:

Not quite this advanced, but maybe one day.

Name: Felyx-080 Turing; Techna-Lingua
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Research Station (Specific Station Forthcoming)
Divination: "The Only True Fear is Dying Without Your Duty Done" (Gain Resistance Fear)
Background: Heretek
Role: Sage

WS: 31
BS: 31
S: 29
T: 31
Ag: 31
Int: 44**
Per: 34
WP: 40*
Fel: 34
Inf: 34
*Denotes purchased upgrade

Wounds (Critical): 12/13 (0)
FP: 2/3
Movement: 3m/6m/9m/18m
Insanity: 6/100
Corruption: 12/100
Mutations: -

Carry Capacity: kg
Lifting Off the Ground: kg
Pushing/Shoving Limit: kg

Skills (known skills in bold):
Acrobatics (Ag)
Athletics (S)
Awareness (Per)
Charm (Fel)
Command (Fel)
Commerce (Int)
Common Lore (Int)*
Deceive (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Forbidden Lore (Int)
- Archaeotech
- Beasts
- Mutants
Inquiry (Fel)
Interrogation (WP)
Intimidate (S)
Linguistics (Int)
- Low Gothic
- Techna-Lingua
Logic (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Navigate (Int)
Operate (Ag)
Parry (WS)
Scholastic Lore (Int)*
Scrutiny (Per)
Security (Int) +10 (+20 Multi-key)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Stealth (Ag)
Survival (Per)
Tech-Use (Int) +10 (+10 Combi-Tool)
Trade (Int)
- Technomat
*All Scholastic/Common Lore skills treated as known due to talent.

- Clues from the Crowds (Role)
- Infused Knowledge
- Resistance (Fear)
- Weapons Training (Solid Projectile)

- Master of Hidden Lores (Background; Tech-Use on a device with at least 1 relevant Forbidden Lore skill gains +20)
- Mechanicus Implants (Cranial Circuitry, Cyber-Mantle, Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors, & Potentia Coil)
- Pursuit of Data (Homeworld; When reaching rank 2 in a Schol. Lore, gain rank 1 in a related or identical Forbidden Lore)
- Quest for Knowledge (Role; Spend Fate to auto succeed any Logic or Lore test with DoS equal to Int Bonus)

- Flak Cloak (AP: Arms 3, Body 3, Legs 3)

Man-Catcher (melee; 2m; 1d10+2 I, pen 0; Snare (4), Unwieldy)
Stub Revolver (pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 I, pen 0; Cylinder: 6; Rld: 2 Full; Reliable)
- Man-Stopper clips x2 (12/12)
Firebomb x1 (thrown; 6m; 1d10+2 E, pen 0; Blast (2), Flame; 1/2 action to ready)
Web Grenade x1 (thrown; 6m; Blast (3), Snare (2))

- Auspex (50m range/50cm thickness; Tech Use test to see things normally invisible)
- Backpack
- Chrono
- Combi-Tool (+10 Tech-Use)
- Dataslate
- De-Tox (x1 dose; instantly removes all drug effects)
- Filtration Plugs
- Multikey (+20 Security checks)
- Stablight (24m of light w/5 hrs. charge)
- Common craftsmanship survival suit

Cybernetics & Bionics:
- Interface Port (+10 Tech-Use, Inquiry, and Common Lore when connected to relevant mechanism/data spool)
- Scribe-Tines (Left Arm; +10 to all Lore tests)

- 3 Scarce Items taken at PC creation: Auspex, Multikey, & Man-Catcher.
- Requisition attempts: Monotask Utility Servitor Skull if it can aid in hacking attempts; Choke Grenade(s)/Blind Grenade(s)/or more Web Grenade(s).
- Buy Dodge & look into armor-monger.

Aptitudes: Defense, Finesse, General, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Tech, & Willpower (Finesse and Defense were chosen due to being doubles)
XP (available/spent): 550/1,500
XP Expenditure:
- Intelligence (simple, 100)
- Intelligence (trained, 250)
- Willpower (simple, 250)
- Awareness (known, 200)
- Forbidden Lore [Archaeotech] (known, 100)
- Forbidden Lore [Mutants] (known, 100)
- Linguistics [Techna-Lingua] (known, 100)
- Logic (known, 100)
- Security (trained, 200)
- Tech Use (trained, 200)
- Infused Knowledge (400)

Ordo/Faction/Allegiance: Knowledge, through the teachings of the Omnissiah or other, for himself.

Body Type: Lean
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Skin: Olive
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Notable Marks: Electoos cover the junior tech-researcher's body from his fingertips to the base of his skull and feet. While he is not nearly as heavily augmented as the majority of Tech Priests floating around the Imperium, his body is certainly prepared for any mechadendrite he may have attached in the future. His electoos function mainly to keep his gear, such as his combi-tool and dataslate, charged and updated. He has a distinct data port at the base of his neck and his left hand and forearm have been replaced by an unnerving bionic which better allows him to manipulate and retain data and lore.
Outfit: Felyx-080 forgoes the standard researcher vestments of the ordo dominus in favor of the more practical ordo exporator garments. He finds their various pockets and straps better suited to holding his data-slates and tools. Over this he wears a sturdy amber colored flak cloak. The protective material covers his torso, arms, and legs and can take a hit fairly well. On his belt is a holster with his well maintained stub revolver and two six-round clips of man-stopper rounds. Since shooting isn't his forte, he feels much more comfortable with the web-grenade clipped there as well. It was much easier to simply throw something that explodes rather than have to hit something with a tiny, high speed bullet. As such, his go-to weapon of choice is not exactly a weapon at all; the Man-catcher he carries resembles a sturdy, two meter long, alloy walking stick with a bulb at the top that can be opened up on command. When open, four sturdy, reinforced claws can grip and render most things immobile. This particular tool has come in handy on many of Felyx's planetside expeditions to capture extremely dangerous beasts. With a pair of sturdy grox-hide boots and a mostly-empty pack, he is ready for whatever challenges may be thrown his way.

Felyx-080 is very curious. Curious to a fault, one might say. He was not always like this. His time on the research station Gamma-Gamma-187, high in orbit above an unnamed death world in the Askellon sector grounded him as a typical junior researcher of the Magos-Dominus. He was more or less a drone, completing study after study and examination after examination upon the myriad of beasts brought up from the death world or study. Nearly a decade of such rote work took its toll on Felyx; he began to question his research. And in those questions a new spark of life he found: interest. As his interest grew, so too did the questions he had until, ultimately, his curiosity could not be contained. Felyx knows the dangers of such incessant desire for knowledge, and believes himself as prepared as he can be. Yet, even still he cannot help but follow the path laid out before him - regardless of the teachings of the Machine Cult. He is eager to learn all that he can and is rather open and friendly for a tech priest. His pursuit of forbidden and scholastic knowledge with his life at the research station has left him with a bit of a poor understanding in the common usage of Low Gothic. While he is highly proficient in both High Gothic and Techna-Lingua, the lack of social interactions most of his life leave him with odd phrasings and common misunderstandings of the most common language in the Imperium.

While often the one getting himself into dangerous scenarios, Felyx-080 is not an active combatant. His abilities with his pistol and any type of melee weapon are average at best. He has a strong will, but that can only take him so far. When the fighting gets hot, he stays behind the people who know what they are doing. In the best of circumstances he sees himself aiding the others by holding a target in place for questioning - or killing - with his Man-catcher. Worst case scenario, he actually has to pull his pistol and do some shooting. That being said, he doesn't consider himself a coward; his fight simply takes place in a different arena.

Felyx-080 was born into a line of tech-priest researchers operating at the research station Gamma-Gamma-187. Since birth, he was inundated into the Magos Dominus. The Dominus, a sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus focused on cybernetics, had a small but dedicated unit at the research station. Since Gamma-Gamma-187 was run and dominated by the Magos Biologis due to its heavy study of death world flora and fauna, the Magos Dominus played an important but ultimately secondary role at the station. Their main job was to maintain the machines that carried out the experiments on the beasts brought in, as well as maintain the research station itself while the Magos Biologis and Magos Explorator focused completely on their subjects. As such, Felyx-080, 80th generation of his station, became exceedingly good at coaxing machine spirits to work when they were stubborn. He kept his eyes and ears open, contrary to what he was taught, and picked up a good many things that he wasn't necessarily supposed to know during his time.

When Tech Priests were needed to travel planetside and assist the Astra Militarum units in collecting samples, somehow Felyx's name was always on the list; a good tampering here and there seemed to play into his favor and he tended to keep up such minor heretical activities. He justified his actions by personally maintaining that he had been born into the wrong Magos. In his heart he was an Explorator doing the duties of a Dominus. Of course, this meant nothing to his overseers within the ordo Dominus, and after some time this came to the attention of his superiors. His record began to accumulate a number of minor violations of duty, willful or otherwise, and the appropriate punishments were meted out. These often were in the form of reduced rations or sleep hours, and one incident resulted in the forced implantation of an Interface Port at the back of his neck. His superiors thought it wise to have immediate access to Felyx's mind, yet this too he manipulated to his advantage. Whenever he could, he would plug into various data-ports and archives, using it to accumulate more knowledge. Soon, he knew something about most everything and his desire to know more swelled.

Eventually Felyx-080's limited knowledge about everything made his life at Gamma-Gamma-187 infinitely more confining. The walls that had been his safety from the black and the horrors of the stars became a tomb. The galaxy called to him and his ordo demanded he stay in his place without deviation. It was no surprise then that he designed a grand plan of escape involving the careful requisition of a few supplies and stowing away on an outgoing mechanicus support vessel. When his grand plans to escape were dashed, he knew the leniency of his ordo was at an end. He gave up to the security detail without a fight. His belongings were confiscated as evidence and he was placed alone in a holding cell deep within the facility. Expecting a las-blast to the back of his head and a grave in the void, he was resigned to his fate. On the 8th day of his incarceration, new orders came. Apparently someone had a vested interest in him. Who this person was, he hadn't the slightest idea, but he was eternally grateful for the chance to leave.

If he only knew what his curiosity would cost him, he may have stayed in that cell and welcomed the las blast.

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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    Wed May 09, 2018 4:04 pm

What Felyx Knows

- [Cover Story]: Felyx is the poor schmuck tasked with surveying a whole swath of planets this backwoods sector of the galaxy. Orbital scans only reveal so much, so he is tasked with performing scans from upper atmosphere and poking around on foot when necessary for ancient civilizations, archeotech, and other sites of interest to the Mechanicum. Currently, this has been sold as an Ordos Explorator mapping of this moon only.

- [Planetary Scan]: Research Station itself, schematics acquired (from Inq), connected to a landing pad (with Mechanicus void-capable vessel capable of transporting 40 crew), and storage facility; secondary structure (unidentified), long and narrow, 2 miles away from Station, partially buried in snow; Dig site, cave, 1 mile away from Station (opposite direction).

- [Audio Recording/Vox Transmission]: Everything is fucked. "Headaches//Visions//Pure Madness"; "Mechanicum fanatics"; "Under 1/2 strength"; "Send the guard in... kill us all."; Loud crash followed by silence. Coupled with the Magos' clipped speaking manner and violent shivers, Felyx is under the impression that a purge will be more than likely necessary.

- Servitor: (Profile: 397 DH2 CRB); Felyx acquired "Servitor" from an unnamed Tech Priest who, upon realizing how badass Felyx was, decided to lend it out. Felyx fully intends to use it as a bullet shield, back massage-r, and all around tech-use-buddy.
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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:07 pm

XP buys: 550 to spend

FL Mutants (Known) - 100
Awareness (Known) - 200
Tech Use (Trained) - 200

50 XP remaining
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PostSubject: Re: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:19 pm

thanksgiving gear gift:

Spider pads

Pads that attach to your hands, feet, knees, and arms. With the press of a button located on the back of the wrist pad, all of the pads are activated and emit an adhesive substance that makes climbing significantly easier. Gain a +30 to climb tests, but only a +10 to tests on loose surfaces.

"Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons."

Herschel Brahe - Q'Sal Magister Immaterial
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Iron and Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:09 am

Sick AF. Thanks.

WP test +0 to see if I develop a malignancy <40; rolled 78. Oh boy!

Malignancy roll = 49; http://orokos.com/roll/680257
- Fell Obsession: This functions like the Obsession Disorder on page 288, but in this case the character is obsessed by something sinister or malign (such as collecting finger-bone trophies, ritual scarification, carrying out meaningless vivisections, etc.).

Oh, I like this.
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PostSubject: Re: Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher    

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Felyx Turing - Tech Priest Researcher
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