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 Forum Rules, Dice Rolling, & Starting Games

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PostSubject: Forum Rules, Dice Rolling, & Starting Games   Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:53 pm

Standard Stuff
・Golden Rule: Treat others how you expect to be treated. In other words, be respectful (until you get to know everyone, then let the shit talking begin).

・All members here are adults and are expected to conduct themselves as such.

・If you have an issue, speak to the individual about it. If it continues, speak to the GM or one of the administrators. Whatever the case, let's get it worked out in a civil manner so we can continue to game.

・Have a good time. We are all here because we love this hobby. Let's strive to enhance one another's experience.

This Forum Specifically
・We are all here for the same purpose - we love to game. Sadly, most Play-by-Post games progress about as fast as octogenarians have sex. Here, we strive to adhere to a once/day update rate. This, of course, is mostly on the players as the GMs need your input and role playing before they can advance the story. Holidays and weekends get slow, of course, and real life always comes first, but the main point is that if you dedicate yourself to play in a game, make the effort to put the time in that your game deserves.

・We encourage players with smartphones to download the free-texting app "LINE." It is like GroupMe but Japanese so infinitely cooler. It allows us to make OOC groups for games that can update players in real time, regardless of time zone, what is going on in the game and whose turn it is. It really helps GMs expedite things.

・Regardless of whether or not you are an in-depth PC player or just like getting a couple lines of dialogue in it's all good - As long as you aren't a min-maxing, power gamer. There is no harsh restriction on this type of gaming, but it is advised to play the role rather than play the roll. Putting more into your PC's background/history/personality and building from there will often yield much better results in a lengthy play-by-post game than power-gaming.

Dice Rolling

・We all use www.orokos.com for dice rolling in games across the board. Orokos is nice for GMs as it allows them to keep track of rolls via campaign and character names. All you need to do is make an account and start rolling.

Starting a Game

1) Create a post in the Recruitment thread and generate interest.
2) Once you have players willing to join your game, send any one of the moderators a PM with the name of your game and the system you'll be playing.
3) Once the GM and the Moderator have confirmed the information, a game thread and a character thread will be created for you ASAP.

Happy Gaming.
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Forum Rules, Dice Rolling, & Starting Games
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